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February 28, 2008


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*EDIT* 09-10-2014 : Some updates…


This page is in bad need of some edits, updates and a re-writes, I’ll get to that soon.


I think this will probably be my last ever DAMC live performance, thanks and respect to everyone who was a part of this journey with me over the last 24 years…

24.04.2016 : DAMC [Live] @ Party With A Purpose II : Arkaba : Adelaide SA.

Party With A Purpose II

A NYE DAMC performance… The last time I did one was in 1997 at Ultraworld 9

31.12.2014 : DAMC [Live] @ Ultraworld NYE : Old Adelaide Gaol : Adelaide SA.

Ultraworld NYE 2014

My first DAMC performance in 20+ years, happened last year, 2013…

Big thanks to Paul “Larger Than Life” Hodder for having me play, and for giving me my 1st ever DAMC live gig back in 1992.

Flashback II

06.10.2013 : DAMC [Live] @ Flashback II (The LTL Le Rox Reunion) : Fowlers Live : Adelaide SA.

Here’s a link to some photos from the event:


DAMC @ Flashback II
DAMC @ Flashback II – Fowlers Live Adelaide – 06.10.2014

I’ve created a Soundcloud page for my DAMC music.

Here’s a recording of my DAMC live set from Flashback II (October 2013)


We Are The Future (Written with DJ Brendon)
Interference (Flashback II Version)
Frequencies Of Jungle (Flashback II Version)
Play It Loud
Funky Jungle
Discovery ’95
Fortress (Of Bass)

This is a direct (mixing desk) live recording of my DAMC live performance at Flashback II in 2013. These tracks were originally produced (and regularly performed live) back in Adelaide AU in the 1990s using an Ensoniq EPS sampling keyboard. For this special live performance (20+ years later) I re-created the tracks (I still have all the old samples), and put together a new live set, using Ableton Live 8 on an Apple MacBook Pro, with an Akai APC40 controller.

*EDIT* 04-07-2009 : You can now find a lot of my old DAMC tracks on my channel on YouTube…

YouTube clips…

DAMC & DJ Brendon – We Are The Future (DAMC Remix – Live Version)
DAMC – Funky Jungle
DAMC – Play It Loud
DAMC – Unfu*kenbelievable
DAMC – Fortress (Of Bass)
DAMC – Discovery ’95
DAMC – Farewell (Live Version)
DAMC – Interference
DAMC – More Beautiful
DAMC – Sojourner (Parts 1 & 2)
DAMC – Feel The Beat
DAMC – Night On Earth
DAMC – Dark Daze
DAMC – Beyond Bliss


Original page…

I thought it was about time I made some pages for my musical past (before I forget it all). This is put together quickly, I’ll tidy this up, add mp3s, pictures, flyers and more soon.



Between 1992 and 1998 I produced and performed live as Adelaide based solo dance/techno act DAMC read as D.A.M.C, the initials of my full name: David Anthony McCann. DJ names like HMC, GT, MPK, ATB, PMA were popular in Adelaide at the time.

My DAMC music productions and live performances covered a range of electronic dance music styles: Techno, Rave, Hardcore, Gabber, Breakbeat, Happy-Hardcore. I settled into Jungle and Drum’N’Bass sounds for a couple of years, and then returned to more Techno sounds.

As DAMC I performed live regularly at clubs, raves and dance-parties, mostly in Adelaide, and also a few performances in Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart. I was based in Adelaide until 1995, then moved to Sydney with/for my live band Bliss (see Bliss page).

Once based in Sydney I would often be flown back to Adelaide regularly for live performances. I’m still based in Sydney today.

My live performances usually always featured an MC. Someone on the mic to hype the crowd. MCs at the time were popular at raves/dance-parties in Adelaide, not so much in Sydney and Melbourne. The MC who performed most with me was the fantastic MC Maestro D in both Adelaide and Sydney (he relocated here for a while). Adelaide MCs: MC Pab, MC Dee, MC Tim and MC/DJ Ribbz (UK) have also performed with me a few times as well.

