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September 1, 2006


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Last w/end, I went and saw Kenny at the movies. It’s a really funny and heartwarming Australian film/mockumentary about a decent aussie bloke… Kenny, who has to deal with a lot of sh*t… in every way possible. He’s a really likeable character. I really enjoyed the film, I’d go as far as to say it’s one of my fave movies this year. Here’s what Margaret and David from the Movie Show (ABC TV) had to say about Kenny

A couple of audio podcasts…

Speaking of movies… I also watched a few DVDs on the w/end (as usual)… Rented and watched Firewall and A History Of Violence, not too bad, bit predictable. I also bought and watched The Mosquito Coast, which I always enjoy re-watching, a great film, couldn’t resist buying it along with Christine that Stephen King/John Carpenter 1980’s movie about the possessed car, $9 each brand new, DVDs are getting so cheap! Is this a way of getting rid of stock before the HD DVDs arrive? Speaking of HD DVD, If Blu-ray and the PS3 don’t take off in a big way Sony is going to be in a lot of trouble huh!

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  1. Cool. I’ve heard many good things about Kenny. I should go and check it out.

    Comment by Benn — September 20, 2006 @ 1:40 pm

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