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October 9, 2008

All about the music…

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These are the young people that go to music festivals (Parklife) in Sydney these days.

As you can see, it’s all about the music, it’s not about following the masses, or being seen in the scene, or how you look, or what you wear, or wearing the same as everyone else, or bringing attention to yourself…

Those ‘trendy’ white, thin, slip on, canvas shoes, with next to no sole (soul?) that every guy and his dog seems to be wearing these days must be so comfortable for dancing in for hours. Totally suitable for mud and wet grass at outdoor festivals. Great for filthy dance-floors, covered in spilt drinks and broken glass. It’s a good thing no one steps on your feet when you’re amongst 1000’s of messy people crammed together dancing too. I must rush off to Rabens and buy some right now.

I think my heavy sarcasm meter just busted.

Yep, I’ve reached the age where almost everything about younger people annoys me. I’m double the age of new club/party kids now. Argh.

Love Jaded David.

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