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November 25, 2007

Extrawelt [Live] @ Sweet Chilli – Civic Theatre : 23.11.07

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Awesome! Extrawelt had a really huge sound! They got quite intense at times, some great ‘techno’ moments. It was very loud, glad I had my muso earplugs in! Really glad I checked them out.

I didn’t get a good look at the gear they were using to play live, saw a couple of Apple MacBook Pro’s up there, Ableton no doubt.

It was rammed full in the Civic Theatre whilst they were playing, no space to move and groove! It was so much better with no cigarette smoke in there now though.

I really enjoyed their live set. It was fantastic to hear… Soopertrack, Titelheld, Fernweh, Drehfehler, Doch Doch, 8000 and their remix of Minilogue’s The Leopard, plus some other tracks, I wasn’t familiar with, new stuff perhaps? I really like these guys sound. Their live set sounded as good (if not better) than their releases.

DJ’s playing before and after played some tasty tracks too… Dubfire – Ribcage!

Ben Klock the other week… Glad I checked him out, heard some tasty deep minimal techno sounds. I didn’t know much of what he played. They had him playing in a tiny bedroom sized room upstairs at the Abercrombie. Hot! Not many people there. I didn’t make it to his later set at The Bunker. Heard he only played for 10 minutes before management closed up…

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