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July 27, 2010

Berlin/Germany – Clubbing : Aug 13-28 : 2010

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German Flag

So we’re off to Europe in August/September, our annual holiday, I really need a holiday! This time last year we went to the U.S.A and saw Depeche Mode. The last time we were in Europe was in June/July 2007, I blogged about it here.

I’m excited, looking forward to catching up with old friends, who moved OS just over a year ago. We’re arriving in Frankfurt, a couple of days there, then spending a couple of weeks (3 weekends) in Berlin. Then we’re heading to London for a week to catch up with more friends and some family, then back home to Sydney via a week in Barcelona. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather, leaving Sydney’s winter behind.

Always a music focus with our travels, let’s party! Here below, is how crazy busy the Berlin scene is. These are some of the techno, minimal, tech-house/house club and party events/nights on in Berlin/Germany, for just the three w/ends we’re there, featuring many of the producer/DJs we like.

When I started this post, I didn’t expect there would be this much on, it’s quickly grown out of control! I’d go nuts with that much choice all the time.

Tough choices! I’ve highlighted some of the things we’re most keen on, some we have tickets for already. Hoping to get to experience a bunch of different venues/clubs. The lines in red we’ve made it out to.

Much thanks to ResidentAdvisor for these listings and links.

Fri 13.08.10 : Redshape [Live] + More @ Finest Friday – Berghain/Panorama Bar – Berlin
Fri 13.08.10 : Matthew Dear, Lee Curtiss, Kabale und Liebe + More @ Heidi Pres. The Jackathon – Watergate – Berlin
Fri 13.08.10 : Karotte, Marc Miroir + More @ Paso Night – Weekend – Berlin
Fri 13 > Sun 15.08.10 : Douglas Greed [Live], Funkwerkstatt [Live], Gorge + More @ 3000° Festival – Wald, See & 3000 Grad – TBA – Berlin

Sat 14.08.10 : Ricardo Villalobos, Moritz von Oswald, Loco Dice, Raresh + More @ Merkwürdiges Verhalten Am Strand – King Kamehameha Beach – Frankfurt
Sat 14.08.10 : Ben Klock + More @ Klubnacht – Berghain/Panorama Bar – Berlin
Sat 14.08.10 : Function (Sandwell District) + More @ A Night In Motion Pt. II – ://about blank – Berlin
Sat 14.08.10 : Jerome Sydenham, Tony Lionni + More @ Cookies Summer Saturdays #3 : Strictly Dancin’ – Cookies – Berlin (CANCELLED)
Sat 14.08.10 : Falko Brocksieper [Live] + More @ Jack Off – Horst Krzbrg – Berlin
Sat 14.08.10 : Adultnapper, Langenberg + More @ Liebe*Detail Night – Watergate – Berlin
Sat 14.08.10 : Dave Clark + More @ Tresor Klubnacht – Tresor Berlin – Berlin
Sat 14.08.10 : Ion Ludwig [Live] + More @ Amsterdam Meets Berlin – Weekend – Berlin
Sat 14.08.10 : Harry Axt, Philip Bader + More @ Supdub Label Night – Bar25 – Berlin
Sat 14 > Sun 15.08.10 : Mark Henning, Stimming, Audio Werner, Someone Else + More @ Berliner Luft & Liebe Festival – Yaam – Berlin

Sun 15.08.10 : Paul Kalkbrenner [Live], Robag Wruhme, Mathias Kaden & Daniel Stefanik + More @ Th!nk? Festival {site} – Cospudener See / Nordstrand – Leipzig
Sun 15.08.10 : Marco Resmann, Marcus Meinhardt + More @ Upon.You – Bar25 – Berlin
Sun 15.08.10 : DJ T., Gazi Mizrahi & Eli (Wolf + Lamb) @ Sommer Auf Dem Dach – Weekend (CANCELLED)

Mon 16.08.10 : Tom Clark, Jens Bond @ Undergroove – Badeschiff – Berlin

Wed 18.08.10 : Barem, Jorge Savoretti, Gurtz [Live] + More @ Meet: Argentina – Watergate – Berlin
Wed 18.08.10 : Pacou, Camea + More @ Bonito House Club – Tresor Berlin – Berlin