As DAMC some of the international ‘big names’ I’ve performed alongside: HMC, Paul Oakenfold, Misjah & Tim, Joey Beltram, Claude Young (2120), CJ Bolland, Cru-L-T, Force Mass Motion, Lenny Dee, UltraSonic, TopBuzz, Ratty, Grooverider, The Dreem Team, Slipmat, Dougal, and MCDJ Ribbz.

In 2000, after a couple of years break I purchased a heap of new music gear and began producing and playing live again, this time as TECHiONE with a percussive, funky, tribal, melodic techno sound.

As TECHiONE I’ve performed alongside many international dance music legends, many being a big inspiration to me: Jeff Mills, Oliver Ho, Deetron, Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, and also Heiko Laux, Alexander Kowalski, Kazu Kimura, Devilfish, Andreas Kauffelt, and Chicken Lips.

Plus TECHiONE performances at 2 Sydney Big Day Outs, featuring The Prodigy, Luke Slater, Dave Clarke, New Order, Underworld and Kraftwerk. For more on TECHiONE see the TECHiONE page.

The DAMC sound initially came together through experiments with my sampling keyboard, an Ensoniq EPS. I was sampling everything and anything, lots of old vinyl records, and then sequencing up strange little musical pieces. At the time I was listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, The Shamen, 808 State, Orbital, Jesus Jones, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, and Pop Will Eat It’s Self. I used to sample a lot of dialogue and sound effects from VHS movies as well.

How it began… In late 1990 I went and saw dance/techno act Quadrophonia live at the Old Lion Hotel, and ended up later that night at LeRox hearing Dames and Angu$ mixing it up, and hearing proper ‘techno’ for the first time. Lots of those early Detroit, and Belgian techno sounds. I was instantly hooked on these awesome sounds, my whole world changed. I went back to LeRox almost every w/end from then onwards, absorbing as much of this music as I could. I soon learned about the drum sounds of the Roland 909 and 808, and acid sounds of the 303. I began hunting out drum loops, sampling old vinyl records, lots of James Brown, and building up a great collection of loops, sounds and samples to use in my own ‘techno’ productions. I began borrowing a lot of synths and drum machines and sampling them as well. I started hanging out with DJs, becoming friends, listening to lots of their records, recording tracks to cassette, and sampling sounds from them.

Musical inspiration continued via Georgie Knight’s radio show “Dreaming Daisies” (who used to play a lot of my early productions off cassette on her show), visits to Central Station Records chatting to Tristan and Dames, and from weekly clubbing/raving, dancing to local Adelaide DJs like HMC, Hugh-Z (Uzi), GT, Brendon, Dames, Angu$, MPK and more… I became good friends with many of them. Over the years I frequented Adelaide clubs/club nights like Control, The Metro, Hell, Le Rox, Discovery, Radius, Disco/Venus, and Heaven etc.

I had been to nightclubs before all this, in the late 1980s like the the Toucan Two, but I was too into pop/rock music at the time to appreciate the dance, new romantic, hip-house, new-beat, acid-house sounds coming in.

I was never keen (or had the time/money) to really get into DJing or buying records… until 1998, when the failure of my music hardware gear, and meeting my DJ girlfriend opened up a new musical chapter…

It’s now 2008 and I have over 2500 vinyl records! I used to present a weekly Internet radio show for about 7 years, starting in 2000. More on that later.

Back in Adelaide, as I was carving a name for myself, a nice little community of dance music producers, and live performers developed in Adelaide’s early-mid 1990s dance music scene. Shouts to: Eugenic, Aquilla, Paddy, Juice Records, Marc ‘PMA’ Plummer, Simon ‘Brown Goldfish’ Haynes, Maas Unconcious, Inner Resonance, Flip, Phase, V-Agent, T-Bot, Eclipse/Steven Gibbs and more…

I must send huge thanks and shouts to people who gave me support, gigs and helped me along the way (in no particular order): Georgie ‘Dreaming Daisies’ Knight, The IP/UW crew, Daniel MPK, Noddy, Ben PFG, Paul Hamon, Damien Maestro D, all the crew at The Core Magazine, Mindflux, Orb Magazine, Kab 101, Troi Human Satellite, Jay Penfold, Paul Armour, Petrina Frost, Paul ‘Larger Than Life’ Hodder, DJ Brendon, DJ Angu$, DJ Gary ‘Uzi’ Hughs, DJ HMC, DJ GT, Dames, Tristian Jones, Dave Edwards, all the promoters who had me play, and all Adelaide’s early-mid 90s ravers, plus anyone I may have forgotten.
DAMC : Track Titles…

DAMC Demo Tape 1 DAMC Demo Tape 2

The reason for the Central Station all over those, is they were made for Tony at Central Station, who was keen to pass them on to OS labels for possible licensing deals, nothing came of it though.

