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April 15, 2008

Alex Smoke [Live] @ The Wonder Fuss – Civic Underground : 24.04.08

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This was a fun night out, nice vibe, great to be out with mates, but we missed ya Joanne, Chesham, Wowky, Dr.Tad… Excellent to catch up with some good old club friends, Hi Pete, Nick and Sandi! We had a great boogie, getting down to the sounds of Alex Smoke.

I usually don’t look forward to going to this venue, as when it’s packed it can be really uncomfortable. It wasn’t too bad on this outing, lots of people, but not packed. I’ve said it before, but it really is so much better without all the cigarette smoke now. The new recent renovations are great, it looks and feels like an uber Berlin club now, with all the white, leather padding, and coloured light ceiling tiles, very cool. Sound System is fantastic, mmm Klipsch speakers. DJ booth area is much better now that it’s not a little hole in the wall. I hear they have a rotary valve DJ mixer installed now as well, not being used this night though, keen to hear it. It was probably in use the following night there for Todd Terje.

Alex Smoke performing live with an Apple MacBook, Evolution MIDI controller and Ableton Live was excellent. The 3rd time I’ve seen him live. Sounding a lot more maximal than minimal this time I thought. He’s got some great new tougher tracks/sounds since I last heard him live in Berlin last July, less glitch, more tech, much more sustained dance floor pressure. It was nice to hear some of his early tracks (my faves) still being played in his live set too, Brian’s Lung, Chica Wappa, Don’t See The Point etc. I look forward to hearing him again on Saturday at Lost Baggage, along with Matthias Tanzmann.

I also enjoyed Dave Choe and Matt Aubusson’s sounds following on from Alex Smoke. I’ve missed hearing these guys out. I hardly knew anything they played, which is always a plus.

It seems the majority of the crowd didn’t get or lost interest in the darker, deeper, minimal, and more techno-ish sounds from Alex and the Glitch lads that followed. The room started and then kept emptying out from about 1/2 way through Alex’s set. I didn’t like much of the warm up sounds played before Alex, too happy/fluffy for me, nice to hear Joris Voorn’s track Blank, out though.

A fun night, thanks crew! Meow! 🙂

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  1. what did you think dave?
    needs more tech house imho 😛 but hey, the WORLD needs more tech house. (haha i can almost hear joanne cringe as she reads this :P)
    good night, loose, as per usual. 😛
    good to see you !

    Comment by bekk — April 25, 2008 @ 2:55 pm

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