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June 28, 2007

Pain au Chocolat

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All is going well in Paris, very busy, lots of awesome food and wine, seeing lots of sights, lots of art. Will write more soon. Cheers Davo…

June 25, 2007

Grie Soss

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Traditional Frankfurt-Am-Main food

Guten Tag! Last day in Frankfurt for a week or so. I forgot to mention we went and saw the movie “Oceans 13” at the only English (Original Version) cinema here the other day, we really enjoyed it, very snappy, slick, funny movie, loved the out of character banter between Brad and George near the end of the film.

Last night, Saturday night, before heading off to the Robert-Johnson club, Andreas took us out for some traditional Frankfurt drinks and food.

We went to a very well known, old, original Äpplerkneipen (apple wine inn) called Zum Gemalten Haus, over the river Main in Sachsenhausen, a quite trendy part of Frankfurt.

As you would expect, we drank a lof of Frankfurt’s national drink, Ebbelwei (apple wine), which is poured from a huge grey ceramic jug called a Bembel, and then drunk from a Gerippte, a special apple wine glass. We drank it mixed with sparkling mineral water, as it can be a bit sour and acidic drunk pure. It goes down as quick/easy as sparkling apple juice and you get drunk very easily.

For eating we had some Frankfurt specialties, I had a huge thick pork chop (salted and boiled) served on top of sauerkraut, with boiled potatoes, usually you have mashed potato, but they had run out, as we were eating late at 11pm (just after sunset!). Joanne had a traditional large Frankfurt beef sausage, also served with sauerkraut and potatoes. Andreas (who is vegetarian) had the traditional Frankfurt eggs with green sauce, served with boiled potatoes. The eggs are hard boiled and sliced, and the green sauce, Grie Soss, is a thick, creamy sauce, always made from the same seven herbs; parsley, pimpernel, chives, water-cress, chervil, garden sorrel and borage. Much eating and drinking, we rolled out of there, and then headed to the much hyped Robert-Johnson club in Offenbach.

On arriving and walking upstairs, once inside my first thought was… This is it? This is a club? It’s a little room with white walls. It looks like an art space, with make-shift bar and DJ console. It’s small, capacity 250 people. A couple of coloured neon tubes are the only lighting. It’s very loud in there for such a small space, using 6 large speakers suspended from the ceiling, 3 on each side of the dance space. There’s benches all around the walls to sit on. There is also a balcony outside, looking over the river. Lots of smokers in this club, all ignoring the ‘thank you for not smoking’ signs. We saw one guy wearing a t-shirt with “I Love Myself” written on it, which err… said lots about the type of crowd, very different to the Cocoon crowd.

We had to ask the DJs who was playing. I think I may have asked DJ Ata the guy who runs Playhouse/Robert-Johnson. It was DJ Stephen Kürtz (sp?) from Frankfurt who warmed up with some nice deep-tech-house and minimal sounds. He was followed by the main act, two guys playing back to back, known as Optimo. Google tells me they are DJ’s JD Twitch and JG Wilkes from UK/Glasgow. They played a lot of funky, chunky house, electro-house and old-school analogue/acid techno, a few old classics. They got the room jumping. It was loud/busy music, and I wasn’t really in the mood for it, struggling to stay awake, too much apple wine earlier.

Their set was split up with a live set from Max Mohr, a Playhouse artist. He performed on a small stage opposite the DJ console. Another Apple laptop, Ableton Live live set. His music was ok, simplistic tech-house/minimal stuff. It was really obvious he was just turning clips on/off in Ableton Live and not doing anything else.

We left around 3am, which seemed to be the time a lot more people were arriving. Andreas tells us the club sometimes keeps pumping until 10am the next day! It would be a sweat-box! I really don’t understand the attraction of partying that long in a small club.It was cool to check out Robert-Johnson, but wasn’t anything at all like we were expecting.

On the move… We’re off to Paris tomorrow for 4 or 5 days, so this is the probably the last long post for a while. We’ll be back to using Internet Cafes again. It’s been handy having a laptop and Internet to use whilst here in Frankfurt… We may go check out John Acquaviva at Rex-Club in Paris whilst we’re there.

Thanks for reading… Speak to you again from Paris, au revoir.

