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June 26, 2008

Gamal Kabar – The Filth [Poker Flat (White) Recordings]

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Gamal Kabar - The Filth [Poker Flat (White) Recordings]

Gamal Kabar – The Filth [Poker Flat (White) Recordings]

I bought this on Beatport the other night, but it seems to have been taken off shortly after. I think I managed to buy something that wasn’t intended to be available for purchase so soon.

The title cut The Filth is a killer track. Totally my favourite track right at this moment. Off-beat hats and ticks, a kick, and a truncated open hi-hat is the simplistic, solid, rigid, beat pattern moved along by a throbbing sub-bass, all creating a hypnotic, deep groove. Melodic type interest comes from a catchy little pattern of layered, stabbing, ripping, modulated, acidic synthetics, rising and falling in pitch, with the lines going against each other, and tripping in pitch during the beatless and bassless break-down, then the beats and bass kick back in. Yum! There are also some clever minimalistic effects bubbling away at the edges, just above the noise floor. It’s all so simple, yet so effective. I would have liked to have heard the top end sizzle of a 909 ride pattern add to the intensity later in the track, but perhaps that’s too old-school/formula these days. In saying all this, it’s a good track, it’s not the best track ever, but I think it works really well. It’s almost something you would expect to hear from the M_nus label/crew. I can’t wait to hear this out on a decent system.

This is the 4th white Poker Flat Recordings release. I have to admit I’ve been a little dissapointed with the last bunch of Poker Flat Recordings releases, and have not bought that many, a track here and there. Still yet to check out the Argy album properly though. I used to buy every Poker Flat Recordings release on vinyl without fail a few years back, it was my favourite label for a while there too. I’m still a big fan of Steve Bug DJ sets though.

More data on this release…

In a way The Filth reminds me a bit of DJ HMC – 6am [Undefined], with it’s repetitive, solid, sub-bass and beats, rigid backing, with a ripping acidic 303 sound on top. One of my all time favourite acid/techno tracks. I was very lucky to grow up in Adelaide’s techno scene in the early-mid 1990’s hearing DJ HMC regularly.

Speaking of music… some other tracks I’m enjoying at the moment…

Chic Miniature – Excandalo [Crosstown Rebels]
Subb-an – Moscow Fighting [Immigrant]
Lauhaus – Downunder [Intacto]
Andrew Technique – Dream On [Circle]
James Unk – Glitch Control (Paco Osuna Remix) [Lessizmore]
Einmusik & Stimming – Magdalena [Diynamic]
Stimming – Kleine Nachmusik [Buzzin’ Fly]
Dakar – I’ve Got That Feeling [Get Physical Music]
Tiger Stripes – Survivior [Get Physical Music]
Ripperton & Alex Attias – The Last Hour (Redshape Laser Mix) [Ann Aimee]
Ellen Allien & Apparat – Rotary [BPitch Control]
Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr – Run 0 [Plus 8]
Manuel Tur – Vabanque (Stimming Remix) [Freerange]
Joris Voorn – The Deep (Jimpster Remix) [Blank]

Quite a mix up of minimal/techno/tech-house and tech/deep-house sounds there. A couple of old/older releases too. Yes, quite a few Stimming works there, I really dig his productions.

I can’t believe I’ve only just come across that Survivior track, a catchy little number! Have heard that out a lot this year. One of those tracks that always sounded familiar, but never knew.

Yes, Tad… I know the I’ve Got That Feeling track has vocals, and I usually complain about vocals in tracks, but for some reason I really like this track.

June 25, 2008


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Retro TV

Hooray! Finally! We can now buy TV show episodes for our iPods on the iTunes Australian site… Not much to chose from though, and it all looks like stuff that has already been aired on Australian TV, no surprises there. Could be fun to get some South Park episodes though.

More on the story…

June 19, 2008

Weekend full of dancing…

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I still need to blog about my w/end full of dancing a couple of weekends ago. Going to 3 events, a side-show, We Love Sounds Winter Festival, and the after party. Featuring the likes of… Dubfire, Stephan Bodzin, Ellen Allien, Gaiser, Marc Houle, Lindstrom and more… More on all that soon.

John Tejada – Where LP

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John Tejada - Where

The new John Tejada album ‘Where’ is out, and it has some very nice sounds indeed, his 11th album, and the 50th Palette release. 10 tracks…

01: Feel It
02: Moogbits
03: Raindrops
04: Turning Point
05: Desire
06: Torque
07: Pivot
08: Labyrinth
09: When
10: La Mer

Have a listen to samples at the link below… I think it will be a week or two, until it’s up on Beatport for digital purchase, seems to be the way with Palette releases.

I’ve not bought anything on vinyl for at least 10 months, But I thought it was worth buying (supporting) this 2 x 12″ release, adding it to my collection of Palette 12″ vinyl records.

It’s quite possibly the last vinyl release I’ll ever buy. I should be selling my vinyl not buying more.

June 16, 2008

Cameron stands transfixed…

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I love this scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Film).