Thu 19.08.10 : Agaric, Ed Davenport (BBQ Allstars) + More @ Beaners Backyard BBQ – Final Chapter – Bar25 – Berlin
Thu 19.08.10 : Tiga, Simian Mobile Disco + More @ Melt! Booking Presents… – Watergate – Berlin
Thu 19.08.10 : David Dorad, Katovi Menovsky, Louis Louis & Maximilliam Hertz + More @ Freier Fall – Open Air – Suicide Circus

Fri 20.08.10 : Franco Cinelli, Violett @ Play For Me Argentina – Club Anthrazit – Frankfurt
Fri 20.08.10 : Sven Väth, Reboot [Live] + More @ All Night LongCocoon Club – Frankfurt
Fri 20.08.10 : Matt John + More @ Kubikklub – Ritter Butzke – Berlin
Fri 20.08.10 : Falko Brocksieper, Jens Zimmermann, Paul Brtschitsch + More @ Tunapark. Every Friday – Tresor Berlin – Berlin
Fri 20.08.10 : Martin Buttrich [Live], Woody, Alejandro Vivanco, Autotune [Live] + More @ Fumakilla 10 Years Anniversary – Watergate – Berlin
Fri 20.08.10 : Magda, Dominik Eulberg, Barem + More @ Stereo City Festival 2010 – Ferropolis – Grafenhainichen
Fri 20.08.10 : Stacey Pullen, Ryan Elliott + More @ Detroited – Weekend – Berlin
Fri 20.08.10 : Charles Webster, Andre Lodemann + More @ Best Works Nacht – Panorama Bar – Berlin

Sat 21.08.10 : 3phase, Alexander Kowalski, Jammin Unit, Pacou + More (24hr live electronic jam, no turntables) @ Krautok 2010 – Maria om Ostbahnhof – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke, Kiki, Chaim, Mr. Statik, Telefon Tel Aviv + More @ Klubnacht – Bpitch Total – Berghain/Panorama Bar – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Tensnake, Idjut Boys @ Cookies Summer Saturdays #4 – Disco Daze Cosmic Craze – Cookies – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Robert Babicz [Live] + More @ Circle Night | N.E.X.T. – Tresor Berlin – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Dapayk [Live], Guy Gerber, Marcel Knopf, Marco Resmann + More @ Mo’s Ferry Night – Watergate – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Matt John, Konrad Black + More @ Record Release – Weekend – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Tom Clark, Lee Jones, Afrilounge + More @ Suck Me Now & Fuck Me Later – Arena Club – Berlin
Sat 21.08.10 : Audio Werner, DeWalta [Live] + More @ Meander Night – Horst Krzbrg – Berlin

Sun 22.08.10 : Marco Carola, Guido Schneider, Matthias Tanzmann, Pier Bucci [Live] + More @ Sunday Getaway Rechenzentrum / Funkpark – Berlin

Mon 23.08.10 : Daniele Papini, Hugo + More @ Noisy Glance – Club der Visionaere

Tue 24.08.10 : Johnjohn & Chopstick @ Suol Label Night – Cookies – Berlin

Wed 25.08.10 : Nico Purman, Adam Marshall, DeWalta [Live], Dario Zenker + More @ Vakant ‘Family Values’ Release Party – Watergate – Berlin
Wed 25.08.10 : Dave DK + More @ Bonito House Club – Tresor Berlin – Berlin

Thu 26.08.10 : Anja Schneider, Florian Meindl, Pan-Pot, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner + More @ Heiligenfeld # 1 – Watergate – Berlin
Thu 26.08.10 : Heartthrob & Troy Pierce Present… Square One @ Square One – Weekend – Berlin

Fri 27.08.10 : Surgeon, Shed [Live], Juno6 [Live], Sven Tasnadi + More @ Shed Record Release Party + Kann & Oh! Yeah! Nacht – Berghain/Panorama Bar – Berlin
Fri 27.08.10 : Bushwacka, Marcus Meinhardt, The Cheapers @ Yes – Watergate – Berlin
Fri 27.08.10 : Tom Clark, Daniel Dreier + More @ Betriebsfeier – Hoppetosse Boat – Berlin

