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April 30, 2010

Lots More Laughs…

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Last Saturday night (24.04.2010) we saw Canadian stand-up comedian Jeremy Hotz at The Metro. Performing on stage in the main room, with rows of seating on what is normally the dance-floor. We’ve seen Jeremy a few times now, always enjoy his style/show. He seemed to be in a good mood (probably because it was his last show here in Australia), even breaking out of his miserable, whiny style a few times and just chatting with the audience. Not a whole lot of new material in his show, but I had a lot of great laughs.

Sunday night (25.04.2010), at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, we saw U.S (living in U.K) African-American comedian Reginald D. Hunter. This is the second time we’ve seen him, same venue last year. We decided to go see him again after enjoying his Spicks & Specks (TV show) appearance earlier in the week. We were already heading to the same venue for Russell Kane on afterwards, so it worked out well. Reginald D. Hunter was a lot more laid back and mellow than the previous time we saw him. His show focussed a lot on racism, but not in a way that felt uncomfortable to laugh about. He certainly thinks about thinks very differently, makes for some interesting and entertaining comedy. He has such a cool sounding voice too.

Russell Kane

U.K comedian Russell Kane followed, bouncing off the walls, pacing the stage, with loads of energy, lots of British style humour, comparisons between Australia and England. Lots of paying out on Gen Y, lots of self-deprecation, lots of quick witty bites. He was really fresh, probably my fave performance of this years comedy festival, the most laughs for me.

Wednesday (29.04.2010) back at The Factory Theatre to see the ‘Bulmers Best of the Edinburgh’ show, featuring U.K stand-up comedians: Carey Marx, Jason Cook and Elis James. We saw Jason Cook the other week at the Cracker Night, and thought he was great. He basically MC’d this show, as well as doing his own spot at the start. He has a very positive energy, enjoy his style of having a bunch of very funny stories on the go at the same time. Elis James followed, and is one one of the most laid back and softly spoken comedians I’ve ever seen, but certainly had some very funny moments, kinda odd though. Carey Marx was on last, with a lot of one liners and jokes, quite a few that took a few seconds to sink in (love those), a very cynical and twisted style, oh yeah and he umm, fingered a teddy bear, which was lot more funny than it sounds… you had to be there.

Have really enjoyed seeing all these comedians over the last couple of weeks, it’s been great to have a lot of laughs, excellent stress relief.

With seeing some of these guys multiple times now, you really notice that they re-use a lot of the same material. Think we might need a bit of time-out with some of them to allow for new material. It’s funny how just about all of them pay out on Adelaide (my old home town) during their sets, they all tend to play there before getting to Sydney.

Our last night of Sydney Comedy Festival events is tonight at The Metro, seeing fantastic Irish comedian David O’Doherty with his little Yamaha keyboard and his narky little songs.

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