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May 26, 2008

Back to the music…

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Adding to the tracks I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, here are some more new tunes I’m enjoying of late, recent Beatport purchases.

Yes, it looks like I’m gravitating to more melodic/deeper (deep-house) sounds of late, probably because I’ve been doing more listening than mixing of late. Lots of stabbing, filtered, minor chord action here.

Lars Behrenroth – Ice On The Sun (Version Remix) [Freerange Records]
Jamie Lloyd – May I (Quarion Remix [Future Classic]
After Tea – My Prerogatives [Hotfingers]
Roberto Rodriguez – Moonraker (Phonique Remix) [Laka]
Sharam Jey – Roxcity (Phonique Remix) [King Kong Records]
Andrew Technique – Dream On [Circle]
Foat & Boddy – Droidnosh [Mule Electronic]
Oliver Klein & Peter Juergens – Scoville [Kling Klong]
James Unk – Glitch Control (Paco Osuna Remix) [Lessizmore]
Joris Voorn – The Deep (Jimpster Remix) [Green]
Dub Taylor – Beauty & Beast (Nudisco Beautycase Got Lost In The Minidisco Mix) [Alpaca]

I was also very happy to finally get my hands on Kenny Larkin – Integration [Plus 8]. I’ve been after that track since the early 1990’s, heard spun numerous times by DJ HMC. It’s finally available for .wav or .mp3 purchase on the site.

I’ve bought quite a few Phonique productions over the last year. I really liked that remix of Trickski – Move Me [Sonar Kollektiv] he did too. Trickski played here in Sydney last week, but I’m not really that into their sound. We caught a bit of Phonique playing at a Pokerflat night at Watergate in Berlin last year, great sounds. He’s playing here in Sydney in July (5th) at Chinese Laundry, the same night as someone else I’m keen to see (always the way)… Luca Bacchetti who is playing at a Lost Baggage party at The Cross. Let’s hope the surprise guest playing an early morning set at Spice in the Bunker (under The Cross) the same night/morning is Phonique, may catch him there if that’s the case. I’ve still not made it down to the Bunker yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing Gaiser and Marc Houle both playing live together at the Minus 10th Year Anniversary party at Lost Baggage at The Cross this coming Saturday 31st May. We don’t get to see the cube though. This will be the 4th time I’ve seen Marc Houle live, had a nice chat to him in London at the end of our trip last year too. I’ve wanted to see Gaiser for ages, I couldn’t stop playing his Fraktion records for a long time. Then I’ll be seeing them both again the following w/end at the We Love Sounds festival at The Hordern Pavilion, Forum, Entertainment Quarter etc, along with Dubfire, Ellen Allien, Stephan Bodzin, Lindstrom, Steve Lawler, Mr.Oizo and much more.

Also coming up in Sydney… The Berlin Sessions at the Civic Hotel/Underground on June 21, with Jassanova, Quarion [Live], and Heiko Laux, with support from local Future Classic and Mad Racket crew. Should be a great night of deep music.

Looking back over previous weeks… I didn’t make it out to these below due to being sick with some cold/flu bug…

Kazu Kimura @ Break Inn – Chinese Laundry : 09.05.2008

Matthias Tanzmann & Bjorn Wilke @ The Club Club – Chinese Laundry : 10.05.2008

All better now, see you on the dance floor…

May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The previous three Indiana Jones movies were some of my most favourite films as a kid. It was exciting to be finally seeing a new Indiana Jones movie, after a 20+ year wait. We went on opening night.

I enjoyed the movie, it was fun, entertaining, a few laughs, but it wasn’t an amazing/awesome experience. It’s not a totally bad movie, it’s just not that great either, it fell short of my expectations. I didn’t get that same buzz as I remember getting from these films as a kid, feeling like I’d been on a roller coaster, probably just being older I guess. It felt like it was missing something too, and I can’t quite put my finger on what, suspense, tension maybe? Harrison Ford was great, he can still do Indiana very well. All the characters/actors did a good job, just the storyline wasn’t very strong, and I don’t think it’s a very memorable film.

If you’re a fan of the previous films, I think you will enjoy seeing this one too, just lower your expectations a bit first.

Be warned, there are some of those silly CGI animals that George Lucas can’t resist adding to films in there too.