Sat 28.08.10 : Scion Versions [Live] (DJ Pete & Vainqueur), Marcel Dettman, + More @ Klubnacht – Berghain/Panorama Bar – Berlin
Sat 28.08.10 : Lee Jones, Chymera, Dirt Crew @ Total Black Out – Tresor Berlin – Berlin
Sat 28.08.10 : Argy, Zander VT + More @ Clubmotoren – Watergate – Berlin
Sat 28 > Sun 29.08.10 : Mathew Jonson [Live], Ryan Crosson, Barem, Sammy Dee, Ame, Afrilounge, Tiefschwarz + More @ Luna Land Berlin – Spreepark Plänterwald

Berlin clubs:

Berghain/Panorama Bar : : RA Club Profile
://about blank : : RA Club Profile
Horst Krzbrg : : RA Club Profile
Watergate : : RA Club Profile
Tresor Berlin : : RA Club Profile
Ritter Butzke : : RA Club Profile
Arena : : RA Club Profile
Arena Club : : RA Club Profile
Badeschiff – Arena : : RA Club Profile
Hoppetosse Boat – Arena : : RA Club Profile
Cookies : : RA Club Profile
Rechenzentrum/Funkpark : : RA Club Profile
Maria am Ostbahnhof : RA Club Profile
Suicide Circus : : RA Club Profile
Bar25 : : RA Club Profile
Weekend : : RA Club Profile
Yaam : : RA Club Profile
Club der Visionaere : : RA Club Profile
Tape : : RA Club Profile

More Berlin clubs: ResidentAdvisor’s Berlin A-Z club list

July 26, 2010


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Foals - Total Life Forever

Foals – Total Life Forever

I really like this album, have listened to it non stop since it came out in May.

About the only rock/pop band stuff I listen to regularly is Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and a few other 80’s bands/songs, but this new Foals album has really impressed me, grown on me, inspired me.

I’m looking forward to seeing them play live on Wednesday night at the Manning Bar here in Sydney.

Singles from the Total Life Forever album…

More data:

July 25, 2010

Bill Bailey @ State Theatre – Sydney : 23.07.10

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Bill Bailey

We went and saw U.K. stand-up-comedian, musician, actor Bill Bailey perform live on Friday night at the State Theatre here in Sydney, and he was bloody funny! Joanne got us great seats too, about 8 rows from front stage, just left of centre.

He’s sold out a bunch of shows here in Sydney, and after seeing him, my first time, I can see why, very funny! Exactly my style of humour too.

I really enjoyed his performance, laughed a whole lot, and was entertained from start to finish. It was a great mix of dry, observational, stand-up material, and funny songs played with guitars and synths/keyboards, even a Tenori-On got put to use. I loved his Gary Numan and Kraftwerk covers, one of which somehow flowed into Last Christmas by Wham, but sung in German. He also paid out on a lot of commercial music via parody, not that familiar with a lot of the popular music/artists he paid out on.

The thing that most impressed me was how he casually dropped all these random, funny comments during his show, things like: “I’ll probably end up being one of those old nutters that yells at traffic while carrying shopping bags home” and then during his 3rd encore, he played classical piano to a short film, with contained footage of him doing everything said in all those random comments all throughout his performance, it had me in stitches, laughing till I hurt.

July 23, 2010


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Wow! I had my mind blown last night! INCEPTION is an amazing movie. Such an awesome concept for a story/movie. The buzz I got afterwards from it was like seeing The Matrix for the first time, but bigger.

Christopher Nolan has created a future sci-fi classic. Amazing CGI!

The music score by Hans Zimmer with Johnny Marr (The Smiths) is fantastic! The audio effects rattle your bones and hit you like a… freight train.

All the acting performances are superb, one of Leo’s best.

Best film I’ve seen in a long time.

More data:

iTunes video problem, fixed, solution.

