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August 27, 2008

A new mix! Download it now…

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I’ve been talking about posting up a new DJ mix for a long time. Well, I’ve finally done a new one.

This was recorded whilst I was cleaning up around the apartment last Saturday, so we’re talking long, evolving tracks joined with outro/intro mixes, nothing special there, unattentive mixing? Anyway, I’m quite happy with the flow of sounds. It turned out well considering I didn’t pre-plan this mix. It’s a bit heavy on the Stimming productions, but he is one of my favourite producers currently, along with Solomun.

Music is on the deep, melodic, epic, emotion stirring side of house, deep-house, minimal, tech-house, what ever you want to call it. Lots of realistic strings (hence the title) as well as brass sounds, it’s almost classical music with beats at times.

I’m not going to label this as a decoded_ mix, it’s musically very different from where I last left decoded_.

Will there ever be a decoded_ show 50?

Anyway, I hope you like this mix, it’s been on high rotation on my iPod the last few days, sit back and enjoy.

Ruth Bush - Cello Extraordinaire

DJ Dave McCann : Connected With Strings, Mix – Part 1

Philip Sherburne – Milk & Honey [Lan Muzic]
D Dub – Deep Blue [Takt]
Stimming – Danke [Buzzin’ Fly]
Stimming – Kleine Nachtmusik [Buzzin’ Fly]
H.O.S.H. – White Elephant [Kindisch]
Christian Prommer’s DrumLesson – Around The World (Solomun Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Holunderbaum [Musik Gewinnt Freunde]
Solomun – Don’t Cry [Compost]
Patrice Baumel – Clair [Get Physical Music]
Stimming – Getting Out Of Something [Diynamic]

dj_dave_mccann_connected_with_strings_mix_part1_august2008.mp3 (right click save as)

Here’s a link to a great article on ResidentAdvisor, about Hamburg’s Diynamic label, which features artists such as Stimming, H.O.S.H., and Solomun, and has that classical concert hall meets dance-floor sound on many of their releases.

August 26, 2008

Mad Racket… Is back! Marrickville Bowlo : 06.09.2008

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Mad Racket : Even More

(Click for bigger/clearer version)

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August 13, 2008

Studio Electronics – Orion Galaxy Omega 8 Synth

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Studio Electronics - Orion Galaxy Omega 8 Synth

Wow, how cool does this hardware synth look?!?!

Inspired by Stanley Kubrik, 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of my all time favourite films.

More data:

I saw it on this very cool music production blog/site that I just stumbled across:

August 8, 2008

08/08/08 08:08:08

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08/08/08 08:08:08

Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

Want some TR-808 fun? Check out this awesome Java music making app, with a 909, 808, 2 x 303s, a bunch of stomp pedals and a channel mixer, wire it all up as you please, all in your web browser… Hours of fun!

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