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June 22, 2007


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Bembel and Geripptes glass of Apfelwein

Guten Tag! Hello from Fankfurt-Am-Main…

We arrived on Monday, it´s Thursday today. We´re having a very nice relaxing time here, just what we needed after crazy Barcelona.

Frankfurt-Am-Main reminds me a lot of Melbourne, with all the trams, modern city skyline, and it being very flat. There are some beautiful old/original buildings around too. The pace feels like Adelaide. It´s very green here, beautiful forests. It’s been surprisingly humid, temperature has been around 30 degrees during the day, sweating it up, until today, when a massive thunderstorm and heavy rain rolled in early this morning, it´s much cooler today.

We´ve had a nice time eating out with Andreas, Iris and Thomas, drinking Apfelwein.

I spent a few hours yesterday at Schnittstelle, Andreas’ music mastering and master record cutting studio. It was very cool, watching him cut master records, lots of ‘click-clack music’ as Andreas & Thomas call it. His home music studio is awesome too, full of heaps of analogue drum machines, synths, and music gadgets. As you can imagine I’m loving all of that.

I’m looking forward to checking out the clubs this w/end… Cocoon, Robert-Johnson, Monza, U60311 etc.

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Off to have another look around Frankfurt, we’ve been enjoying chilling in Iris’ apartment too much. There are lots of fantastic Hi-Fi shops here, with the most amazing valve amplifiers, and audiophile turntables. I want a little Tivoli Audio Henry Kloss PAL radio now! Iris has one in her bathroom, awesome sound.

Something that has been freaking us out a bit, is the fact that the sun doesn’t set till around 10.30pm at night, and then rises again at 5am. Summer in Europe! We’re robbed of daylight hours in Australia.

I’m loving Germany.


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