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March 11, 2007

Oliver Huntemann @ Bread And Butter – Ladylux : 09.03.2007

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Oliver Huntemann

I’m often dissapointed when friends don’t come out clubbing. On this occassion I’m really glad they didn’t join me. This was a really funny (read tragic) night, I’m glad I didn’t subject them to it.

Some random thoughts and observations in regard to this night out…

  • So, Bread And Butter – Is a ‘minimal tech’ night huh? Sounds like house/electro-house to me. No idea who played for the 40 minutes heard before Oliver Huntemann came on, but it wasn’t minimal and it wasn’t tech.
  • The all too predictable ‘who are you/why should I let you in’ vibe from the bouncer at the roped off entrance to the club with no name outside, said it all, as to what kind of club/night this is/was going to be. *Tip* Say you’re on the (ITM) guest list regardless if you are or not.
  • You’re giving us _that_ attitude outside and _this_ is the crowd inside? Err, who are you not letting in?
  • So this is where all the young, trendy, fashion obsessed, vain, self absorbed, MySpace generation hang out. The place was absolutely packed full of them!
  • This club has completely changed from the days of Crunch @ Frontier, it’s really been opened up, with ‘pretty’ (read horrible) decor everywhere. The DJ booth is right down in the back corner of the venue. I doubt most of the crowd there even know/care where it is. Sound is loud and harsh on the ears.
  • Checking out the crowd, I’m surprised there’s still any stock left in Industrie stores. I hate those buttoned white striped t-shirts! Sheep! Why is everyone wearing white to night-clubs these days?
  • Do girls learn how to (lack of) dress and dance from Usher and 50 Cent videos these days? They hate being ignored too, it really confuses them.
  • So many vain people, taking photos of themselves, checking themselves in the mirrors at every opportunity, dancing to be noticed; pay attention to me, I’m beautiful. Eugh!!
  • The ‘real’ minimal sounds Oliver Huntemann played actually sent a large portion of people off the dance floor. Heard/saw quite a few people around us saying “What’s this shit?” walking off in a huff.
  • The over excited DJ fan-boys crowded around the DJ booth screaming and arm throwing at every slight variation of music intensity was hilarious. Woo, a hi-hat came in!
  • I think Oliver Huntemann would sound more interesting if he actually ventured outside of that Giant Wheel, Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten, Int. Deejay Gigolos, Confused, Rekorder labels sound. Mixing everything outro to intro is pretty lame. We stayed for an hour of his set, it really didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Sure, I like some of those tracks, but played all together in a row like that isn’t very interesting.
  • I noticed quite a few dodgy looking old guys (40+) in this place too, shirts and suits, with their eyes popping out of their heads at the sight of any young girl in the place. Mates of the owners? promoters?
  • The obvious ‘powder room’ employees only door with packs of guys entering/exiting constantly near the DJ booth is very… err… obvious!
  • I found it really hard to stop myself from laughing at all the totally clichéd people/sights and happenings in this place.

I love being jaded. Yeah sorry, it’s just not my scene. I like being amongst people who care more about the music than how much time/$ they spent on their image to be seen in the scene.


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