June 24, 2007

Köln & Cocoon

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I Love Köln

This morning I’m suffering the effects of too much Red Bull and Jägermeister at Cocoon during the early hours of this morning, can you say dehydrated?

I hope you’re all well and all is going well. We’re doing great, enjoying our time in Frankfurt muchly. The weather has turned though, it’s been cold, wet and windy the past couple of days with many isolated thunderstorms. Nowhere near as cold, wet and windy as we’ve heard Sydney has been! We’re keeping tabs on home via SMH too. Great to hear Sydney’s water supply has had a boost though.

We had a busy day yesterday. Joanne and I did a day trip to Köln (Cologne), catching an ICE (Inter-City Express) fast train there and back, 1 hr 15 mins each way, wow, they really go very fast!

Köln was great. It’s a lot bigger city than Frankfurt. We visited the huge Köln Dom Cathedral, where I climbed the 500+ narrow spiraling steps up to the highest point, 153m, and back down again. Awesome views of Köln from up there.

We also visited the Lindt Chocolate Museum. Joanne loved that, especially the large chocolate shop at the end, with 1000’s of different types of chocolates to buy. I had to drag her out of there, as she did me at Kompakt Records.

Museum Ludwig was excellent, lots of pop art, minimal art, and surrealism paintings and installations. Some really abstract stuff there, fantastic works by Roy Litchenstein, Andy Warhol, Max Earnst, Salvidor Dali, Pablo Piccasso and more.

Being into techno a visit to Köln must also include a visit to Kompakt Records HQ. It’s quite far from centre/main shops area of Köln. It’s a nice, large spacious shop, heaps of vinyl as you would expect, but lots of CDs too, everything sorted mostly by label, a few specific artist sections. Lots of label’s back catalogue vinyl, and it’s all techno/tech-house. I found a few old techno things I had been hunting for in years gone by, but they looked in second hand condition, and I really don’t have the same burning desire for them anymore. I’d hate to think how much money I would have spent there, having visited during the peak of my vinyl buying addiction 5-7 years ago. I couldn’t visit without at least buying something though, so I picked up the new Johnny Future out on Perfect World 03 picture disc 12″ (mastered and cut by Andreas). Joanne bought a great DVD about Köln’s techno scene, artists, labels etc.

I liked Köln, would be cool to spend a few days there next time. Cool shops in Köln. We discovered a massive Lego shop, where you can even buy every individual Lego brick/part if you want… I could only dream of that possibility as a kid!

There is so much more choice/stock/brands in all the shops here in Europe, it’s really quite overwhelming, a head-spin! The amount of different alcohol available in all sorts of shops here is amazing too, so cheap!

Cocoon Club - Frankfurt-Am-Main

Cocoon Club…

After returning from Köln, we rested our sore feet, had some home cooked pasta, took a nap, woke up, showered and freshened up, and around midnight Andreas picked us up and zoomed us off to Cocoon Club near Offenbäch. We went via Club Monza in Frankfurt city hoping to also see Matthias Tanzmann play prior, but he wasn’t arriving/playing till very late, and was yet to submit the guest-list we were on. Access denied, so on to Cocoon…

We were really lucky to be able to see Frankfurt legend, and all things Cocoon, main man Sven Väth (pronounced Swen Faid) DJing for us in his own club.

Cocoon is a really impressive nightclub, probably the coolest club I’ve ever been in. It’s like being inside an alien space ship.

