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April 30, 2010

Creamfails 2010…

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What’s all this comedy stuff, where’s the music?

Dave Clarke

Well, we’re off to Creamfields tomorrow at the Entertainment Quarter, to see techno DJ/producers: Joris Voorn, Steve Rachmad and Dave Clarke do their thing. There is a whole heap of trance, electro, hard-style, whatever (read crap) music on in other areas as well, but have no interest in any of it. Apart from Green Velvet [Live] who would be great to see again, but he’s on the same time as Dave Clarke.

Unfortunately the techno area ‘Planet Hardware’, is the couch/bus parking area alongside The Forum, which means it’s not undercover (hoping for no rain), and no doubt the sound is going to be limited volume/bass wise as has happened before with the same area being used. Why didn’t they just use The Forum? Not enough ticket sales to cover costs I’m guessing. Originally this techno area was advertised as being in the Royal Hall Of Industries, but I think they quickly realised that the 200 odd people (those there for the techno) in that massive venue would look rather empty.

Not much hype for this event, for the techno, suspect numbers are down on expectations for this event anyway, there are just too many of these ‘festival’ events, seems to be one every month.

I’m looking forward to hearing what these techno guys will be playing, but suspect everything else about this event is going to be fail, Creamfails 2010 here we come.

Wow, I sound really jaded and negative. I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable disappointment. I don’t get excited before parties anymore, have been let down too many times. I’m keeping my expectations very low for this, maybe I’ll be surprised.

Be interesting to see what Dave Clarke has to say about it all afterwards. I’m half expecting a dummy spit from him over the lack of production. Keep an eye on this…

Speaking of Dave Clarke, Mark Murphy from Spank Records did a fantastic interview with him, asking some really interesting questions, which you can feel Dave really appreciated and opened up to, check it out…

It’s been six or more years since Dave Clarke played in Sydney. I’ve seen him every time he’s played here, way back to his first visit in 1997 (thanks for the correction Matt) I think it was. My taste in electronic music has certainly mellowed since then, be interesting to see how I cope with his onslaught of banging techno compression this time round, he never gave in to the minimal wave.

See you on the dance-floor, err concrete carpark.

Lots More Laughs…

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Last Saturday night (24.04.2010) we saw Canadian stand-up comedian Jeremy Hotz at The Metro. Performing on stage in the main room, with rows of seating on what is normally the dance-floor. We’ve seen Jeremy a few times now, always enjoy his style/show. He seemed to be in a good mood (probably because it was his last show here in Australia), even breaking out of his miserable, whiny style a few times and just chatting with the audience. Not a whole lot of new material in his show, but I had a lot of great laughs.

Sunday night (25.04.2010), at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, we saw U.S (living in U.K) African-American comedian Reginald D. Hunter. This is the second time we’ve seen him, same venue last year. We decided to go see him again after enjoying his Spicks & Specks (TV show) appearance earlier in the week. We were already heading to the same venue for Russell Kane on afterwards, so it worked out well. Reginald D. Hunter was a lot more laid back and mellow than the previous time we saw him. His show focussed a lot on racism, but not in a way that felt uncomfortable to laugh about. He certainly thinks about thinks very differently, makes for some interesting and entertaining comedy. He has such a cool sounding voice too.

Russell Kane

U.K comedian Russell Kane followed, bouncing off the walls, pacing the stage, with loads of energy, lots of British style humour, comparisons between Australia and England. Lots of paying out on Gen Y, lots of self-deprecation, lots of quick witty bites. He was really fresh, probably my fave performance of this years comedy festival, the most laughs for me.

Wednesday (29.04.2010) back at The Factory Theatre to see the ‘Bulmers Best of the Edinburgh’ show, featuring U.K stand-up comedians: Carey Marx, Jason Cook and Elis James. We saw Jason Cook the other week at the Cracker Night, and thought he was great. He basically MC’d this show, as well as doing his own spot at the start. He has a very positive energy, enjoy his style of having a bunch of very funny stories on the go at the same time. Elis James followed, and is one one of the most laid back and softly spoken comedians I’ve ever seen, but certainly had some very funny moments, kinda odd though. Carey Marx was on last, with a lot of one liners and jokes, quite a few that took a few seconds to sink in (love those), a very cynical and twisted style, oh yeah and he umm, fingered a teddy bear, which was lot more funny than it sounds… you had to be there.

Have really enjoyed seeing all these comedians over the last couple of weeks, it’s been great to have a lot of laughs, excellent stress relief.

With seeing some of these guys multiple times now, you really notice that they re-use a lot of the same material. Think we might need a bit of time-out with some of them to allow for new material. It’s funny how just about all of them pay out on Adelaide (my old home town) during their sets, they all tend to play there before getting to Sydney.

Our last night of Sydney Comedy Festival events is tonight at The Metro, seeing fantastic Irish comedian David O’Doherty with his little Yamaha keyboard and his narky little songs.

April 23, 2010

Cracker Night 2010 / Eddie Ifft

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Cracker Night Sydney 2010

The comedy has begun… We saw Tom Green last Friday at the Enmore Theatre. This week, on Tuesday night (20.04.2010) we went to the Sydney Comedy Festival Opening Night Gala – Cracker Night, featuring a variety of performers from the festival. You don’t actually know who is performing until you’re there on the night.