Early stuff…

Three Day Rave
Survival Through Technology
More Beautiful
Black Memory
Wind Tunnel
Bass Is Rockin’
Cyber Christ
303 & 909
Riff Master
Noddy Goes On A Trip
Psychedelic Machine
Toxic Psychosis

Peak time…

Fortress (Of Bass)
Play It Loud
Discovery ’95
We Are The Future (with DJ Brendon)
Black Planet (with DJ Brendon)
(This Is) Creation
Frequencys Of The Jungle
E Hard (Time Dawn)
Camelot/Excaliber (with Flip)

Junlge/Drum’N’Bass stuff…

Funky Jungle
Night On Earth
Feel The Beat
Sojourner (Parts 1 & 2)
Beyond Bliss
Dark Daze/Mood Swings
City Lights

Later techno stuff…

2am Biscuit
Lost In K
Save Silverfish
Heat Control 2109

Division By Zero (An alias for my harder stuff)…

Blood & Thunder
Disease Symptom
Noddy Eats A Penguin
Brain Sickness

Melodizer (An alias for softer techno stuff)…

Basic Illusion
Snow Wash
You Are
The Garage

Many of these tracks now only exist as recordings on cassette tape, or DAT tape. I still have them all but I fear many would be un-playable now, damaged by air, moisture, mould etc. If I get my hands on a DAT machine or cassette player in the future I’ll try and record them to my PC and encode them as wav/mp3. I have most of my peak time stuff recorded on CD-Rs, and of course have CD’s and 12″ records of released stuff. I’ll mp3 some of that soon and add links to this page.

You’ll notice quite a few of those titles are the names of raves, dance-parties, club nights that I performed at (listed below). I made tracks especially for parties, it was a little challenge I gave myself to try and make new music for each and every new party I played at. One of my faves was “Fortress (Of Bass)” for a rave “Fortress Of Bass” held in the Old Adelaide Gaol, and my track used samples from the (bad) movie “Fortress” about a futuristic prison… “No one escapes the Fortress…” it all tied together perfectly. I also liked to remix my own tracks for live performances as well, playing something new/different as often as I could.
DAMC : Production/Live Equipment…

Ensoniq EPS

Ensoniq EPS : Sampler/Sequencer/Keyboard with OEX-8 : EPS 8 Output Expander
Roland D550 : Synthesizer Rack Module
Korg KMX-122 : 12 Channel Line Mixer
Alesis MicroVerb : Reverb Effects Unit
Yamaha DX-100 : Synthesizer
Roland Juno 60 : Synthesizer (borrowed, never used live)
Korg Poly 61 : Synthesizer (borrowed, used live once)
2 x QuickLok Single-Tier X : Keyboard Stands
* DAT Machine (Hired/supplied by promoter)

Some other equipment I’ve owned in the past, from my early music making and live band days.

Tascam 4 Track : Multi-Track Cassette Recorder
Korg DDD-1 : Drum Machine
Boss DR-220e : Drum Machine
Roland D50 : Synthesizer
Yamaha DX-7 : Synthesizer
Ensoniq ESQ1 : Synthesizer
Ultimate Support – Apex AX-48B : Column Keyboard Stand
1 x QuickLok Double-Tier X : Keyboard Stand

