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August 15, 2006


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Just thinking out loud… What’s happened to 5015 aka DJ Kei Fujimoto from Gifu Japan? His site has gone and he’s not been responding to e-mails? I hope all is ok, are you out there Kei?. I used to enjoy visiting his site regularly, checking out his charts, and downloading his mixes which were always full of the freshest choicest techno releases. I featured a few on my Internet radio show decoded_.

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  1. Hi mate.

    Same here, I used to regularly download his sets.
    It was always something to look forward to.
    Superbly executed mixes, ultra smooth with a lot of attention paid to the tracks and programming.
    Me and my mate even helped him out with a track ID before, and received a very nice thankyou in return.
    He’s such a nice, geniune bloke.

    Again, no response to emails and I’ve googled him extensively, hoping to find out has happened, with no joy at all.

    So if you are reading this Kei, best wishes to you and wherever you are at the moment.
    The world of Techno is a leser place without your prescence.

    I’ve got quite a few of his mixes still, if you’re interested, drop me a mail 😀

    Cheers, Craig.

    07/12/2004 Kei F Mix.mp3
    07/01/2005 Kei F mix041230_visions3.mp3
    07/02/2005 Kei F mix050205_the_explorer_1.mp3
    23/03/2005 Kei F mix050320_sledgehammer_1.mp3
    13/01/2006 Kei F_mix.09.Jan.2006.mp3
    10/01/2005 Kei F_mix041230_visions3.mp3
    28/02/2005 Kei F_mix050220_sledgehammer_trial.mp3
    08/03/2005 Kei F_mix050220_the_explorer_2.mp3
    27/04/2005 Kei F_mix050410.mp3
    13/06/2005 Kei F_mix050612_sledgehammer_5.mp3
    21/07/2005 Kei F_mix050612_sledgehammer_6.mp3
    09/05/2005 KeiF-mix050508_sledgehammer_4.mp3
    19/12/2005 KeiF_mix.04.Dec.2005_SuperMagnetic_3.mp3
    01/02/2006 KeiF_mix.14.Jan.2006.mp3
    22/08/2005 KeiF_mix.20.Aug.2005_Luna_1.mp3
    25/04/2006 Kei_F_@_2006-10_Bliss_3_23.Apr.2006.mp3
    01/09/2005 Kei_F_mix.28.Aug.2005_Luna_2.mp3
    04/04/2005 Kei_F_mix050402_sledgehammer_2.mp3

    Comment by Craig Lea — October 13, 2006 @ 7:53 pm

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