There’s some unexpected sci-fi in this movie too, which was both cool and a bit odd. I won’t say any more than that. Some very obvious nods to previous works of Spielberg and Lucas in the film too.

May 21, 2008


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Retro TV

Argggh, *me shakes fists* ;P damn you technology for allowing me to download all the latest episodes and season finales of my fave TV shows, and being able to stream via the PS3, watching them on the big LCD TV.

Now I have to wait until September/October for new seasons/episodes of… Dexter, House M.D, The Office (US), and Flight Of The Conchords. And when’s Entourage coming back?

A bit more on this…

Yes, I know it’s ‘not the right thing’ to do, to download stuff for free. I don’t do it with music, I buy lots of it. It all started when we missed a couple of TV show episodes, and were desperate to find out what happened.

We will buy all these TV show’s seasons on DVD as soon as they are released as well, we have all the previous seasons on DVD. I guess you could say we collect DVDs of seasons of TV shows we like. Although we don’t tend to re-watch them very often, apart from The Young Ones, which we never get tired of.

I have to say, it’s so much more enjoyable to be able to watch TV shows without advertisments interrupting them. Does TV advertising work? Nothing advertised on TV interests me, or influences me to buy products, or use services. I know it’s what pays for TV shows to be shown, but it just seems really useless to me. I guess I’m outside the target demographic. It’s also annoying what Network Ten (which has most of the shows mentioned here) does with its TV programming, moving shows around the schedule with no notice, not airing an episode one week, repeating an old episode the next week etc.

And… how come we can’t buy and download TV shows here in Australia, like you can with iTunes in the US? I would happily pay for them if I could.

May 12, 2008


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Grand Theft Auto IV

Wow, that’s a whole lot of fun. Guess what I’ll be up to every time she’s not watching TV.

The Chaser’s Age Of Terror Variety Hour : Enmore Theatre : 10.05.2008

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The Chaser’s Age Of Terror Variety Hour’s_War_on_Everything

Some good laughs, basically a live theatrical version of what could easily be just an episode of their TV show. It had a very low-budget feel. Was fun to see them live though. I was hoping for some cracked pepper, where was Chris Taylor?

Certainly not as impressive, exciting and entertaining live show as the Spicks and Speck-tacular was, the live show of ABC TV show Spicks And Specks.

Food for my ears…

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Some new-ish music I’m enjoying at the moment, in no particular order…

Lee Jones – Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix) [Aus Music]
Xpansul & Massi DL – Nerd Soul [Soma]
Quarion – The Workout [Drumpoet Community]
Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) [Audiomatique]
Phunklarique & Dejonka – Reflections in Plexiglass [Knall Traxx]
Danton Eeprom – Face Control [Foundation Records]
Holger Zilske – The Bees [Playhouse]
Mathew Jonson – Symphony For The Apocalypse [Wagon Repair]
Sei A – March Of The MIDI [Imprime]
Shlomi Aber – Tokyo Shanghai [Ovum]
Rocha & Lewinger – Eco Doppler [SCI+TEC Digital Audio]
Kabale Und Lauhaus – Shaven Monkey [Remote Area]
Truss & Donor – Forethought [Dumb-Unit]
Xpansul & Elesbaan – Casi Perdida [DelBarrio Records]
Claude Von Stroke & Christian Martin – Groundhog Day [Dirty Bird]

May 10, 2008

Flight Of The Conchords

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Flight of The Concordes

UPDATE : Just noticed this starts on Channel 10 (Sydney/Australia) Sunday night (11th May) 10:10PM – 10:45PM

Who likes to rock the party? We like to rock the party.

Thanks to Arj Barker making mention of during his show, and a couple of friends recommendations I’ve recently discovered Flight Of The Conchords a very dry/funny TV show about a New Zealand duo/band “Flight Of The Conchords” with members Jemaine, and Bret, and their NZ manager Murray all living in New York. Arj Barker has a small role as Dave the guy who works at a pawn broker.

They break into song a couple of times in each episode, taking off many music/video styles/bands, very funny!

Unless you know where to look *wink*, or buy a DVD from OS you’ll have to wait until channel 10 decides to air the series. I highly recommend checking it out.

Some links…

May 5, 2008

Alex Smoke & Matthias Tanzmann @ Lost Baggage – The Cross : 03.05.2008

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Awesome, fun night! more soon.

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