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This is the broken, messed up, corrupted, pixelated, blocky, green, purple with black dots and lines video I see when I try to play any videos or video podcasts in iTunes at the moment, I can hear the audio ok, but the video is messed up.

This started after version 9 of iTunes, current version is

If I right click and select full screen when playing a video, I can actually see it fine, but it’s messed up like that above, at smaller sizes, and when played either inside iTunes or in a separate window. The same video files play fine with QuickTime, WMP11, or VNC etc.

I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3, with a ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 video card, and Catalyst 10.6 drivers.

Yeah, my gaming video card, a Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX died a few months back, I’m currently saving $ for a ATI Radeon 5970 so I can play games again properly, OS holiday is going to delay this.

I couldn’t find any mention of others with this video problem in iTunes, looking/searching on the Apple iTunes for Windows forum on the Apple site, and I’ve been Googling around for a few weeks looking for a solution.

Last night I came across a page that suggested the following for general video playback issues with iTunes on Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.

1. Close iTunes.
2. Go to Windows Control Panel (Start > Control Panel).
3. Double click QuickTime.
4. Go to the Advanced tab.
5. Remove the tick on Enable Direct3D video acceleration.
6. Select Safe mode (GDI only).
7. Click Apply, OK.
9. Reboot.

I tired it, and it worked, it fixed my problem, videos play again via iTunes. Not sure why/how this fixes the issue, or if it’s an iTunes or video drivers issue, but all is good now.

I Hope this helps someone else out there.

July 16, 2010

Ben Klock – Berghain 04 : Mix CD [Ostgut Ton]

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Ben Klock - Berghain 04 Mix CD

I bought this mix CD (as .mp3 via Beatport) recently, and I really like it, featuring minimal and techno sounds that are moody, deep, solid, hypnotic, spatial, dark, and cold, contrasted with some warm, melodic touches, and some interesting changes of intensity throughout. DJ mixing wise it’s not that interesting with just smooth blends, and some of the tracks feel like they play a bit too long, but the flow of tracks, and the overall mood the mix creates are top notch. At times it reminds me a bit of the less frantic moments of a Jeff Mills DJ set.

Stand out tracks for me, some of the more melodic moments: ‘Pressure’ by DVS1, which is the next release on the reborn Transmat label, released under artist alias Zak Khutoretsky, also ‘Miniluv’ by Martyn, ‘Compression Session 1’ by Ben Klock, and the bent sounding ‘7am Stepper’ by Kevin Gorman. My favourite track on this mix, is actually the last track, ‘Junie’ by Rolando, a really nice piece of moody, melodic, downbeat electronica, that would have been right at home on one of the early 90’s Artificial Intelligence releases on Warp, have a listen.

This mix also features ‘Nuthin Wrong’ by Tyree, a 1995 release on Dance Mania, that I’ve heard many times played by local Sydney DJs Simon Caldwell and Ken Cloud over the years, but never knew it’s title or artist, until getting this CD.

We’re planning to see Berlin’s Ben Klock play at Berghain on our holiday in Berlin next month, this gig:

14.08.10 : Ben Klock @ Klubnacht – Berghain 14.08.10

I saw him play at Berghain in 2007, he was excellent. I was also one of the few people who saw him play later that year in Sydney, at a Deep As Fu*k party at the Abercrombie Hotel, I think there were 15 people in the tiny room when he played, über intimate.


Ben Klock – Berghain 04 : Mix CD [Ostgut Ton]


01. 154 – Apricot
02. DVS1 – Pressure
03. Junior Boys – Work (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
04. Martyn – Miniluv
05. STL – Loop 04
06. Levon Vincent – The Long Life
07. Jonas Kopp – Michigan Lake
08. ACT – RoHd
09. Mikhail Breen – Veracity
10. DVS1 – Confused
11. Rolando – De Cago
12. Kevin Gorman – 7am Stepper
13. Ben Klock – Compression Session 1
14. Roman Lindau – Keppra
15. Tyree – Nuthin Wrong
16. The Echologist – Dirt (Ben Klock Edit)
17. James Ruskin – Graphic
18. Ben Klock (Feat. Elif Bicer) – Elfin Flight
19. Rolando – Junie


More data:

July 15, 2010

Next w/end…

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A couple of club gigs coming up next weekend, that I think I might check out. It will have been a month since I was last out. Deadbeat from Berlin, and U.K’s James Holden. Almost opposite ends of electronic dance music there, a nice contrast.