I’ve seen that painting, George Seurat’s – “Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte” in real life too, during a high-school art gallery exhibition excursion in Adelaide in the late 1980s. I don’t think I made the connection between the painting and the film at the time though.

June 6, 2008

I wanna be on holiday again :( *sad*

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Wow, this coming w/end, a year ago, Joanne and I were heading off on our 6 week European holiday…

Has a year gone by already? That’s gone by way too fast!

Hrmm, I’ve found that the ‘this time last year I was…’ thinking hurts much more than the ‘holiday is over, back at work’ depression, that hits you not long after the excitement of being home, sleeping in your own bed, and catching up with all your missed friends, has faded. I should add eating Vegemite to that too, I really missed it, craved it, when I was away. Won’t be leaving without it next time… Such an Aussie huh!

Patatas Bravas

Yum, Patatas Bravas!

We’ll have to drink some Sangria, and eat some tapas this w/end to remember the good times in Barcelona a year ago. It was crazy and hectic at the time, but I really miss the place now.

We’re off to Catalonia on Saturday night. Yum!

Certainly won’t be as hot outside though. It was fun to be able to skip Sydney’s winter last year. No avoiding it this year.

June 4, 2008

EXKLUSIVE BERLINER – LAUNCH : 27.06.08 @ The Cross

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I just came across and add for this in 3D World this week…

Exklusive Berliner - Launch

Peter Becker Label presents a series of live performance of minimal techno and other forms of contemporary and fresh innovative sounds from artists of BERLIN


27.06.08 @ The Cross

Ion Ludwig [Live] (Berlin)
DJ YokoO (Strasbourg, France)

Local support…
Shades Of Gray [Live] (Beef Records)
Jamie Lloyd (Future Classic)
Schwa & RIFRAF (Deep As Fu*k)

Free before 12, $25 after, guestlist $15

More data…

Yay! Some more Berlin minimal/techno in Sydney. I’ve bought a few Ion Ludwig releases too, would be keen to check him out.

June 3, 2008

Gaiser [Live], Marc Houle [Live] @ Lost Baggage – The Cross : 31.05.2008

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Jon Gaiser

Another month, another Lost Baggage party…

Yay, I finally got to see Gaiser play live, and… he was awesome! I’m a big fan of his minimal/techno productions, have bought many over the last couple of years. He didn’t disappoint live, a lot more intensity than I was expecting, which was great, a lot more thump, less spaced out minimalism, he rocked the dance floor. Can’t wait to hear him again on Sunday.

Check him out:

This was the 4th time I’ve seen Marc Houle live over the last 11 months. He was playing at many of the European parties/festivals we were at last year. He’s good, but I’m not so into the repetitive bleepiness he does now. I much prefer his earlier, original sounds/tracks, which unfortunately he didn’t play much of. It was cool to hear ‘Techno Vocals’ and the 12″ flip ‘On It’ played live, but they are far from my fave productions of his. I was surprised and disappointed not to hear ‘Bay Of Figs’ played last, as were many other fans there, maybe he’ll play it at one of the Sunday gigs.

We made a special effort to get to the party early to support friend and fellow techno, chin stroker, local DJ Andrew Wowk, who played warm-up for the main room. He played a fantastic set, I knew/have many of the tracks he played. Nice one Wowky!

German now currently Sydney based Bjorn Wilke followed, and played on the more house/tech-house side of minimal this time. I wasn’t really paying much attention though, having fun and catching up with friends at the time.

Caught the last track of local James TT playing in the bump lounge/side room, which was an awesome track, he IDd it for me: Dub Taylor – ‘Beauty And Beast (Nudisco Remix)’ I’m a sucker for anything with strings like that. I didn’t get to hear much of my fave local DJs Dave Choe and Matt Aubusson of Minimal Fuss, who followed, as they were playing the same time as the Minus guys started up in the main room.

I did my best to not let the lack of cloak room (it’s getting cold out here), expensive $ drinks, and the typical rude and trashy crowd you find at Lost Baggage/The Cross bother me.

It’s always funny watching the less music/techno focused punters of the crowd, clearly drawn there by hype, or stumbled in from Kings Cross mass up when the internationals start, then quickly move to the more accessible sounds of other rooms, when the dark minimal/techno sounds sail over their pretty little (or big) heads, hehe. More dance floor space for us.

If you missed out seeing the Minus guys here, and are not going to the We Love Sounds event on Sunday day/night, you have yet another chance to see them. I may end up here later Sunday night…

We Love Sounds – Official After Party – Numero Duo
The Cross, The Bourbon & The Bunker – Sunday 8th June

Ellen Allien
Modeselektor [live]
Gaiser [live]
Marc Houle [live]
+locals +more

Also… Dubfire & Stephan Bodzin [live] who are playing the closing sets at the We Love Sounds event on Sunday, are also doing a side-show at Arq this Friday night. I may check that out, as I’ll be out in the city, and it might be difficult to see both at We Love Sounds across two areas on Sunday night.

It’s going to be a big weekend!

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