The club is the ground floor level of a boring multi level office building. Inside it’s a large rectangular space and within that is an oval (pod/cocoon) shaped area as the main room, separated/surrounded by white honey-comb walls. It’s all organic shapes/curves and alien… decor, forms/shapes, displays, pulsing lights, and projections everywhere (and I mean everywhere!). Every Sci-Fi fan’s dream come true! It sounds tacky, but it’s far from it. Someone has watched a lot of great Sci-Fi movies to put that club together! There are cool little green lit pods for groups to sit in around the walls. The outer spaces have lots of areas to sit and chill, there are large, clean, modern toilets, an all night hot food bar, a couple of restaurants (for earlier in the night), another (more chill) dance area, and a Cocoon merchandise shop. Lots of bars to get drinks from everywhere too. Great air-conditioning, It’s the perfect club, nothing to complain about! The main dance floor area consists of organic shapped multi-level spaces to dance on, there are also a couple of podiums with strangely dressed performers ‘doing their thang’ on them. The DJ booth is in this elevated white pod above the dance floor, branching out of one wall. It looks like the command centre of an alien space ship inside, with all the lighting, projection, and DJing gear inside. We got VIP wrist straps and spent a little time in there, watching Sven up close, very cool. There are huge speaker stacks suspended from the ceiling all round, and heaps of bass you can feel from the floor. It’s loud! The intelligent lighting is full on, very disorientating (in a good way). They also have a couple of those Ibizia super-club style smoke machines in the ceiling, that pump out a massive high pressured blast of freezing, ice cold, thick, white smoke, with a loud whoosh (timed to the music), quite a shock when they go off, they fill the club with smoke instantly, you can’t see your hand infront of your face! but then seconds later all smoke has vanished. They always bring a big cheer, and they don’t use them very often, which keeps them exciting. It’s a really unique feeling to experience, makes you tingle with cold for a few seconds.


Sven played a mixed up range of techno styles/sounds, quite varied intensities from track to track, some harder techno, some electro-house, some chunky house, some minimal, some trance-ish stuff, even a breaks track. I knew a few tracks, but didn’t know a lot of what he played, either did Andreas. I surprisingly liked pretty much everything he played, some really nice tracks. His mixing was super tight, and he’s fun to watch, he’s all about the vinyl, always waving records around, they’re a big part of his performance, he refuses to go digital.

We also got to see… Sleeparchive perform live

Roger behing his laptop was joined on stage by DJ Pete (Hardwax Berlin) helping out with knob twiddling, and live 909 jamming (Jeff Mills style; he was even wearing an Axis T-Shirt). Lots of simplistic 909, 808, RZ-1 drum patterns, static/noise loops, reverb washes, bleeps and not much else, apart from the odd repeated vocal phrase occasionaly, for an hour and a bit. It’s cool, but so simplistic, minimal, rigid, and lacking in any kind of melodic data that it cleared a large number of people from the dance-floor/club. Joanne had a chat with them after whilst we were in the DJ booth, doing the VIP thang. Sven played before/after them.

Crowd is really mixed, lots of shirts mixed with lots of clubbers, lots of different social groups, quite a range of ages too. It’s quite a commercial club, but still has an underground feel for us. It was funny seeing Sven’s mum doing the ‘hands in the air’ at the front of the DJ booth for a while earlier on, which Andreas pointed out to us. There was a really good friendly vibe in the club I thought, it really lifted you up and put you in a good mood, or maybe it was all those drinks I had! Lots of people dancing, but still with space to groove as well. The club probably holds around 1500 people, there was probably half that there I guess. We left around 5am, had it not been overcast and raining it would have been full sunlight.

We’re having another chill day today, then we’re heading off to the Robert-Johnson club with Andreas tonight, no idea who is playing, as they don’t advertise it, will let you know who we saw tomorrow…

June 22, 2007


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Bembel and Geripptes glass of Apfelwein

Guten Tag! Hello from Fankfurt-Am-Main…

We arrived on Monday, it´s Thursday today. We´re having a very nice relaxing time here, just what we needed after crazy Barcelona.

Frankfurt-Am-Main reminds me a lot of Melbourne, with all the trams, modern city skyline, and it being very flat. There are some beautiful old/original buildings around too. The pace feels like Adelaide. It´s very green here, beautiful forests. It’s been surprisingly humid, temperature has been around 30 degrees during the day, sweating it up, until today, when a massive thunderstorm and heavy rain rolled in early this morning, it´s much cooler today.

We´ve had a nice time eating out with Andreas, Iris and Thomas, drinking Apfelwein.

I spent a few hours yesterday at Schnittstelle, Andreas’ music mastering and master record cutting studio. It was very cool, watching him cut master records, lots of ‘click-clack music’ as Andreas & Thomas call it. His home music studio is awesome too, full of heaps of analogue drum machines, synths, and music gadgets. As you can imagine I’m loving all of that.

I’m looking forward to checking out the clubs this w/end… Cocoon, Robert-Johnson, Monza, U60311 etc.

