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October 23, 2008


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We’ve had some very hot single days over the past few weeks, with temperatures around the 30-35 degrees (celicus) range. Yesterday the temperature sat around a low 11 degrees (celcius) all day, cold, wet and windy, up in the Blue Mountains it even snowed!

SMH: Sydney’s coldest October day for 30 years
SMH: Snow falls in NSW

Crazy weather we’re having this Spring, one day it feels like Summer, the next day it’s like we’re back in Winter again.

October 10, 2008

Depeche Mode in 2009!

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Depeche Mode

My fave band for almost 20 years and I’ve never seen them perform live in the flesh.

I’m not sure if they ever performed in Adelaide South Australia, where I lived before moving to Sydney in late 1994. I think Depeche Mode’s last visit to Australia was in early 1994.

Awesome news! They’re doing a world tour in 2009… Tour Of The Universe! A new album in the works too.

I’m going to see them this time, even if it means travelling OS. I wish I got to see them in the 80’s or 90’s. I wonder if they will ever return to Australia?

Stuck in front of the TV

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Retro TV

There’s been a lot of TV watching going on the last couple of weeks.

Breaking Bad
The Office (US)
The Riches
In Treatment
House MD
Little Britain USA
30 Rock
Pushing Daisies

Some really great television IMHO. Fantastic shows, much thanks to FOXTEL’s Showcase channel for introducing us to many of these. So many US shows, so many HBO shows! What’s going on?

It’s really disappointing that The Riches looks like it’s not going to be continued, with everything being left completely up in the air at the end of a very short season 2, writers strike and all that. Breaking Bad has been awesome, looking forward to more in 2009. I’m quite impressed with In Treatment so far, which has just started, great intensity.

Very happy that Dexter is back in action. Entourage is rocking again, Ari owns! He was on fire in the first episode of season 5. Little Britain USA has got a few laughs, more of the same, but with a US focus and accents. I think it’s been dumbed down a lot for America, the obvious ‘you should laugh here/this is the funny bit’ canned laughter is a bit much.

More 30 Rock coming in late October, woo Liz Lemon! I’ve decided I actually like the US version of The Office better than the original UK one now, more laughs, less cringe. I hope Wilson hasn’t left House MD. The P.I. looks like he’s going to become a regular new character.

Pushing Daisies is creepy and cute, and feels/looks like a Tim Burton movie. The narration reminds me a bit of the original TV series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

I’ve never had this many interesting/entertaining TV shows to watch all at the same time, ever in my life before! I’m loving that technology allows me to watch them when I choose to.

Couch potato!

October 9, 2008

All about the music…

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These are the young people that go to music festivals (Parklife) in Sydney these days.

As you can see, it’s all about the music, it’s not about following the masses, or being seen in the scene, or how you look, or what you wear, or wearing the same as everyone else, or bringing attention to yourself…

Those ‘trendy’ white, thin, slip on, canvas shoes, with next to no sole (soul?) that every guy and his dog seems to be wearing these days must be so comfortable for dancing in for hours. Totally suitable for mud and wet grass at outdoor festivals. Great for filthy dance-floors, covered in spilt drinks and broken glass. It’s a good thing no one steps on your feet when you’re amongst 1000’s of messy people crammed together dancing too. I must rush off to Rabens and buy some right now.

I think my heavy sarcasm meter just busted.

Yep, I’ve reached the age where almost everything about younger people annoys me. I’m double the age of new club/party kids now. Argh.

Love Jaded David.

October 8, 2008

Paul Ritch @ Lost Baggage 1st Birthday – The Cross : 05.10.08

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Lost Baggage 1st Birthday

French, minimal techno producer Paul Ritch was awesome! He played out of an Apple laptop, guessing he was using Ableton Live with some kind of external MIDI controller. I couldn’t get close enough to see, too many people, and was too into the music to care! I’m not clear if he was playing only his own stuff (a live set), although it wasn’t hyped as a ‘live set’, or if he was just doing a computer based ‘DJ’ mix/set of his own and other people’s productions.

Paul Ritch

It was all solid maximal, minimal, techno, throbbing beats and bass, heavily shuffled 606 toms, and spun out/white noise breaks/builds. It all had a great intensity. I didn’t know much of what he played at the time. After checking out more of his productions and remixes afterwards on Beatport, and via his Quartz Music MySpace, I’m pretty sure I heard/remember him playing his tracks: Split, Walk The Line, Aquarel, Winter Ceremony, Nordbanhof and his remixes of Shonky’s – Time Zero, Bloody Mary & Sierra Sam’s – Day Light, and Kabuto & Koji’s – Butterfly, to name a few.

They had him playing in the smaller side room (Bump Lounge) of The Cross, which has much better sound than the main room anyway, all good, but, only problem is, it was rammed full, you couldn’t get in/out very easily. It was such a busy, sweaty party, well, apart from the disco bunker which everyone seemed to forget about on the night, or so I heard, probably empty until Spice started up. Tad was dissapointed the advertised Unabombers didn’t show. Usual deal with the messy, rude crowd, spilt drinks, bashed into, no apologies etc. I set myself on /ignore. I’m surprised so many people get into the dress up themes of these nights, there were circus freaks/clowns everywhere. I really didn’t take much notice of who else played, or what they played. Yousuf played the main room, same time as Paul Ritch was on. My ears did prick up not long after arriving hearing Miss Fitz – Colici (Sascha Dive Remix), Lee Jones – Safari (Stimming Remix) and Tiefschwarz – Liquid Cherries. Was really only there for and during Paul Ritch’s set. It was a fun night, I lost my baggage! Happy 1st Birthday!

The next Lost Baggage party coming up, in November has Shonky, Style Of Eye and more, should be fun.

October 3, 2008


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Sun Drawing

It’s currently 35c degrees!

October 1, 2008


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