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July 3, 2019

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : July 2019 – October 2019

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Club nights/events with international (and local) techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house etc. DJs & live acts (and live bands) coming up in Sydney Australia…

I’ve made it out to the red ones so far.

JULY 2019…

06.07.2019 : Autosuggest [Live], DROVES [Live], To Kill A Dead Man [Live] @ Autosuggest – Tame Harm Album Launch – Staves Brewery
06.07.2019 : Regal, Kate Doherty + More @ The House Of Mince : Club Mince – Oxford Underground
12.07.2019 : Black Dahlia, Overexpired B2B B-Man, Andrew Wowk B2B Kate Doherty @ PACE. 1st Birthday – Goodbar
12.07.2019 : Mark Dynamix, Steve Hill @ Electronique – Oxford Underground
13.07.2019 : Answer Code Request, Dave Stuart, U-Khan @ Charades & Something Else Pres… – Club 77
17.07.2019 : Foals [Live], Warpaint [Live] @ Hordern Pavilion
19.07.2019 : Rhys Fulber [Live], Lucy Cliché (DJ Set), Land Systems [Live], Spiderdog, DJ Safety @ Hex Yellow 006 – Undisclosed Location
20.07.2019 : Mike Servito, Nathan Micay @ The House of Mince – The Imperial Hotel
24.07.2019 : Tycho [Live] @ Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall)
26.07.2019 : Tin Man [Live], Nat James B2B TGMN, IV Drip, Niku @ Nerve & Off-Kilter Pres… – Civic Underground

AUGUST 2019…

02.08.2019 : Peter Hook w/ Metropolitan Orchestra [Live] @ Joy Division Orchestrated @ Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall)
17.08.2019 : Haruka, Sleep D, Innerspace DJs @ Innerspace x Butter Sessions – Undisclosed Location


14-15.09.2019 : 110%, 33EMYBW, Atro, D-Grade, Defektro, Female Wizard x Jada Pres… “What Is Human?”, Gail Priest x Karul Projects, GOOOOOSE, Innr & Thrax Pres… “○”, Jannah Quill & House Of Vnholy Pres… “Sight”, Kilimi, Lilly kane, Milat, Monako, Netti, Nkisi, Shohei Fujimoto, Tralala Blip, Wytchings + More @ Soft Centre 2019 – Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
21.09.2019 : Jennifer Loveless, Qu-Zen, GABBY, Litmus , Lex Barlin, Edward Fedotov, Maxy Cozy, B-MAN, Viking, Kooscha, Tara R, Tamara Radosevic, Marina Lovic, Precursors, Valency, Jack Nagle @ Summit – The Bridge Hotel (Rozelle)
27.09.2019 : Stephan Bodzin [Live] @ Novel & Division Agency Pres… – Enmore Theatre



That’s all for now, updates as I hear more.

Please note:

This is not a complete list of every music/club event on in Sydney, just things that I may consider going to, with a focus on techno and visiting internationals.

I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBC = To Be Confirmed / TBA = To Be Announced

Check out these links for a whole range of dance/electronic music/club nights and events listings, for Sydney Australia.

Party on!

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