* With only enough memory in my Ensoniq EPS sampler for the samples/loops and sequences of a single track at a time, I used to have to alternate between playing tracks live from my music gear and then played from DAT (Digital Audio Tape) track/backings. I never mimed a whole set to DAT (like many other live dance acts back then). Whilst a DAT track backing was playing I would also play live samples out of my sampler keyboard over the top, as well as loading the samples and sequences (from floppy discs) for the next live track at the same time. Luckily my sampler had this functionality of playing samples while loading others. It was a scary way to do it, I was in trouble if I forgot to load the next track, or had issues with floppy discs. Thankfully it always seemed to work out (I was lucky that I only had technical troubles a couple of times out of all my live performances). My live sets were not musically beat mixed together, it was very track start/stop, more like a live band performance. It worked ok. It made me work harder to keep the tracks interesting from start to finish.
DAMC : Discography… (in no particular order)…


V/A – The Core EP 12″ [Core Magazine/Viscious Vinyl]
– DAMC & DJ Brendon – We Are The Future


V/A – The Australian EP 12″ [Rabit City Records UK]
– DAMC & DJ Brendon – We Are The Future


The DAMC EP 12″ [Underground Pressings]
– DAMC – Play It Loud
– DAMC – Funky Jungle
– DAMC – Unf**kenbelievable (Was forgotten to be cut into the master record, which is why it’s on the label)


V/A – Big Dog Records – Outback Drum & Bass CD [Big Dog Records]
– DAMC – Sojourner
– DAMC – UW8
– DAMC – Feel The Beat
– DAMC – Dark Daze
– DAMC – Beyond Bliss


V/A – SpaceFold – A Collection Of Contemporary Adelaide Techno CD [Core Magazine/Mindflux]
– DAMC – Interference
– DAMC – More Beautiful
– DAMC – Voyager


V/A – Jigsaw EP (White-Label) 12″ [Larger Than Life]
– DAMC & DJ Angu$ – Necronomicon


V/A – AdRave CD [AdRave]
– DAMC & DJ Brendon – Black Planet


V/A – Transfusion (Dance Music Competition) CD [Roadshow Music]
– DAMC – Funky Jungle [live]
– DAMC – Farewell (Feat. MC Dee) [Live]


Kate Ceberano – Love And Affection CD Single [Mushroom Records]
– GT Vs DAMC Drum And Bass Excursion

Bliss - Threshold EP CD

Bliss – Threshold EP CD [Outer Style]
– DAMC – Cyber Future Techno Version (Secret unlisted track)


V/A – Vicious Vinyl Volume 2 CD [Vicious Vinyl]
– DAMC & DJ Brendon – We Are The Future


V/A – Underground Pressings 01 CD [Underground Pressings]
– DAMC – Unf**kenbelievable
– DAMC – Fortress (Of Bass)
– DAMC – Discovery’95
DAMC : Live Performances… (Listed most recent to oldest)


81 : 24.04.2016 : @ Party With A Purpose II : Arkaba : Adelaide SA.


80 : 31.12.2014 : Ultraworld NYE : Old Adelaide Gaol : Adelaide SA.


79 : 06.10.2013 : Flashback II (The LTL Le Rox Reunion) : Fowlers Live : Adelaide SA.


78 : 12.09.1998 : Essence : [DNB/TECH] : Synagogue : Adelaide SA.
77 : 25.07.1998 : Big Dog – Lost In Bass [DNB/TECH] : Syrup : Hobart TAS.
76 : 24.07.1998 : Rave Anthems [RAVE/H-CORE] : Heaven II : Adelaide SA.
75 : 18.07.1998 : Essence 6th Birthday : [DNB] : Synagogue : Adelaide SA.
74 : 17.07.1998 : Discovery : [DNB/TECH] : Diamonds : Adelaide SA.
73 : 16.07.1998 : Universal : [DNB] : The Planet : Adelaide SA.
72 : 30.05.1998 : Basscode : [DNB] : The Palladium : Sydney NSW.
71 : 12.04.1998 : Ultraworld 10 – Drum’n’Bass Room : [DNB] : (w/ DJ Grooverider) : St.Pauls : Adelaide SA.
70 : 12.04.1998 : Ultraworld 10 – Anthems Room : [RAVE/H-CORE] : St.Pauls : Adelaide SA.
69 : 12.04.1998 : Euphoria (All Ages) : The Planet : Adelaide SA.
68 : 10.04.1998 : Anthem Encore : [RAVE/H-CORE] : Heaven II : Adelaide SA.
67 : 14.03.1998 : Big Dog – Fringes Of Jungle : [DNB] : (Live Vs Set With Phase) : Madlove Bar : Adelaide SA.
66 : 12.03.1998 : Chemistry : Heaven II : Adelaide SA.