Here’s who we saw… (In order of appearance)

MC: Tom Gleeson

The Kransky Sisters
Dom Irrera (US)
Michael Workman
Dave Bloustein
Jackie Loeb
Peter Berner
Eddie Ifft (US)
Princess Cabaret
Fiona O’Loughlin
Daniel Townes
Daniel Moore
Jason Cook (UK)
Alonzo Bodden (US)

Had some great laughs for sure, from every act, a nice variety of styles, very quick/short sets, an excellent way to discover some new comedians. I tend to prefer the UK/US comedians, but certainly got some great laughs from the Aussies too. Perth ‘goth’ comedian Micheal Workman had a great style. I love the way Daniel Townes pays out on Aussie, bogan, bra-boy culture. We really liked UK comedian Jason Cook, with his frantic style. I think we might go see him as part of the ‘Bulmer’s Best of the Edinburgh Festival’ show, with two other UK comedians, if there are still tickets.

Cracker Night was held across four venues on the same night; Enmore Theatre, The Metro, Factory Theatre and Parade Theatre. We wanted to go to the Enmore Theatre one, but tickets sold out way in advance, so we ended up at the Parade Theatre one, at N.I.D.A in Kensington, first time there, it’s a nice big space, very modern.

Here’s the full details of who played which Cracker Night, a few doing more than one venue on the night.


Eddie Ifft

Eddie Ifft

Last night, Wednesday night, we were back at the Enmore Theatre in the tiny little ad-hoc Yalumba Wine Bar venue, to see US comedian Eddie Ifft with his ‘Things I Shouldn’t Have Said…’ show.

Having seen him the night before at Cracker Night, we heard quite a bit of the same material again, but the rest of his show was great, many laughs, I dig his style. We’ve seen him a bunch of times now.

A bit of an odd venue, very bright, small and hot, small crowd took a while to get into his style.

Have had some great laughs, but nothing has got me to the point of laughing till I hurt yet, lots more comedian’s shows coming up.

More data:

April 21, 2010

Tom Green @ Enmore Theatre : 16.04.2010

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Tom Green @ Enmore Theatre : 16.04.2010

“It puts the lotion on its skin, awwww, awwww, awwww, awwww, awwww, awwww, awwww…” (and repeat 100 more times)

iPhone photo by my partner Joanne, we had front row seats, 2 seats away from centre. Scary close, luckily he didn’t do any of that pick on the audience member stuff.

Tom was very funny, and strange, very strange, but certainly entertaining. Awesome to see him doing material from his movie, Freddy Got Fingered, and from his old cable TV show The Tom Green Show, live on stage. I’m impressed so much of the audience knew all that old stuff, lots of fans. Unfortunately there was also a fair amount of loud, obnoxious, drunken, bogans in the audience who couldn’t shut up for more than a minute, which was annoying at times.

He did a lot of yelling, pulling crazy faces with bug eyes, some observational humour. Spoke about some things he’s angry about, spoke about his tour and his love of Australia, talked about his life and some of his experiences, told us about his one testicle (he’s had testicular cancer). It wasn’t a typical stand-up comedy set, but that’s never been his thing. I love the way he gets into a loop.

He did some rapping and freestyling with beats at the end of the show which was cool. Oh and he smashed an acoustic guitar (encouraged by the audience) after playing/singing some songs earlier, getting the audience to join in, he had us singing “Hey mate, let’s eat some Vegemite, tonight”. I got a piece of the smashed guitar off the edge of the stage!

It was a fun, silly show, far from deep and thought-provoking, I laughed a whole lot.

This show was also filmed for later release on DVD.

He had a great time in Australia, check out his blog, and videos…

More data:

God Vs Techno

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Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Damn that Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, messing with my techno, man! ;P

Agoria – cancelled last w/end, unable to get a flight.
Redshape [Live] – cancelled this coming w/end, unable to get a flight.

I was actually really looking forward to seeing both of these guys play here in Sydney. No doubt a bunch of other international DJs, live acts etc. probably won’t be making it to gigs in time, around the world, and to here in Australia this w/end, if they’re coming from U.K or Europe.

Thick ash clouds from eruptions of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, have been blowing into U.K and Europe air space, cancelling flights to and from the U.K and Europe, closing airports etc. It’s all over the news.

I read the abrasive ash causes all sorts of problems for jet engines, damaging fan blades, and with the temperatures jet engines run at, they can turn the ash to molten glass, causing the engine to seize up, nasty!

Fingers crossed this all clears up, and Dave Clarke, Joris Voorn, and Steve Rachmad can make it here from Amsterdam for the Creamfields tour, starting in Sydney at the end of next week.

Latest news today, the volcano is still erupting, sending out more ash clouds, a lot of flights are still cancelled, the back-log keeps growing. Airlines must be frantic to resume services.

Pretty selfish of me to complain about missing some techno because of this. I feel really sorry for all the people affected, separated from family and friends, stranded around the world, stuck in airports. Travel, transport, and business plans and activities halted. With the added pain of some traveller’s insurance not covering costs incurred of accommodation, expenses, and for other transport arrangements, because this is an ‘act of god’. I would imagine there would also be a lot of U.K and Europe post, cargo and air-freight items being held up here and there as well, not good.

April 9, 2010

The Cake Is A Lie : Happy Birthday To Me!

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Portal Cake

Yes, it’s my birthday today, Happy 39th Birthday, old man!

The Cake Is A Lie? It’s from Portal (game), as is that picture, sequal coming soon…

April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter

Check this out…

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