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July 15, 2008

Can’t get you out of my head…

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I woke up this morning with the sound of a fluffy, bouncy, melodic techno track cycling in my mind, but… I couldn’t remember the artist or title.

It was making me feel a little frustrated and I couldn’t start my day properly until I found out what it was, and listened to it, to clear my mind. So, whilst eating breakfast I searched through my mp3 collection, thinking it sounds very Minilogue, Mathew Jonson or perhaps it’s something on the Wagon Repair label.

I found it! I wasn’t far off…

Cobblestone Jazz – W from the Cocoon G Compilation last year.

V/A - Cocoon G Compilation CD/LP

Now what’s really strange is, I don’t have this track on my iPod, it’s not a track I listen to often. I have that Cocoon G Compilation CD it’s featured on, but have not really listened to that much since buying it in Frankfurt about 13 months ago.

I guess it’s possible my friend Ant could have played it on the w/end at our friend’s party, and perhaps that’s where I heard it recently. But I don’t think he did play it.

I have been remembering and thinking about Germany, Frankfurt, Cocoon etc. a lot over the last few weeks, remembering our Europe holiday this time last year, sorry to keep going on about it. I was listening to tracks off the new Cocoon H Compilation on Beatport last night, so maybe that all triggered off some faint memory, that somehow links back to this track.

V/A - Cocoon H Compilation CD/LP

I put Cobblestone Jazz – W on my iPod and listened to it on the way to work this morning, ahhh I feel better now. It’s a really nice track, very memorable sounds. I should listen to it, and play it more often.

Thanks for reminding me of this track brain. Can we play this game again tomorrow morning?

Speaking of Mathew Jonson I’d love to see him play live again, he was awesome last time. He’s a really nice guy too, Joanne and I had a great chat with him in Barcelona last year outside the Minus party at City Hall in the wee hours of Monday morning.

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