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April 24, 2007

Inxec [Live] or Nathan Fake [Live]

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Nottingham UK minimal/techno producer & DJ Inxec, B-Pole (Chris Sylvester) with releases on Jay Haze’s label Contexterrior and also on Four:Twenty Recordings is currently in Australia, and performed both a live set and DJ set at Minimal Fuss @ Civic Theatre last Friday 20th April here in Sydney.

Here’s a feature on Inxec from

Jay Haze was to be touring/playing around the same time, but cancelled his Asia/Australia tour dates due to injury, I hope he’s ok.

Inxec’sMain Restraint released on the 16.5 EP on Contexterrior was one of my favourite minimal tracks released last year.

My favourite Sydney DJ’s Matt Aubusson and Dave Choe part of the team behind the Minimal Fuss parties, also played. A cool YouTube video was done to hype the night (see below), that’s Matt and Dave in the background, not sure who the girl is under the teddy-bear head doing a nice imitation of the Bob Dylan ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ video.

Anyway… I didn’t go… I had planned to go, I was looking forward to going, but when the night came along it just didn’t come together for me, sorry Matt & Dave!

More data…

However, I believe we have a second chance to see Inxec performing live again in Sydney, at Beware The Cat @ Yu this coming Saturday 28th April. Not sure if he’s playing live and/or DJing. I’m trying to find out more details…

However… Problem… Guess who else is also performing here in Sydney on the same night?

Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake

UK producer/live performer Nathan Fake is performing live at Chinese Laundry in the cave, also playing is Audiojack (UK).

I’m a huge fan of some of Nathan’s productions: Outhouse and The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic version) released on James Holden’s excellent Border Community label in 2003/2004. James Holden’s remixes are fantastic as well. My favourite Nathan Fake production would probably be Dinamo released on Traum Schallplatten in 2005.

I didn’t buy his album Drowning In A Sea Of Love as the quick listen I gave it on release didn’t grab me at the time. I’ve never really been a fan of those ‘artist albums’ with songs/tracks in music genres completely different to what the artist is renown for. Although from what I’ve read, the sounds on Nathan’s album are actually closer to his true musical passion/style; ambient sound-scapes, emotive, fuzzy, melodic layers (think My Bloody Valentine), with indie-rock/rock and broken-beat drum patterns, songs as opposed to tracks, and that his popular techno/minimal productions have been more so ‘experiments’ outside of that. As far as I know he’s not released anything new since that album in 2006. He could be very interesting to check out…

More data… (No, that’s not a typo)

So, I’m still yet to decide which one I’m going to… I was thinking Inxec today, but this evening after listening to and posting those Nathan Fake track samples, I think I’d be crazy to miss seeing him. I hope he still plays the tracks that introduced him to us. I just fear the cave in Chinese Laundry is going to be very hot and rammed full of people, most following the hype. Hrmmm…

* EDIT : 26.04.2007 *

Nathan Fake [Live] @ 3rd Class - Melbourne : 24.04.2007

Nathan Fake [Live] @ 3rd Class – Melbourne : 24.04.2007
Photo by: Scootie from ITM

Oh no! Just reading reports about Nathan Fake’s performance in Melbourne, in this thread on the ITM – Melbourne Forum. His performance didn’t go very well. He had troubles with his laptop at sound-check. Another laptop was brought in, hours of installing software, transferring data etc. right up to performance time, and then that laptop had problems during his performance, a lot of drop outs, and stop/starts, and he only got about 30-40 minutes of music out during his 3 hour set. I liked this comment from that ITM thread “The sky is pink, but the screen is blue”.

There’s talk of him buying a new laptop, and getting his live set back together, with the possibility of another performance tonight Thursday 26th April in Melbourne. He’s performing in Brisbane on Friday, and then here in Sydney on Saturday. It was mentioned he uses a PC laptop, it reminds me of the troubles his Border Community label mate Petter had in Sydney last year, with his PC laptop based live performance, maybe they should be using Macs.

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