23.07.10 : Deadbeat [Live] @ Void – Phoenix Bar
24.07.10 : James Holden @ Chinese Laundry

This will be my first Void party, should be interesting. I’m not much of a fan of the dubstep genre, but I do like deep, spatial, minimal, dub techno sounds, and some dark electronica stuff. I heard a recent live PA set from Deadbeat that was excellent, featuring exactly those deep, minimal, dub techno sounds I like, keen for this after hearing that.

You can hear that set via the Void site:

It’s a sound I’ve been buying a lot more of lately, I really like a lot of the Marko Furstenberg stuff.

Deadbeat [Live] @ Void : 23.07.10

James Holden @ Chinese Laundry : 24.07.10

I have to say I’m not much of a fan of the new James Holden DJ Kicks mix CD, it’s a departure from the glitched, minimal, melodic sound he pioneered. I find the mix tends to drone on a bit too much for me. I heard a recent recorded live DJ mix of his though which was excellent, and covered a great range of melodic electronica and techno/minimal sounds, at times similar to the CD, but with better intensity, and variety, it sold me on wanting to see him play again, I think this will be the 5th time I’ve seen him play. He certainly plays interesting, memorable, electronic music, that is both interesting and dance-able, you won’t hear any of that bland, generic, tech-house.

July 7, 2010

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : July 2010 – August 2010

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Party! Party! Party!

Club nights/events with international techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house DJ/live acts in Sydney Australia…

I made it out to the red ones. Thoughts and comments to be posted soon.

JULY 2010…
03.07.10 : Stephan Bodzin [Live], Hugo @ The Likes Of You – The Arthouse
04.07.10 : Pepperpot @ Spice – Home Terrace
09.07.10 : Hugo @ Chemistry : PLUS ╬ 1 – Civic Underground
09.07.10 : Instra:Mental @ Index – Phoenix Bar
17.07.10 : Martin Landsky ++, Alexkid @ Redlight (Launch Party) – Plantation
18.07.10 : Alexkid @ Spice – Home Terrace
23.07.10 : Deadbeat [Live] @ Index – Phoenix Bar
23.07.10 : Scuba @ Niche Productions Present… – Civic Underground
24.07.10 : James Holden @ Chinese Laundry
26.07.10 : LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip @ Modular Touring Presents… – Hordern Pavilion
30.07.10 : Pablo Cahn @ Good Sorts : PLUS ╬ 1 – Civic Underground
31.07.10 : Pablo Cahn @ Spice – Home – Terrace

++ Martin Landsky has had to cancel his Australian gigs.

AUGUST 2010…
20.08.10 : Pezzner @ Shrug : PLUS ╬ 1 – Civic Underground
27.08.10 : Holger Zilske @ Reckless Republic : PLUS ╬ 1 – Civic Underground
28.08.10 : Shaun Reeves @ Finely Tuned Present… – Plantation / Bunker
28.08.10 : Joakim @ Adult Disco – Civic Underground
29.08.10 : Holger Zilske @ Spice – Home Terrace


That’s all for now, updates as I hear more.

Please note: I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBA = To Be Announced

If you’re after info on other techno/minimal club nights with more local flavour in Sydney, check out the Sydney Loves Techno blog.

The InTheMix – Sydney – What’s On section lists a whole range of dance/electronic music events/club nights, check it out here.

I’m not much of a fan of dubstep sounds myself, but if you’re into it, there is a crew (Void/Index) in Sydney putting on regular quality events, often with internationals, check here for more info.

Party on!