65 : 31.12.1997 : Ultraworld 9 NYE – Anthems/Techno Room : [RAVE/H-CORE/TECH] : Lerox : Adelaide SA.
64 : 31.12.1997 : Ultraworld 9 NYE – Drum’n’Bass Room : [DNB] : Lerox : Adelaide SA.
63 : 25.12.1997 : Chemistry Xmas : Heaven II : Adelaide SA.
62 : 12.12.1997 : Big Dog – Outback Drum’n’Bass CD Launch : [DNB] : Diamonds : Adelaide SA.
61 : 05.10.1997 : Above The Clouds : [DNB] : (w/ DJ Misja & DJ Tim : DJ HMC) : Heaven II : Adelaide SA.
60 : 04.10.1997 : Save Silverfish : [TECH] : Silverfish Techno Cafe : Adelaide SA.
59 : 04.10.1997 : Adrave BBQ : Jungle Bunny + Funky J’s : Adelaide SA.
58 : 22.09.1997 : Pacific Circle Dance Music Convention – Showcase : [DNB] : Riva : Sydney NSW.
57 : 20.09.1997 : Pacific Circle Dance Music Convention – MTV Amp Launch : [DNB] : Sublime (Pitt St) : Sydney NSW.
56 : 16.08.1997 : Sabotage : [DNB] : Bull & Bear : Adelaide SA.
55 : 08.06.1997 : Anthem : [RAVE/H-CORE] : Heaven : Adelaide SA.
54 : 18.05.1997 : Ultraworld 8 – The Time Machine : Heaven Warehouse : Adelaide SA.


53 : 31.12.1996 : Ultraworld 7 NYE : (w/ DJ Ratty : DJ HMC) : Heaven Warehouse : Adelaide SA.
52 : 27.12.1996 : Discovery : Synagogue : Adelaide SA.
51 : 25.12.1996 : Genesis 2 : (w/ The Dreem Team) : St.Pauls : Adelaide SA.
50 : 03.10.1996 : Chemistry : Heaven : Adelaide SA.
49 : 10.08.1996 : Ultraworld 6 : (w/ DJ Grooverdier) : Flinders University : Adelaide SA.
48 : 03.05.1996 : Level 1 : Cafe Who/The Lodge : Hobart TAS.
47 : 07.04.1996 : Jigsaw 2 : Lerox : Adelaide SA.
46 : 26.01.1996 : Transfusion – Competition Winners Showcase : Kinselas : Sydney NSW.
45 : 25.01.1996 : Ultraworld 4 : (w/ DJ Ratty : MCDJ Ribbs) : Old Adelaide Gaol : Adelaide SA.


44 : 31.12.1995 : Omega NYE : East End Markets : Adelaide SA.
43 : 25.12.1995 : Genesis : (w/ DJ Paul Oakenfold) : Heaven : Adelaide SA.
42 : 21.12.1995 : Chemistry : Heaven : Adelaide SA.
41 : 15.12.1995 : Transfusion – Competition Grand Final : Kinselas : Sydney NSW.
40 : 02.12.1995 : Hysteria : (w/ Ultrasonic) : Thebarton Theatre : Adelaide SA.
39 : 24.11.1995 : Transfusion – Competition Semi Final : Kinselas : Sydney NSW.
38 : 11.11.1995 : Farewell : (w/ DJ Cru-L-T) : Underdale University : Adelaide SA.
37 : 10.11.1995 : Sanctuary (All Ages) : The German Club : Adelaide SA.
36 : 13.10.1995 : Transfusion – Competition : Kinselas : Sydney NSW.
35 : 16.09.1995 : Dream Time – DAMC EP Launch : (w/ DJ Dougal) : The Lion Theatre : Adelaide SA.
34 : 28.07.1995 : Discovery : Disco/Venus : Adelaide SA.
33 : 11.06.1995 : Dance Nation 2 : Heaven : Adelaide SA.
32 : 09.06.1995 : Discovery : Disco/Venus : Adelaide SA.
31 : 14.05.1995 : Ultraworld 2 : Proscenium : Adelaide SA.
30 : 22.04.1995 : A Perfect World (All Ages) : Warehouse – Wetheril Park : Sydney NSW.
29 : 25.02.1995 : O-Ball : Adelaide University : Adelaide SA.
28 : 07.01.1995 : Choice : (w/ MCDJ Ribbz) : Torrens Boat Club : Adelaide SA.


