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June 13, 2009

Bunnies hopping at her side…

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“On a Tuesday morning…”
“When I was coming home…”
“My baby got all crazy…”
“And sent me to my room…”
“While I was waiting there, for my mind to turn clear…”
“I was listening to the blood, rushing through my ears…”
“And there was something else, that I could hear…”
“Have you seen the girl with the red head…”
“She got lost one day, and never came back…”
“Turned her back on a world in black and white…”
“Now she walks with bunnies hopping at her side…”

No I’ve not completely lost it, and started writing poetry, they’re creepy, spoken female vocals from a track played by Anja Schneider, that I’d like to find an ID for, track ID sample link here:

EDIT: I just got a nice e-mail from Anja, it’s a forthcoming release on her Mobilee label, by Pan-Pot, track is called Confronted. Thanks Anja, much appreciated.

That track is from this full set, link below, very similar tracks, track order to what she played in Sydney at the We Love Sounds Winter Festival, the other w/end, I like.

I’ve track IDd most of it, with a little help from hunting around Beatport, YouTube, some of her charts, and track-lists from her radio show.

00.00 – Steve Bug – Loop The Tube
04.30 – George P. – Spinning
10.00 – Hector – Got Fringe?
16.00 – Marek Hemmann – Inessa
21.40 – Luca & Paul – Dinamicro (Karotte & Gregor Tresher Remix)
27.30 – Patric La Funk – Restless (Tim Weeks Remix)
32.30 – Mark Broom Vs. Brothers Vibe – Mind / Feeling (youANDme Hirsch Edit)
38.00 – ID
44.00 – Tony Lionni – Found A Place
50.00 – Gamal Kabar – The Highlander
57.00 – Maetrik – Envy
01.05.00 – Pan-Pot – Confronted
01.14.00 – Anja Schneider & Lee Van Dowski – Deseo
01.20.00 – Miguel Torro – Sissteray

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  1. thanks i was searching for that track too

    Comment by jaime — June 20, 2009 @ 5:16 am

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