Check out some more Frankfurt adventures on Joanne’s blog

Off to have another look around Frankfurt, we’ve been enjoying chilling in Iris’ apartment too much. There are lots of fantastic Hi-Fi shops here, with the most amazing valve amplifiers, and audiophile turntables. I want a little Tivoli Audio Henry Kloss PAL radio now! Iris has one in her bathroom, awesome sound.

Something that has been freaking us out a bit, is the fact that the sun doesn’t set till around 10.30pm at night, and then rises again at 5am. Summer in Europe! We’re robbed of daylight hours in Australia.

I’m loving Germany.


June 20, 2007


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We didn’t make it to any of the after Sonar day/beach parties on Sunday. Those who know me, know I’m not much of a beach/sun person anyway. We were considering going to the M_nus one, but ended up sleeping in, having a wander around the back streets of Barcelona, then going out for food/drinks with our German friends, which was all very nice, great drinks! That turned out to be the right choice, as we heard later the M_nus party was an hour drive out of Barcelona, and got shut down by police a few hours after it started. I heard that only Troy Pierce got to play. It would have been nice to have checked out some of the beach parties, but you need a serious amount of energy to party here non stop day/night.

We did however make it to the night M_nus party at City Hall/Zen Club on Sunday night and stayed from opening to close, 12am till 5am. We got in for free with some little passes we found in a bar earlier. Rebekah Aff (apparently one of the M_nus crew?) mixed first, deep tech-house/minimal, warming things up. Magda came on around 2.30am and played to the end. A very similar dark techno/minimal sound to her mix CD, all bass and beats and bleeps and lacking much melodic data. She also mixed up lots of quite maximal dark/noisey banging stuff, think Areal, Kompakt, Bpitch Control labels sounds. I knew basically nothing she played! It was great, but not awesome, her mixing was a bit rough too, may have been because of all the messy sunglasses wearing fan boys and girls dancing all over the stage alongside her with many of the M_nus crew, party, party, party, how do they keep going? Richie was up there, giving everyone false hope he was possibly going to play too, but it seemed it was Magda´s show.

The club was a small square box with a high ceiling, probably about 600 people, the air-conditioning was freezing when we first arrived and the club was empty, but I think it either got turned off or failed not long after, and with the club rammed and pumping in a big way later it turned into a sauna, sooo hot! There was water dripping continuously out of the air-con vents!

I’ve found the crowds here really messy, rude and pushy. At this night I felt like I was being pushed, bumped, knocked, touched, and rubbed against continuously, people dance as if they have 2m of space around them even though they are rammed up against everyone, not very nice to be amongst that when your not in the same mood as everyone else. We found a nice space and rail at the back to sit and just enjoy listening, drinking our €6 soft drinks!

We had a nice chat to Mathew Jonson outside as we were leaving too, he loves Australia, and has a lot of family in Melbourne and NZ.

We paid a little extra for a late check out on Monday morning, had some food at a great place we ate a few times in La Boqueria Mercat called Bar Central, then headed to the airport for our plane to Frankfurt with Andreas, Iris, Thomas (Heckmann), and Natasha…

Words from Deutschland coming soon…

June 17, 2007

Little thoughts…

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What´s with all the 80´s new romantic/pop music in Barcelona? Every taxi, restaurant/cafe, and shop pumps it out! I´ve heard Frankie Goes To Hollywood´s ´Two Tribes´ about 6 times in the last couple of days. I´m hearing Madonna in this Internet Cafe right at the moment.

The taxi´s are cheap here, well if you´re earning Euros. Fast too, these people drive like maniacs, i don´t think Ive seen anyone indicate to change lanes, they just push in on each other, gets the heart racing.

I can understand why everyone here in Barcelona is so thin, little tapas meals, they all smoke like chimneys, and there´s 1000s of steps (especially the Metro subway) and large-long distances involved with doing anything/going anywhere.

There are 1000s of people everywhere, just walking down La Ramblas from the Internet cafe here to the Hostel, about 100m takes 20 minutes.

The shops and shopping centre´s here are HUGE! There´s this new shopping centre that has a floor dedicated to watches, every brand/every model. Lots of awesome shoes/trainers here too, couldn´t resist buying a pair of Adidas Superstar II Adicolor (with different colour stripe inserts) sneakers with black sole/toe shell and a dark green/brown camo pattern on them. I could go crazy with buying shoes here, so many different styles/types I´ve never seen.