27 : 31.12.1994 : Ultraworld 1 NYE : (w/ Force Mass Motion : DJ Michael Wells : MCDJ Ribbz) : Old Adelaide Gaol : Adelaide SA.
26 : 03.12.1994 : Hummanity : (w/ Vision Four 5) : Supre Warehouse : Adelaide SA.
25 : 17.11.1994 : Fusion’94 : (w/ DJ Joey Beltram : Topbuzz) : Warehouse 127 : Melbourne VIC.
24 : 12.11.1994 : Creation : (w/ DJ Joey Beltram : Topbuzz) : Creation Warehouse : Adelaide SA.
23 : 22.09.1994 : Radius : Heaven : Adelaide SA.
22 : 17.09.1994 : Kaleidoscope : (w/ DJ Slipmat) : Watershed Theatre : Adelaide SA.
21 : 05.08.1994 : Frontiers : Lerox : Adelaide SA.
20 : 30.07.1994 : Quantum : University Of SA – Levels Campus : Adelaide SA.
19 : 20.07.1994 : Pulse – Spectre (All Ages) : Synagogue : Adelaide SA.
18 : 16.07.1994 : Fascination 2 : St. Pauls : Adelaide SA.
17 : 09.07.1994 : Excaliber 2 : (DAMC Vs Flip live) : Camelot Castle : Basket Range SA.
16 : 30.06.1994 : Frequency : Big Ticket : Adelaide SA.
15 : 28.05.1994 : Mix-A-Matosis : (Rabbit City Records – Australian EP Launch) : Old Queens Arms Hotel : Adelaide SA.
14 : 29.04.1994 : Escape (All Ages) : Disco/Venue : Adelaide SA.
13 : 12.03.1994 : Arcadia : (Spacefold CD Launch) : Wharf Shed 5 Port Adelaide : Adelaide SA.
12 : 25.01.1994 : Fortress Of Bass : Old Adelaide Gaol : Adelaide SA.


11 : 25.12.1993 : Xmas : Lerox : Adelaide SA.
10 : 16.10.1993 : Fruit Of The Gods (Outdoor) : Jacobs Creek Reserve : Adelaide SA.
09 : 21.08.1993 : Excalibur : Camelot Castle : Basket Range SA.
08 : 11.08.1993 : Discovery : Disco/Venus : Adelaide SA.
07 : 24.07.1993 : We Are The Future : (The Core EP Launch) : Cheltenham Racecouse : Adelaide SA.
06 : 21.04.1993 : Discovery : Disco/Venus : Adelaide SA.


05 : 07.11.1992 : Toxic : (w/ DJ CJ Bolland : DJ ‘2120’ Claude Young) : LeRox : Adelaide SA.
04 : 08.10.1992 : Pulse – Critical Level (All Ages) : Old Lion Hotel : Adelaide SA.
03 : 19.09.1992 : Fantasia @ Life : Old Lion Hotel : Adelaide SA.
02 : 15.08.1992 : Fascination : Night Train 2000 : Adelaide SA.
01 : 17.07.1992 : Fundamentals – Fire : (w/ Vertigo Hypo Live) : McMahons – Tonsley : Adelaide
DAMC : Photos…

DAMC Promo Photo : 1992 : Photo by Paul Armour

DAMC Promo Photo : 1992 : Photo by Paul Armour

DAMC Promo Photo : 1992 : Photo by Paul Armour

DAMC : Fundamentals – Fire @ McMahons – Tonsley : 17.07.1992 : Adelaide SA : Photo by Paul Armour

DAMC : Fundamentals – Fire @ McMahons – Tonsley : 17.07.1992 : Adelaide SA : Photo by Paul Armour

DAMC : The Core Magazine : 1992 : Photo by Jay Penfold ?