July 1, 2010

Reflections : March 2010

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I only got out to a single party/event in February, which was the fantastic live performance of Orbtial at The Forum, already covered on my blog here, so on to March…

March 2010…

Sven Väth @ Metro : 05.03.10
Photo by Ashley Mar from this gallery on

05.03.10 : Sven Väth, Dubfire @ Future Sideshow – Metro

Another year, another ‘Future Music Festival’ goes by that I don’t attend. I’m always put off by what I’ve heard about the (disrespectful) crowd of previous years, but mostly it’s because there hasn’t been enough on the line up to interest and entice me each year, and it’s such a commercial event now. I would have liked to have seen Richie Hawtin last year, had my hope on a FMF side-show, but it never happened.

So, I was happy when a FMF side-show for German techno legend Sven Väth at the Metro was announced, a chance to see him play again. And I thought I would give Iranian-American digital DJ/producer Dubfire a second chance to impress me… he didn’t.

I’ve seen ‘Papa Sven’ play a few times now over the last few years. Performing at his amazing ‘Cocoon Club’ and at his ‘Love Family Park (2007)’ event, both in Offenbach am Main (outside Frankfurt), had a lot of fun at those. The last time I saw him play was down in Melbourne in 2008, at QBH, with Gui Boratto [Live] and Steve Bug, a line-up too good to miss. I wrote about that night here.

So Papa Sven is known to party hard, and get up to all manner of crazy behaviour when he’s out DJing, giving larger than life performances, feeding off the energy and excitement of the crowd, it’s entertaining to watch. Somehow he still manages to keep it together, tight mixes and keeping the music flowing. Plus he still keeps his business head together, touring the world DJing, running his clubs, restaurants, and Cocoon club nights around the planet, running his record label, booking agency and more, it’s pretty impressive, his empire. I have to wonder if the trash-bag image is sometimes an act?

So, on this particular night, I thought he gave quite a reserved performance. I can only guess, perhaps not enough excitement and energy coming from the dance-floor, or he was tired, jet-lagged or just pacing himself. The following day he was performing at Sydney’s Future Music Festival, then more performances all around the country in the days and weeks that followed. It wasn’t a bad performance at the Metro, just not as crazy and memorable as some of the previous times I’ve enjoyed seeing him DJ, so there was a lot less focus on the fun of watching him perform. I was watching and dancing on the elevated steps in the middle of the venue, kept away from the dance-floor.

Actually not much focus on the stage at all really, four bits of illuminated, vertical, lighting truss is not much of a visual feast. I miss the days when effort was put into parties with stage displays/props, projected visuals on screens, and impressive, well thought out intelligent lighting rigs. I felt like I could count the amount of lights on one hand at this night.

But it’s all about the music… I really enjoyed the tracks Sven mixed up for the first 45 minutes or more, memorable tech-house/techno music, with a nice phonky (I hate the description ‘funky’) feel to it. Some nice melodic and tribal flavours, some big moments. Add a little more house feel to the mix, and it’s the same type of sounds he ended the last 30 minutes of his set with. I knew a few tracks here and there, but mostly it was all fresh to me. I had a fun jump around, quite a few older people in the area I danced, shared some smiles, was nice.

However, the music mixed up for the majority of his set, the middle part, was pretty banging, noisy, brash, loud, hard, relentless, and a little dull. It was techno, but the new kind of techno sound that’s popular now (check out Beatport’s techno charts). I’m not really a fan of it, it’s the ‘heard it all before’ breaks/builds in every track, full of crazy noise/white noise that really bore me, and a lot of the tracks have that shuffled feel. He played a lot of that stuff for almost the entire duration of each record too, it got a bit much, so we sat out a lot of it. Speaking of records, he’s still all vinyl only, no CDs. I knew more of these tracks as I’ve seen them listed in his Beatport charts, and on recent live set track-listings.

I’m glad he dropped back down to more melodic stuff at the end of his set, I was rapidly losing interest, as was the crowd, packed at the start, but 3/4 gone by the end, I guess a lot needed their beauty sleep for the festival the next day, and to err… allow enough time to prepare their slip on canvas shoes, short shorts and over-size tank top outfit, eugh.

