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July 30, 2008

DJ Dave McCann @ Subservice : The Bunker : 02.08.08

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Another DJ gig for me this w/end, as guest at Subservice, playing support to Melbourne’s Stuart McKeown. With Subservice DJs Dave Nolan and Den Williams.

Subservice 02.08.08

Where: The Bunker (24 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross – Under the Bourbon)
$10 before 12 *
$15 after

* Message me if you would like free/cheap entry.

Set Times:

1000-1100 – Den Williams & Dave Nolan
1100-0100 – Dave McCann
0100-0300 – Stuart Mckeown
0300-Close – Den Williams & Dave Nolan

More data:

Hope to see you there.

Edit : 03.10.2008

Here’s what I remember playing…

Nick Curly – On My Way (Ali Nassar Remix)
Stimming – Kleine Nachtmusik
The Asphalt – 8 Mile Road (Sascha Dive Mix)
Stimming & Solomun – Feuervogel
Johnny D – Soleil (Delete Remix)
Daniel Mehlhart – Wach Werden
Milton Jackson – Cycles
Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn remix)
Lee Jones – Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)
Patrice Baumel – Clair
Sebo K – Far Out
A’roz & Leo Fernandez – Que Silos Ejercicios (Baffa Rework)
Tiger Stripes – Survivor
Motorcity Soul – Aura (Jimpster Remix)
Solomun – International Hustle
John Tejada – Raindrops
Delete – Black Mamba
Andrew Technique – Dream On
Rodriguez Jr. – Rubbo Swingo
Martin Donah – Akvedent
Daniele Papini – Church Of Nonsense
Suedmilch – Hakuna (Kanio Bing Bong Mix)
Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Danton Eeprom Vocal Mix)
Maetrik – Sex With Bass

July 24, 2008

Stephen K Amos @ Enmore Theatre : 23.07.2008

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Stephen K Amos

We went and saw British stand up comedian Stephen K Amos tonight.

Awesome laughs, very funny. My face aches from laughing so much. Great gig!

July 21, 2008


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Some of the minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house, techno type music I’m enjoying listening to and mixing up at the moment, in no particular order…

Bring the warmth…

Kirsch & Dubnitzky – Masala (Marek Hemmann Remix) [Glueckskind Schallplatten]
Patrice Baumel – Clair [Get Physical Music]
Chic Miniature – Escandalo [Crosstown Rebels]
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Holunderbaum [Musik Gewinnt Freunde]
Stimming – Kleine Nachtmusic [Buzzin’ Fly Records]
Solomun – Small Talk (Jimpster Remix) [Diynamic]
Nick Curly – On My Way (Ali Nasser Remix) [Supernature]
Motorcitysoul & Jimpster – Aura (Jimpster Remix) [Das Modular]
H.O.S.H. – White Elephant [Get Physical Music]
Tiger Stripes – Survivor [Get Physical Music]
Stimming – Getting Out Of Something [Diynamic]
Lee Jones – Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix) [Aus Music]

Bring the noise…

Ilario Alicante & Delete – Going Straight To Caracas [Discos De Lata]
Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Danton Eeprom Vocal Mix) [Rekids]
Maetrik – Sex With Bass [Mothership]
Rodriguez Jr. – Rubbo Swingo [Leena Music]
Danton Eeprom – Face Control [Fondation Records]
Gamal Kabar – The Filth [Poker Flat Recordings]
Kaiser Souzai & Nudisco – Kaiserdisco [Hi-Freaks Ltd.]
Patrice Baumel – Comfortably Uncomfortable [Get Physical Music]
Martin Donath – Akvedukt [Dekadent Schallplatten]
Mike Shannon – The Love Fry (Raw Mix) [Plus 8 Records]
Andrew Technique – Dream On [Circle]
Moscow Fighting – Subb-an [Immigrant]
Daniele Papini – Church Of Nonsense [Alchemy]

You’ll probably hear a few of these this Saturday if you come along to my gig…

MIDI In The City @ UTS (Loft Bar) : Saturday 26.07.08 : I’m playing 12am-1am.

MIDI In The City 26.07.2008 Flyer

(Click for bigger/clearer version)

Hope to see you there.

Edit : 03.10.2008

Here’s what I remember playing at the MIDI In The City gig…

Chymera – Umbrella (Beatless)
Lee Jones – Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)
Patrice Baumel – Clair
Tiger Stripes – Survivor
Joris Vorn – The Deep (Jimpster Remix)
Dub Taylor – Beauty & Beast (Nudisco Remix)
Kaiser Souzai & Nudisco – Kaiserdisco
Gamal Kabar – The Filth
Sani – Long Island (Greenbeam & Leon Remix)
Subb-an – Moscow Fighting
Rodriguez Jr. – Rubbo Swingo
Lucio Aquillina – Magic M
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Holunderbaum

July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

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Heath Ledger (R.I.P) as The Joker - The Dark Knight

Now, that’s an awesome movie! 5/5.

