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August 14, 2006


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Sorry listeners, I don’t have a new decoded_ show for you this week. I ran out of time to get a show together last week, my upload deadline is Friday mornings.

So… you’ll be hearing a repeat of last weeks show.

If you’d like to hear it more often, you can grab yourself a copy here: 

I picked up a few 12″ records last week, some good stuff, but nothing really that mind-blowing…

A.Vivanco : Maison Doree EP : [Kahlwild]
Audio Werner : On And On EP : [Perlon]
Claude Von Stroke : Beware Of The Bird : [Dirty Bird]
Christian Jay Bolland : Rave Signal III EP : [R&S]

You’ll probably be hearing these on the next show, although I’m not sure if I can fit in those 1991 rave-techno sounds from CJ Bolland, but you never know. That ‘Rave Signal III’ EP is such a classic record, ‘Horse Power’ and ‘Mind War’ phwoar! I get a lot of flashbacks hearing them again. It’s nice to get a brand new copy of that EP. I must buy up some more of those R&S re-pressed classics… Vortex!

Thinking about things, it’s actually been many weeks since I’ve heard or bought a really ‘killer’ track/record, where have they all gone? Is everyone still on holidays up there?

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