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September 15, 2006


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Snakes On A Plane

Ahh yeah, I saw Snakes On A Plane a couple of weeks ago, I know it’s supposed to be a silly b-grade film, but it really didn’t make me laugh much, and I thought it was all a bit lame truth be told. To make up for that… I’ve rented, watched and enjoyed a bunch of art-house and foreign films of late… Paris, Texas great film, one of Harry Dean Stanton’s best roles. Crash the perverted, disturbing, almost pornographic, sex, car crash, fetish, 1996 film with James Spader. Also finally got to see Gus Van Sant’s Last Days I wish there had been subtitles, so I could have understand what the Kurt Cobain type character was actually mumbling about the entire movie, it’s slow going like most of Gus Van Sant’s films. I had a bit of a Monica Bellucci session with Ricordati di me (Remember Me) and How Much Do You Love Me, both very entertaining with lots of great emotional and physical passion… and she’s such a beautiful woman, I think I might have to buy How Much Do You Love Me. I also watched the Clive Owen & Angelina Jolie movie Beyond Borders which is actually quite a powerful movie, and I don’t think I’d seen it before. Last week’s DVD purchase… I finally bought myself a copy of the classic Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas on sale for $20. I get huge laughs out of that every time I watch it…

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