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February 24, 2009

What’s happening this w/end?

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Future Music Festival 2009 @ Randwick RacecourseFuture Music Festival 2009 After Party @ Arthouse

Italoboyz @ Kink : 28.02.2009

February 22, 2009

Depeche Mode – Wrong

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Worldwide debut performance of Depeche Mode – ‘Wrong’ (1st single from forthcoming album ‘Sounds Of The Universe’) at Echo Awards 2009 in Germany, last night!

Awesome! I really like this!

February 21, 2009

This w/end?

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Maetrik [Live] @ Sex With Bass - Deep As Funk - Warehouse : 21.02.2009Tim Green @ Kink - Nevermind : 21.02.2009

John Selway @ Spice - The Bunker : 22.02.2009

February 13, 2009

What’s happening this w/end?

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Todd Terje @ Discoasis - Nevermind : 13.02.2009Tim Green & Heidi @ Lost Baggage - The Cross : 14.02.2009

Manuel Tur @ Bread & Butter - LadyLux : 14.02.2009Kevin Griffiths @ Kink - Nevermind : 14.02.2009

February 10, 2009

Depeche Mode

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Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode announces April 21 for the release of ‘Sounds Of The Universe’

‘Sounds Of The Universe’ track-listing:

01. In Chains
02. Hole To Feed
03. Wrong
04. Fragile Tension
05. Little Soul
06. In Sympathy
07. Peace
08. Come Back
09. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

Depeche Mode will premiere 1st single ‘Wrong’ at the Echo Awards in Germany, February 21.

German national public TV station Das Erste (ARD) will broadcast the ECHO 2009 on the 21st February from 8:15 pm.

February 9, 2009

Stimming – Reflections

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One of my fave producers last year… Stimming from Hamburg, has a new album coming out in March on the Diynamic label… Reflections.

And even more exciting news, he’s coming to Australia, and playing Sydney in late April! Awesome!

Stimming - Reflections LP

Stimming – Reflections

01. Sunday Morning
02. After Eight
03. Song for Isabelle
04. Fruits of Life
05. Silver Surfer
06. One Weekend
07. The Loneliness
08. Tel Aviv Calling
09. The Beauty
10. Sleep On
11. The Kiss

You can hear audio samples here:

Artice about the album from

Hamburg-based producer Martin Stimming makes his LP his debut on the ever consistent Diynamic imprint this Spring with ‘Reflections’, an album based around specific stories expressed through 11 brand new tracks.

Like Diynamic itself, Stimming has had a massive impact on house music in just a few years via releases for Liebe*Details, Freerange, Buzzin Fly as well as Diynamic, and the quality of ‘Reflections’ sums up why the impact has been so swift.

As with previous material, Stimming imbibes ‘Reflections’ with a thoroughly modern house feeling laced with jazz and real depth of both emotion and sound via a mix of field recordings, live instrumentation and electronic wizardry. Shock, contrast and fresh outlooks are abound on ‘Reflections’, where Stimming uses tracks such as opener ‘Sunday Morning’ to lull the listener into a groove before hitting them with epic, almost orchestral slaps. Tried and tested house music influences are given new, skewed interpretations on cuts such as the drunken dub of ‘Song for Isabelle’ and Eastern-European folk-house of ‘Silver Surfer’ while even more straightforward house templates in ‘After Eight’ and ‘One Weekend’ still sound totally unique and refreshing.

‘Reflections’ see’s the SAE trained producer tackle vocals for the first time with ‘The Loneliness’, a bittersweet yet rousing piece which intertwines organic elements with electronic sounds seamlessly. (See YouTube clip below)

Those seeking Stimming anthems which have thus far propelled the artists career won’t be disappointed either as there’s plenty. Whether it be the Detroit-y ‘The Beauty’ or the lush melodic closer ‘The Kiss’, dancefloors will surely buckle. A true journey, ‘Reflections’ ebbs and flows wonderfully with jaw-dropping production allowing Stimming to create some outstanding fusions of styles and moods.

The unmissable ‘Reflections’ by Stimming is release on Diynamic in March 2009

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February 8, 2009

These made me laugh…

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By eclectech spotted on

February 1, 2009

John Tejada – The Open [Fractals EP]

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John Tejada - Fractals

My fave track/song at this very moment… John Tejada – The Open, from the Fractals EP on his Palette Recordings label.

Check out this great article about John Tejada and his studio, production methods…

John Tejada - Machine Love

Resident Advisor : John Tejada : Machine Love

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