The weather has been nice, blue skies mostly, hot but not too hot, quite humid, a couple of overcast days and a tiny amount of drizzle.

Anyway, I´m hungry, off to eat, and continue my look around the shops, I hope you´re all well and all is going well, catch ya laterz


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Went to the last day of Sonar by day, and saw a great live set from Claro Intellecto, another Apple laptop live set, was hoping to hear ´Chicago´´ but he didn´t play it.

Went to Sonar by night last night, the last night of Sonar… it´s such an amazingly huge event, lots more areas opened up, than on the opening night. it takes 5 minutes just to walk to/from each area. Devo were great, also saw bits of Mogwai, Tadeo Vs Damien Schwartz, JPLS, Tractile, Dixon (Innervisions), Matthew Dear´s ‘Big Hands’ live band, with him doing the front man/singer part. Didn´t stay for Ame, Jeff Mills or Dave Clarke, instead went to the Poker Flat Records night at The Loft @ Razzmatazz, which is an enormous multi level/multi room club, and was absolutely rammed with 1000s of messy people in each area. In one room they had Oxia & Agoria (advertised as live but was DJing back to back with Oxia). In the other room we saw Guido Schneider and Patrick Chardronnet live (another Apple laptop live set). It´s hard to enjoy these events, being so sore and tired, being bashed into by 1000s of people non stop (imagine chinese laundry on a huge scale), and it taking 40 minutes to get into a toilet or get served a drink. Would have loved to have stayed for Steve Bug, but was just too tired and over it.

Today, Sunday, is the day of all the day-night label´s beach parties, hoping to get to the Minus one, keen to see Gaiser, Magda, Pierce, Houle, Hawtin etc.

June 16, 2007

Sore feet! Steps, steps and more steps…

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I forgot to mention we flew right over Ayers Rock on our way out of Australia, and the captain pointed it out for all to see, looked amazing.

We´ve been so busy here in Barcelona, this place is crazy! We´re having so much fun, have not had a chance to Internet/Blog much at all.

This is going to be a bit rushed, so apologies for gramer, and spelling errors. I´ll fix-edit this all later, and add more detail.

We´re staying in/on La Ramblas in a great little place, right opposite the big La Boqueria St.Josep Mercat, a huge fresh food market, with the most amazingly fresh seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and gourmet foods. We´ve been eating a lot of fruit, bread and slices of cured ham, as well as tapes/tapas, paella and glasses of sangria, have found some great little places off-away from La Ramblas.

Over the last few days we´ve been doing a lot of site-seeing. We went to Gaudi´s ‘Park Guell’, the amazing ‘Sagrada Familia’, the ubercoolishe ‘Pavello Mies van der Rohe’ pavillion, and we went on a day tour to North Catalunya, which had a walking tour of 2000 year old Girona, and then onto Dali´s city Figueres, visiting the ´Teatre Musea Dali´ the Salvidor Dali museum, which was fantastic. Taking lots of photos. Barcelona is an amazing city! Really enjoying this.

Sonar 2007

The music…

Went to the first day of Sonar, and saw James Holden play, lots of ´My Bloody Valentine´ type sounds, drones, ambient soundscapes with glitchy beats. Sonar by day is nothing like I imagined, nowhere near as big, but still very cool/happening, reminds me of the Freaky Loops parties in Sydney in size, numbers, vibe. The modern art gallery spaces in the venus are fantastic. It´s all very well organised, quite an older crowd too, which is great. We bought a heap of Sonar merchandise, cool little bags and t’shirts.

At night we went to the Raum Player festival, which was about 15 minutes out of the city, and 3 small tents close to the water in an industrial/dockland area, close to the Park Del Forum. We saw Audiojack and Matt John (advertised as live but was only DJing) and possibly Glimpse, Herve AK, and Berg Nixon/Ryan Crosson for a bit. Hard to tell who is playing, not knowing what these people look like, and time-tables not being stuck to, because of technical troubles. Great to see Matt John, but the party was pretty average, maybe 500 people.

