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April 30, 2010

Creamfails 2010…

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What’s all this comedy stuff, where’s the music?

Dave Clarke

Well, we’re off to Creamfields tomorrow at the Entertainment Quarter, to see techno DJ/producers: Joris Voorn, Steve Rachmad and Dave Clarke do their thing. There is a whole heap of trance, electro, hard-style, whatever (read crap) music on in other areas as well, but have no interest in any of it. Apart from Green Velvet [Live] who would be great to see again, but he’s on the same time as Dave Clarke.

Unfortunately the techno area ‘Planet Hardware’, is the couch/bus parking area alongside The Forum, which means it’s not undercover (hoping for no rain), and no doubt the sound is going to be limited volume/bass wise as has happened before with the same area being used. Why didn’t they just use The Forum? Not enough ticket sales to cover costs I’m guessing. Originally this techno area was advertised as being in the Royal Hall Of Industries, but I think they quickly realised that the 200 odd people (those there for the techno) in that massive venue would look rather empty.

Not much hype for this event, for the techno, suspect numbers are down on expectations for this event anyway, there are just too many of these ‘festival’ events, seems to be one every month.

I’m looking forward to hearing what these techno guys will be playing, but suspect everything else about this event is going to be fail, Creamfails 2010 here we come.

Wow, I sound really jaded and negative. I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable disappointment. I don’t get excited before parties anymore, have been let down too many times. I’m keeping my expectations very low for this, maybe I’ll be surprised.

Be interesting to see what Dave Clarke has to say about it all afterwards. I’m half expecting a dummy spit from him over the lack of production. Keep an eye on this…

Speaking of Dave Clarke, Mark Murphy from Spank Records did a fantastic interview with him, asking some really interesting questions, which you can feel Dave really appreciated and opened up to, check it out…

It’s been six or more years since Dave Clarke played in Sydney. I’ve seen him every time he’s played here, way back to his first visit in 1997 (thanks for the correction Matt) I think it was. My taste in electronic music has certainly mellowed since then, be interesting to see how I cope with his onslaught of banging techno compression this time round, he never gave in to the minimal wave.

See you on the dance-floor, err concrete carpark.


  1. First visit was 1997, the party was Essence by Vertigo @ Metro. Supported by Ken Cloud, Infusion and HMC. Quite a night!

    Comment by Matt Costain — May 3, 2010 @ 10:37 am

  2. Thanks Matt. That was an awesome night.

    Comment by decoded_ — May 7, 2010 @ 3:48 pm

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