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July 21, 2007


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Mornin’ It’s our last full day in London today. We fly back to Sydney tomorrow around noon, sad our holiday is over, it’s been fantastic.

We ventured into the chaos that is central London yesterday, travelling on the train from Lee, near Greenwich, where we’re staying. We took a double-decker bus ride, not really having a plan of where to go/what to see, and wanting to escape the insane amount of people in Victoria Station and ended up near the Tate Modern art gallery/museum. We were delighted to find that a Salvidor Dali exhibition ‘Dali & Film’ is currently showing.

‘Dali & Film’ was an excellent exhibition, fantastic to finally see many of his most well known surrealism pieces, like the “Persistence Of Memory” the one with the melting clocks. It was really small though, it’s only about 30cm across. I love how the closer you get to his works, the more things you see, so detailed! Many of these works were not at his museum in Figueres Spain at the time we visited, although that museum was amazing regardless. The exhibition at the Tate Modern also had a number of films that Salvidor Dali was involved with, like the dream sequence in Hitchcock’s ‘Spellbound’. We saw the most amazing short animated film, called “Destino” a creation by Dali & Walt Disney animator John Hench, made in 1946. The project was abandoned as it was too controversial at the time, and has only recently been digitally brought to life. It was like a living Salvidor Dali painting, very surreal, amazing! There are some YouTube clips of it if you hunt around. We’ve seen some amazing art on our travels.

We had a fantastic time last night, catching up with a big group of old and new friends at an excellent Tapas restaurant in Islington. A really fun night! Much love to you all, was fantastic to see you all.

We also had a few journeys on the tube, packed in like sardines, sweating it up. Heavy rains and flooding caused chaos on the tube lines yesterday. I think we might try check out the Portabello Road Market, or have a look around Covent Garden/Soho, and Oxford Street today.

We’re off to see British Murder Boys [live] at Fabric tonight. We’ve been invited out prior to dinner with… 🙂 as well, excited. Also playing are… Ricardo Villalobos, Craig Richards, Omar S, Monolake [live], Vex’d [live] and more… across 3 rooms.

Much love and huge thanks to our hosts during our travels… Andreas & Iris, Gino & Carmen, Bec & Greg, Sandra & Mal. Also sending out much love to all our friends around Europe and UK. We’ll see all you Aussie friends down under very soon…

Love D & J

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