Went to the first Sonar by night, HUGE!!! imagine the biggest aircraft hangers you can then double that, tripple even. We missed Beastie Boys (as we were at Raum Player), but arrived to see Narod Niki… 8 guys on stage with a heap of Apple laptops, and various music gadgets-units all jamming away together, featuring Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Zip, two Rhythm & Sound Guys, and 2 other guys (possibly more Perlon or Cadenza crew). A very stripped back minimal/techno groove with many dynamics for hours. Richie and Ricardo took it in turns of composing-directing the music live, selecting whose parts are used together to form the music at the time. It was one of the most amazing things I´ve ever experienced. Ricardo has an amazing stage pressence. The sound was amazingly loud-clear, glad I have muso ear-plugs, the bass shakes your insides!

We missed Sonar by Day, day 2, as we were off site seeing yesterday, at night we hooked up with Andreas Kauffelt & Iris, and Thomas Heckmann & Natasha, and went to Moog Club to see Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann & Goldfish Und Der Dolz. Then later went to Club Fellini and saw Matthias Tanzmann, Ripperton, Robert Babbicz, and surprise DJ T. (who replaced Thomas Schumacher who cancelled). These clubs are just around the corner from each other, and about 5 mins walk from where we´re staying, as is Sonar by day. The Sonar by night, is a 15 min taxi or bus ride away.

This afternoon, we´re going to the last day of Sonar by Day, I´m looking forward to seeing Claro Intellecto. Then we´re off to Sonar by Night, for Devo, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Ame, Chateau Flight, Tadeo, JPLS, and much more…

Speak soon.

June 12, 2007


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Singapore Airlines - Krisworld

Hola! We have arrived in Barcelona. The brand new/latest Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from Singapore to Barcelona via Milan was an awesome experience, complete with ‘new car’ smell. The 16 hours of flying zoomed by whilst using the new KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system, with its wide screen LCD in front of you, and 100s of movies, TV shows, and games to chose from, it works very well. It´s all interactive and on-demand, you can stop/restart, fast forward, rewind, and pause/resume what you’re watching. I watched a heap of movies: ‘Zodiac‘, ‘Casino Royale‘, ‘The Number 23‘, ‘Babel‘, ‘The Pursuit Of Happiness‘, ‘Night At The Museum‘ and classic… ‘Raising Arizona‘. Plus I watched a number of TV show episodes of: ‘The Office (US)‘, ‘The Office (UK)‘, ‘Extras‘ and ‘The Simpsons‘. Yeah I didn’t sleep a wink! My iPod was neglected! If I had needed to use it I would have been able to keep it powered from the power outlet in the arm-rest too, excellent! There´s a USB port next to the screen too, which you can use to plug in a keyboard/mouse, memory stick etc. for the word processing and spreadsheet applications. I was hesitant to plug my iPod into the USB port though, after finding out what happens when you plug a PC formatted iPod into an Apple Mac… it wipes everything! There are heaps of old-school Nintendo style games too. It’s dissapointing Singapore Airlines don’t use these new aircraft to/from Australia. The aircraft we had from Sydney to Singapore was very old, it also had the KrisWorld entertainment system, but a much older-more basic version, most of the same content though.

Anyway, off to explore Barcelona, and pick up our Sonar tickets.

June 6, 2007

Off to Europe…

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It’s days away… My 6 week holiday in Europe with my girlfriend Joanne. I’m really looking forward to it, very excited! I’ve only been overseas once before (UK, Amsterdam, Paris), way back in 1993, so I’m well over-due for another visit.

Via Singapore we’re going to Barcelona, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and London, plus a few other little side trips…

Music is a huge part of our travel plans, we’re heading to these events, tickets already purchased months ago.

Sonar 2007 – Day & Night (+ Various Club Nights / Beach Parties)
Barcelona (Spain) : 14-16 June 2007

Raum Playa Festival 2007
Parc Del Forum Barcelona (Spain) : 15 June 2007

Awakenings Festival 2007
Festivalterrein Spaarnwoude (Amsterdam) : 30 June 2007

Love Family Park 2007
Mainwiesen Hanau (Frankfurt/Germany) : 1 July 2007

Melt Festival 2007
Ferropolis Gräfenhainichen (Berlin/Germany) : 13-15 July 2007

And we hope to check out many of these clubs/club nights…

Barcelona : Club4 | The Loft | Moog | Be Cool | Club Fellini | City Hall
Frankfurt : Cocoon Club | U60311 | Monza | Robert Johnson
Berlin : Berghain / Panorama Bar | Water-Gate | Week End | Tresor
Paris : Rex Club | Le Redlight | MixClub | Elysée Montmartre
London : Fabric | The Cross | The Key | The End | Turnmills | Lost