DAMC/Divison by Zero : Discovery @ Disco/Venus : 21.04.1993 : Adelaide SA : Photo By Paul Armour

DAMC : We Are The Future @ Cheltenham Racecouse : 24.07.1993 : Adelaide SA : Photo By ?

DAMC & MC Dee & MC Maestro D : We Are The Future @ Cheltenham Racecouse : 24.07.1993 : Adelaide SA : Photo By ?

DAMC : Quantum @ University Of SA – Levels Campus : 30.07.1994 : Adelaide SA : Photo By Chris Jenkins

DAMC: ? : 1994/1995 : Adelaide SA : Photo By ?

DAMC: ? : 1994/1995 : Adelaide SA : Photo By ?

DAMC : Home Studio : Sydney : 1995 : Photo By Me

DAMC & MC Maestro D : Transfusion @ Kinselas Sydney : 13.10.1995 : Photo By ?

DAMC & MC Dee : Transfusion Promo Photo (From CD Booklet) : 1996 : Photo By Evan Pierre-Humbert

DAMC Promo Photo : 1996 : Photo By Paul Armour

DAMC & MC Maestro D : Ultraworld 7 NYE @ Heaven (Warehouse) : 31.12.1996 : Adelaide SA : Photo By ?

DAMC & MC Pab : Ultraworld 10 @ St.Pauls : 12.04.1998 : Adelaide SA : Photo By Paul Armour

DAMC & MC Pab : Ultraworld 10 @ St.Pauls : 12.04.1998 : Adelaide SA : Photo By Paul Armour


  1. I love hotmail.

    Comment by Mat Bloody Hill — March 15, 2008 @ 11:06 am

  2. I cant even spell my name properly

    Comment by Matt Bloody Hill — March 15, 2008 @ 11:06 am

  3. These old photos are gold!!

    Comment by Rozie — April 9, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

  4. gold again Mr DAMC
    oh the raves and parties we went to
    I still cant forget hiding behind a couch for an entire rave in kuipto hall, due some mad LSD, to then finally muster the courage to come out and get a Chuppa Chupp and the party ended!!! GT i think was playing…. crazy times..

    oh some photo credits to note

    Comment by Paul Armour — April 10, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

  5. cargo Wednesdays), McMahons Tonsley (Thursday nights), The Ark (Friday nights) Le Rox (Saturdays) + Big ticket, Radius before chemistry at Heaven (Prodigy and Dream frequency back to back) oh yes its all coming back.. 😉

    Comment by Andrew Dabovich — October 13, 2008 @ 4:43 pm

  6. hey man, i was listening to an old dreaming daisies tape – which is online
    and the last track was credited to you, but without a track name – which one is it? its really good!

    Comment by joe — November 15, 2008 @ 11:40 am

  7. Hey, thanks for the link. Listening to that brought back some nice memories. I’ve not heard that track at the end myself for a long time either.

    That was the sound I did under the alias Melodizer. I think that track might be called ‘You Are’ or ‘Snow Wash’. It only ever existed on cassette tape. It was recorded as a live jam really, with my EPS sampler and some sync’d analogue gear bubbling away in the background. I’ve not owned a cassette deck for 10+ years, so there’s a lot of old stuff like that I’ve lost touch with.

    Comment by decoded_ — November 16, 2008 @ 8:59 pm

  8. why cant we just get these old rave recordings out there for the public Ive been to plenty and heard the best music ive ever heard sadly have never heard those tracks again its almost a crime. i had a copy of a copy of fortress of bass but sadly it was taxed does anyone have a copy or anything else close I heard a really cool recording of paulholden and an mc who keep saying im rushing dj paulholden in a slow voice was amazing havent got that one either if you want the legend to go on the djs need to release this stuff so people can enjoy it thats just my opinion i have found memories but thats all they are I cant go put on a cd and say thats the wicked shit to people because it just isnt avaliable anywhere.

    Comment by mark — March 26, 2009 @ 10:41 pm

  9. Hey, I am also looking for a copy of these old raves. I had a tape of fortress of bass and that was like the best music i had ever heard when I was living it up party hard in the riverland. If any one has any type of copy of any of these old raves please post a link.. Man I would love to hear that fortress of bass tape again.


