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November 26, 2007


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Lots of tasty techno sounds to be had this coming w/end in Sydney…

Stacey Pullen & Steve Rachmad @ Rubix – Yu : 30.11.07
Adam Beyer & Joel Mull @ The Club Club – Chinese Laundry : 01.12.07

How were they?

Steve Rachmad was good, I enjoyed what he played more last time (even though there were only 12 people there). Stacey Pullen was meh, although we only stayed for the first 15mins of his set. Joel Mull & Adam Beyer were excellent! Lots of great sounds, lots of energy. It was great to catch up with them again too. I think I’m going to be getting back into the more techno side of minimal…

November 25, 2007

Extrawelt [Live] @ Sweet Chilli – Civic Theatre : 23.11.07

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Awesome! Extrawelt had a really huge sound! They got quite intense at times, some great ‘techno’ moments. It was very loud, glad I had my muso earplugs in! Really glad I checked them out.

I didn’t get a good look at the gear they were using to play live, saw a couple of Apple MacBook Pro’s up there, Ableton no doubt.

It was rammed full in the Civic Theatre whilst they were playing, no space to move and groove! It was so much better with no cigarette smoke in there now though.

I really enjoyed their live set. It was fantastic to hear… Soopertrack, Titelheld, Fernweh, Drehfehler, Doch Doch, 8000 and their remix of Minilogue’s The Leopard, plus some other tracks, I wasn’t familiar with, new stuff perhaps? I really like these guys sound. Their live set sounded as good (if not better) than their releases.

DJ’s playing before and after played some tasty tracks too… Dubfire – Ribcage!

Ben Klock the other week… Glad I checked him out, heard some tasty deep minimal techno sounds. I didn’t know much of what he played. They had him playing in a tiny bedroom sized room upstairs at the Abercrombie. Hot! Not many people there. I didn’t make it to his later set at The Bunker. Heard he only played for 10 minutes before management closed up…

November 15, 2007

Ben Klock

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Ben Klock

Berlin techno/minimal DJ/producer Ben Klock is playing in Sydney on Saturday (17th November).

Deep As F**k – Abercrombie Hotel : 12.30am – 2am
Beef As F**k – The Bunker (Under the Bourbon – Kings Cross) : 3am – Close

I saw him play at Berghain in Berlin in July, I really enjoyed his sounds, exactly the type of techno/minimal stuff I’m into.

November 9, 2007


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Yeah, I’ve been neglecting my music side of late… I should give the gaming a rest… But I’m enjoying it too much.

I’ve been out to quite a few parties over the last couple of months though, here’s some of the ‘names’ I’ve seen/heard play and some thoughts…

Ame – Mad:Classic:Fuss party at the Metro. Frank (1/2 of Ame) played quite a lot tougher and darker than I was expecting. Some great tracks. I wasn’t so into the house/vocal stuff he played. No “Rej” *sad*.

Justin Martin – Also at the Mad:Classic:Fuss party at the Metro. Some great tracks, some not so great tracks. I was pretty dissapointed in the sound quality at the Metro that night.

Matthias Tanzmann – Cool sounds, knew many. Free beer and pretzels whilst squished into the Goethe-Institut Australien as part of the German Arts Festival – Sydney, a fun couple of hours.

Stephan Bodzin – InTheMix BBQ at Slip Inn Sand Bar. Loved his dark, deep, minimal, techno sounds, DJ set.

M.A.N.D.Y – Fuzzy Killer party at The Gaelic Club>. I found these guys a bit too ‘all over the place’ musically to enjoy. Mark Murphy’s warm up set was great.

Dixon – Minimal Fuss 1st Birthday at Oxford Art Factory. Great new venue, needs more air-conditioning though! Dixon’s t-shirt said it all… “House, House, House And More F**king House”. Liked Phil, and Matt’s sounds in the little room.

Ewan Pearson – Also at the Minimal Fuss 1st Birthday at Oxford Art Factory. Only heard his first 30 minutes, didn’t really like what I heard.

Vince Watson [Live] – HaHa Industries Sub Tub (Sydney Harbour cruise aboard The Lady Rose). A fun few hours on the harbour, at night, during heavy rains and thunderstorms. After years of listening to deep minimal techno Vince’s epic, melodic techno (live set) sounded like progressive/trance. A very wet night being silly with friends. Great sounds from the locals.

Looking forward to… Ben Klock, Dusty Kid [live], Extrawelt [live], Adam Beyer & Joel Mull, Andrew Weatherall, Moodymann, and John Tejada [live] all coming up…

November 5, 2007

Here comes a Big Daddy…

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Hello… Yes I’m still here. Blog was off-line for a bit, sorry about that, some hosting/server troubles.

Whoa, where have the last 2 months gone?

I’ve been away… Spending (too much) time in Rapture, City 17, White Forest, and within the Aperture Science Laboratories.

I’ve been doing a lot of killing! *evil laugh* Whohahahahaaar.

Yes, PC games. I’m having a heap of fun playing all these FPS (First Person Shooters) PC games:

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
MINERVA: Metastasis a mod for Half-Life 2

I’ve also got these other FPS PC games that I’m yet to jump into:

F.E.A.R: Extraction Point
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl
Far Cry

I’m really looking forward to buying/playing Crysis (the demo is awesome), and Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare when they’re released shortly.

PC Games huh?

Yes, whilst my younger sister and friends are having babies (congratulations Nat & Stew, Paul & Heidi) I’m getting back into playing computer games… Mid-life crisis? Wanting for my early teenage years? Refusing to grow up? Yes, probably.

It’s an exciting time for FPS PC games. Some fantastic games released this year. Probably the best FPS games to date. Huge advances in enemy AI, game-play physics, large, open, interactive environments, amazing realistic graphics, immersive atmospheres and storylines. Lots of satisfying game playing fun to be had indeed. It’s fantastic to have a beast of a PC to be able to enjoy all these new games on as they’re released, and playing at full settings, with no problems at all.

I’ve been having a blast.

Portal is a really unique and fun game, such a clever concept. The cake isn’t a lie! Yum! /me sings ‘I’m still alive…” LOL.

It’s fun being back into computer games again. It takes me back to my Commodore 64 days in the 1980’s.

Speaking of Commodore 64 games… I came across this the other day… Valkyrie17 (1985) one of my favourite text/adventure games lives on… The original creator has made a free Windows version, awesome! It really makes you appreciate just how far computer games have come looking back at this.

I’m pretty selfish with my gaming though, I’m not into any of that multiplayer on-line stuff, and definitely not into WoW.

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