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October 30, 2009

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : September 2009 – October 2009

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Party! Party! Party!

So back to the party!

As you may have heard, some sh*t went down, Spice got pushed out of The Bunker and has now moved to the Kings Cross Hotel. Lost Baggage is no more, those involved are doing their own separate things now as Finely Tuned, and Reckless Republic (who have teamed up with Future Entertainment/The Likes Of You). I don’t know the full story myself. Some words about it all on ITM here. Enjoy the music, let’s dance.

Here below are some club nights/events with international techno/minimal/deep-tech-house DJ/live acts here in Sydney…

I’ve made it out to the red ones, thoughts and comments posted up soon.

05.09.09 : Omar S @ The Club Club – Chinese Laundry
06.09.09 : Omar S @ Spice – Kings Cross Hotel
06.09.09 : Mugwump (Kolombo) @ Picnic Warehouse Wonderland – Warehouse
12.09.09 : Kolombo (Mugwump) @ Kink – Nevermind
12.09.09 : Audion [Live], Oxia @ The Likes Of You – The Civic
12.09.09 : Dave Aju [Live] @ Mad Racket – Marrickville Bowlo
26.09.09 : Slam @ The Club Club – Chinese Laundry
26.09.09 : Roland Appel @ The Civic Social Club – The Civic
26.09.09 : Silicone Soul @ Musik Matters – Favela
27.09.09 : Roland Appel @ Aprés – Future Classic – Tilbury Hotel

02.10.09 : Glimpse [Live] @ HAHA Industries : Under the Radar#06 ‘Kookaburra Down’ – Warehouse
03.10.09 : Inland Knights @ Ladylux (Re-Opening Party) – Ladylux
04.10.09 : Claude VonStroke, Erol Alkan, Aeroplane, Tiga, + More @ Parklife 2009 – Centennial Park
04.10.09 : Robert Hood, Michel Cleis + More @ Finely Tuned Presents… – The Cross
04.10.09 : Johnny D, Butch @ The Likes Of You – The Civic
05.10.09 : Johnny D @ Spice – Kings Cross Hotel
10.10.09 : Luca Bacchetti @ Ladylux – Ladylux
17.10.09 : DJ Hell @ Sneakerpeeps – The Metro
18.10.09 : DJ Hell @ The Bunker – Bunker Bar
18.10.09 : DJ Pierre @ The Bunker (1pm) – Bunker Bar
18.10.09 : Chris Duckenfield @ Hugo’s Lounge
24.10.09 : Chris Duckenfield @ Mad Racket “A Bingo, Bowls ‘n’ Beats” (11th Birthday) – Marrickville Bowlo
24.10.09 : Will Saul @ The Club Club – Chinese Laundry
25.10.09 : Chris Duckenfield @ B-Side – Berressford Hotel
25.10.09 : Will Saul @ Aprés – Future Classic – Tilbury Hotel
30.10.09 : Dicky Trisco @ Picnic Social – GoodGod Small Club (La Campana)

If you’re after info on other techno/minimal club nights with more local flavour in Sydney, check out the Sydney Loves Techno blog.

Also, the InTheMix – Sydney – What’s On section lists a whole range of electronic music events/club nights, check it out here.

October 13, 2009

Vegemite iSnack 2.0

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Vegemite iSnack 2.0

I’ve been eating Vegemite spread on toast (with butter) all my life, at least a few times every week. I had some this morning infact. I even took some away with me on holiday to the U.S.A last month too, that’s how dedicated to it I am. I didn’t want a repeat of the Vegemite withdrawals I had during my Europe holiday in 2007.

So, it’s all over the web… How could Kraft chose iSnack 2.0 as the winner for the ‘Name Me…’ competition, for the new cheese variety of Vegemite? It’s so lame.

It has certainly generated a lot of talk and media attention, all focused on the horrible name though. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s all a big P.R stunt. I wonder what it tastes like? I’ve never liked/understood the Vegemite with cheese thing myself.

** EDIT ** 07/10/2009

So with all that media attention, and public dissatisfaction, last week, Kraft dropped the iSnack 2.0 name, and asked the public to vote from one of the following (much more suitable/better) names… My vote is for Cheesybite.

Vegemite Cheesybite
Vegemite Smooth
Vegemite Vegemate
Vegemite Snackmate
Vegemite Vegemild
Vegemite Creamymate

And today we have a winner… Vegemite Cheesybite it is! Although, thinking about it some more, calling it Cheesybite, for a smoother, creamy cheese version of Vegemite doesn’t really make sense.

Read more…,27753,26177222-462,00.html

I’m still yet to taste this, I bought one of the ‘name me’ jars last week, having a quick look/smell I think I’ll be sticking to the original. I’ll report back on how it tastes.

** EDIT ** 13/10/2009

So I tried some of the new variety ‘Name Me…’ Vegemite, soon to be released as Cheesybite and… I don’t like it. It doesn’t have that salty bite/edge the original Vegemite has, which I think is what I most enjoy about it. I’m put off by the poo brown colour of the new variety, and it’s nowhere near as thick, sticky as the original. The new stuff spreads easier, but it feels/looks like spreading Nutella, which I’ve never been a fan of. So, I’m sticking with the original, and best!

October 9, 2009

World’s Funniest Island – Cockatoo Island Sydney 17-18 October

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So this comedy event is coming in a couple of weeks. We’ve got tickets to the Saturday show. I’m looking forward to Alexei Sayle! It should be a blast!

World's Funniest Island Comedy Festival 2009


The Goodies
Alexei Sayle
Arj Barker

…Plus a whole boat load of Australian comedic talents…
Nick Sun, Austen Tayshus, Heath Franklin’s Chopper, Akmal, Jimeoin, Tommy Dean, The Chaser’s Andrew Hansen & Julian Morrow, Anthony Ackroyd and a heap more!

More info:

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