Tune spotting, here’s some of the tracks he played:

Ray Okpara (Feat. Nikki) – Brainows
Electric Rescue – Crazy Purple
Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam *
Audiojack – Kicks For Kicks *
Stephen Beaupre – Lotus Eaters *
Salvatore Freda – Tiramisu (DJ Madskillz Remix)
Die Vögel – Blaue Moschee
Dustin Zahn – Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – Face Of Rejection
Steve Parker – Mexilhao
Pan-Pot – Confronted (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Remix)
Marc Marzenit – Not Assigned
Yousef – Come Home
Lucid Dream – Droeth (Dominik Eulberg Blue-Crystal Remix) *
Peter Horrevorts – Bloody Hands

* I like these tracks

Oh, almost forgot, Dubfire played at this party too, before Sven. I can sum up his set up with one word… boring! So dull, was the same track on loop for his whole set? No idea why he needs 2 x Apple MacBook laptops and those controllers for that performance. There is just no depth or memorable qualities to that type of minimal, the (younger) crowd seemed to love it though.

Luckily a good DJ friend of mine Andrew Wowk was DJing in the front room at the same time, tightly mixing up a set of dance enticing, interesting, memorable, tech-house, melodic techno and minimal music, nice one!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

06.03.10 : Jus-Ed @ Mad Racket – Marrickville Bowlo

Ended up going to this Mad Racket the following night, last minute decision, joining my mate Tad. New York’s Jus-Ed played deep, really… really… deep! Lots of deep-house, and old-school, simplistic (not minimal), prototype, stripped back, deep, techno. Some old house classics, a little disco, even a couple of 90’s commercial dance blasts from the past. He lost me at times though, it was a little erratic flow and mix wise. But, overall I enjoyed it, nice moody moments, lots of deepness, lots of quality music.

He got on the mic a few times, telling us about some of the tracks as they played which was cool, playing a lot of his own productions, should have bought his CD there.

And yes, as my mate Matt Costain pointed out, he looks a bit like Prop Joe from the Wire.

Not a very well attended Mad Racket. There was a lot on that w/end. Dance floor was quite empty a lot of the night, I think 95% of the party was outside smoking and chatting the whole night. The non-smoking thing has really messed with the Mad Racket vibe, although I like not breathing in smoke all night.

A couple of those 90’s commercial dance, blasts from the past he played…

Robin S – Show Me Love

Nightcrawlers – Push The feeling On

A bit of a story about that Nightcrawlers track. I’ve heard that track so many times. I used to hear DJ HMC play it a lot in Adelaide in my 1990’s clubbing days, but I never knew the artist or title. I love the way they have used a bit of the vocal sample as an almost percussive element.

I even heard DJ HMC play it again in Adelaide on Boxing Day at Xmas last year, at a party called Reunion at The Electric Light Hotel, that was a fun night, with Metro (Richmond Hotel – Adelaide) 1990’s crew M.C. Scott T, G.T. (Groove Terminator), and DJ HMC all playing together again, mixing up lots of classic house and techno music.

So, anyway, I didn’t get an ID on that night, or when Jus-Ed played it at Mad Racket, and put it to the back of my mind.

A few days later at work, I hear this catchy little saxophone riff coming from a work colleagues TV speakers, and quickly realise it’s the sax riff from that track, but used in some hip-hop/pop song.

Luckily the music was coming from the AirActive music application on FOXTEL (pay TV) which has text of the artist, title, record label etc. as the song plays. It was…

Pitbull – Hotel Room Service.

I look that up on and luckily the entry has mention of the samples used in that track…

Contains a sample from “Push The Feeling On” written by Hugh Branklin, Ross Campbell, John Reid & Graham Wilson

I go to You Tube, search for “Push The feeling On” and there it is, the clip above.

I love the Internet, sites like Discogs and YouTube are awesome for finding details about and clips of old, classic, music tracks/songs.

I’ve had a lot of these type of things happen in my life with music, wanted IDs coming to me, usually when I put them to the back of my mind. I’m a bit obsessed with track IDs in case you didn’t already notice.

Having a song on my mind, turning on the radio and there it was playing used to happen a lot in my youth, so much so it stopped being something freaky. Radio, that’s something I’ve not listened to for a long time now.

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