    Comment by Sam — January 10, 2010 @ 4:01 pm

  10. I first moved from London to Adel in 1991 winter time.Lived in Aberfoyle,first thing i did was to find the flyers then the clubs.Got a load of newly made friends in my nearly acquired old triumph & picked em all up then drive to Le Rox,Cargo,Discovery,St pauls,and all the raves.Fortress was best,Camelot was dark.Best night was Carl on 4 decks at Ark was mental,never got that close to him in UK.The prodigy & DF at Heaven,freaked my mate out.

    Sadly we have all moved in different directions, yet we share one common memory the Experiences we had,the laughs,the sounds,the trim(girls),the trips (to the raves);} ,the clobber,the build up then the sunrise.
    Nice total recall Daniel.


    Comment by crazy dragon — May 19, 2010 @ 5:45 am

  11. What a blast from the past. I still think back on those late eighties early nineties days and get a brilliant rush.
    I remember an awesome show at St Pauls with Carl Cox, plus Sasha at Le Rox. BANGING TUNES ALRIGHT!
    Does anyone remember Capricorn Rave, down at the Port in 1990 I think. It was so full on there was sweat dripping off the ceiling. That was something else.
    GT at The Metro “Work that Motherfuck”!!
    We had a wicked party at Roebuck Street Mile End called The Fun Key, GT played on a Sunday arvo, first day of Spring and my word did that party rock down. We had buddhas in the punch and the bath was full of Pepsi cans.
    Adelaide had the most hardcore underground rave scene,it was a beautiful thing.
    Love to all crew and keep on rockin’.
    RIP Glen Morris we love you forever man.
    We should do it again for a reunion session, whaddya reckon? Aceed!!

    Comment by Michaela C — September 15, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

  12. Hey DAMC,

    Stumbling across this site certainly brought back a few memories….

    I reckon I first saw you play 96 or 97 at Ultraworld 7 for NYE which was in a warehouse behind the old Heaven complex. I vaguely recall your music gear being set up on a mezzanine floor and the crowd turned around from the DJ setup when you came on to watch you play for an hour so. You played LOUD and the crowd was pumped. Being a music gear head I recall you fiddling with the Ensoniq to load the samples for the next set while jamming over the top. I don’t remember any stop/start between tracks, so your skills to go from live to DAT and back again must have worked really well! I later got mixed up with Griffy Griff (Griffin) and we were experimenting with tracker software (Impulse Tracker) on 2 PCs and a DJ mixer and cross fading between the 2 machines. Griff would literally write tracks on the fly in front of a crowd and could play for hours. I collected synths, samplers and drum machines etc. but decided it was too distracting from uni so sold a lot of things and got on with getting my degree. Griff needless to say, well is still big on the Adelaide music scene. He really should have moved to Sydney or Melbourne because he is (and was back then) one talented bugger.

    Feel free to look me up on facebook.


    Comment by Benny — August 25, 2016 @ 10:38 pm

  13. Hey. I was there at the very beginning. Wow what memories. I’m hoping someone can help out with any old recordings from DJ Paul ferburn. He was a friend and I’ve lost all recorded stuff he gave me.sadly I heard when arrived back in UK he was killed.I’ve looked every where. Metro was home as lerox was, those times can never be repeated. Warehouse one I’m the old tram sheds. I have album’s of photos from those times, thinking I should put a book together for the history of who was there that made it what it was. Thanks to all those people that made it what it was. X

    Comment by Jason whitehead — March 9, 2019 @ 4:40 pm

  14. Wow, D MAC U REALLY R D MAC DADDY, i noticed u used collaborate with gibbzy,
    seven gibbs was part of my old crew at state,along with chad pilkington, spiro vlachos,chad mate dale & dales sis jane, & damien jewel or duel the celtics man, i visited steves mum some years back for car park being she still lives right next to the showgrounds look like you hold the Australian title for most techno tracks ever produced well done brother wish i got a selfie with u when i was at flashback II, thanks for a stellar career.

    Comment by Bruce leigh — April 7, 2019 @ 9:17 am

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