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May 7, 2009


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Jeremy Hotz
Jeremy Hotz

Joanne and I have been laughing till we had tears in our eyes and pains in our side! We’ve been seeing some comedians perform during the…

Sydney Comedy Festival 2009 (27th April – 17th May 2009)

So far we’ve seen the very chirpy, Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy, with lots of funny stories about his travels and adventures around Australia, perform at the Enmore Theatre. The next night we saw the hilarious Canadian comedian Jeremy Hotz, with his fantastic, miserable, self loathing, whinging and complaining style, perform at the Factory Theatre. I would have to say he’s probably now my favourite comedian, pushing Arj Barker out of my number one spot.

Coming up, we’re going to see UK/USA comedian Reginald D. Hunter and if there’s time afterwards, we might see what Australian/Chinese comedian Nick Sun is up to.

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