You did a fantastic job as The Joker, it’s a real shame you’re not with us anymore, R.I.P Heath.

July 17, 2008

Stimming [Live] – Resident Advisor Podcast RA.111

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Stimming [Live] - Resident Advisor Podcast RA.111

One of my favourite minimal, tech-house, deep-house producers at the moment Stimming from Hamburg, is the next featured artist on the Resident Advisor podcast series. Usually these are DJ sets, however we’re treated to a live set of all Stimming productions. Sweet!

01. Lee Jones – Safari (Stimming Mix) – Aus Music
02. Stimming – Una Pena – Diynamic
03. Stimming – The Anger – Liebe*Detail
04. Stimming – The Beauty – Unreleased
05. Stimming – Saibot – Unreleased
06. Stimming – Danke – Buzzin’ Fly
07. Stimming & H.O.S.H. – Radar – Diynamic
08. Dan Berkson & James What – Keep On (Stimming Mix) – Dessous

Interview and more info…

July 16, 2008

Traktor Scratch

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Native Instruments - Traktor Scratch

I finally own Traktor Scratch, I can now mix (DJ) up all the mp3s via our vinyl turntables. Awesome!

July 15, 2008

DJ Dave McCann : Coming DJ sets…

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26.07.2008 : MIDI In The City @ UTS – Loft Bar
02.08.2008 : Subservice @ The Bunker
26.09.2008 : BIG TROUBLE @ Chinese Laundry

I’ll have Traktor Scratch very shortly too. Let the fun begin!

I hope to have some new mixes up on-line soon. You can check out mp3s (music only mixes) and play-lists from all my decoded_ Internet radio shows from 2005-2007 here…

Can’t get you out of my head…

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I woke up this morning with the sound of a fluffy, bouncy, melodic techno track cycling in my mind, but… I couldn’t remember the artist or title.

It was making me feel a little frustrated and I couldn’t start my day properly until I found out what it was, and listened to it, to clear my mind. So, whilst eating breakfast I searched through my mp3 collection, thinking it sounds very Minilogue, Mathew Jonson or perhaps it’s something on the Wagon Repair label.

I found it! I wasn’t far off…

Cobblestone Jazz – W from the Cocoon G Compilation last year.

V/A - Cocoon G Compilation CD/LP

Now what’s really strange is, I don’t have this track on my iPod, it’s not a track I listen to often. I have that Cocoon G Compilation CD it’s featured on, but have not really listened to that much since buying it in Frankfurt about 13 months ago.

I guess it’s possible my friend Ant could have played it on the w/end at our friend’s party, and perhaps that’s where I heard it recently. But I don’t think he did play it.

I have been remembering and thinking about Germany, Frankfurt, Cocoon etc. a lot over the last few weeks, remembering our Europe holiday this time last year, sorry to keep going on about it. I was listening to tracks off the new Cocoon H Compilation on Beatport last night, so maybe that all triggered off some faint memory, that somehow links back to this track.

V/A - Cocoon H Compilation CD/LP

I put Cobblestone Jazz – W on my iPod and listened to it on the way to work this morning, ahhh I feel better now. It’s a really nice track, very memorable sounds. I should listen to it, and play it more often.

Thanks for reminding me of this track brain. Can we play this game again tomorrow morning?

Speaking of Mathew Jonson I’d love to see him play live again, he was awesome last time. He’s a really nice guy too, Joanne and I had a great chat with him in Barcelona last year outside the Minus party at City Hall in the wee hours of Monday morning.

July 10, 2008

The Pube w/ Akufen @ The Civic Underground : 25.07.2008

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This looks like it will be a fun party…

(Click for bigger/clearer version)

Minimal Fuss & Ball Scratch present:


FRIDAY 25th JULY 2008

Guardian of The Pube, Le Brond has released the following statement:

“Discovered in a Kings Cross public toilet, its origins remain unclear and it seems to have been created by genitals far larger than our own. What is apparent is that The Pube is a highly advanced device that responds positively to pubic regions and interacts accordingly”

The first instalment of The Pube events features long time collaborators Declan Lee, Matt Aubusson, Dave Choe and Le Brond and to launch this special series we’ve invited a special guest to enter our pubic region…

Akufen [Musique-Risquée / Perlon / Horror Inc]

More info:

BTW, this is a piss take of the whole Minus, Cube, Contakt Events thing…


This is going to be Pubercoolische!

PS: The following night Charles Webster is playing the Civic Underground too, more info here.

July 4, 2008

Heartthrob – Dear Painter, Paint Me LP [Minus]

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Heartthrob - Dear Painter, Paint Me LP [Minus]

Just when I thought I was over the Minus sound…

Heartthrob – Dear Painter, Paint Me LP [Minus]

Wow, there are some really cool sounds on this. I like the tracks ‘Slow-Dance’ and ‘Interference’ the most so far, the others are quickly growing on me.

More info and samples:

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