The new look RA site has some great club/events guides and info for cities around the world: Barcelona | Frankfurt | Cologne | Berlin | Amsterdam | Paris | London

Some of the DJs, live acts, bands etc. performing at events/clubs/club nights in the cities we’ll be in at the time, that we hope we get to see many of, in no particular order…

Richie Hawtin, Magda, Gaiser, Troy Pierce, Ambivalent, Marc Houle, Tractile, JPLS, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Pan-Pot, Exercise One, Audiojack, Jay Haze, Matt John, Sian, Audiofly, Dapayk, Axel Bartsch, Ryan Crosson (Berg Nixon), Benno Blome, Glimpse, Quenum, Lee Van Dowski, 3 Channels, Herve AK, Arnaud Le Texier, Matthew Dear, Narod Niki (Ricardo Villalobos & friends – Laptop live jam session), Ricardo Villalobos, Autechre, Alex Smoke, Sleeparchive, Phage, Ruede Hagelstein, Elektrochemie, Lunca City Express, Will Saul, Sebo K, Efdemin, Loco Dice, Ada, Martin Buttrich, Thomas Schumacher, Robert Babicz, Ripperton, Marcin Czubala, Claro Intelecto, Luciano, Onur Ozer, Mathias Kaden, Dominik Eulberg, Gabriel Ananda, Oscar Mulero, Oliver Huntemann, Goldfish Und Der Dulz, Tigerskin (Dub Taylor), Mike Shannon, Roman Flügel, Dan Berkson & James What, Tadeo, Andrew Weatherall, Samim, Matthias Tanzmann, Steve Bug, Guido Schneider, Martini Bros, Chardronnet, Ame, Woody, Chateau Flight, James Holden, Agoria, Anja Schneider, Wighnomy Brothers, Swat-Squad, Green Velvet, Sven Vath, Christian Smith, Funk D’Void, Tiefschwarz, Joris Voorn, Steve Rachmad, Ivan Smagghe, Chloe, Jennifer Cardini, Rolando, Oliver Koletzki, Plasmik, Zombie Nation, Slam, Cosmic Sandwich, Tobi Neumann, Jussi-Pekka, Adam Kroll, Markus Muller, Ost & Kjex, Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, Rekleiner, Marco Passarani, Estroe, GummiHz, Sleeper Theif, Pier Bucci, Butane, Barem, Vince Watson, Mark Henning, Reynold, Mathew Jonson, Konrad Black, Ellen Allien, Apparat, Sascha Funke, Jake Fairley, Jesse Rose, Oxia, Superpitcher, Reinhard Voigt, DJ Koze, Daniel Stefanik, Martinez, Adam Beyer, British Murder Boys (Surgeon & Regis), Secret Cinema & Coming Soon, Dave Clarke, Cari Lekebusch, Miss Djax, Altern8, Jeff Mills, Bart Skills & 2000 & One, Jay Denham, Dan Curtin, Dan Bell, Robert Hood, Abe Duque, The Advent, Joey Beltram, Neil Landstrum, Stephen Bodzin, Miss Kittin, Radio Slave, Booka Shade, DJ T, M.A.N.D.Y, Heidi, Marek Hemmann, DJ Hell, Pig & Dan, Michael Mayer, Hot Chip, The Presets, Trentemoller, Beastie Boys, Mogwai, Devo

…And, that’s just listing the one’s I’m keen on seeing, the majority being minimal, techno, tech/electro-house sounds. That’s really insane isn’t it! Music over-dose! My musician’s ear plugs are never going to leave my ears!

It’s going to be tough deciding who to see, with many all on the same night at a bunch of different venues.

I was really hoping to see John Tejada and Depeche Mode on my Europe travels, but they’re not playing anywhere this time. I don’t think Heartthrob is playing anywhere during our travels either, which is strange as just about every other M_nus artist is playing.

I’m also really looking forward to all the travels and adventures, new experiences, meeting new people, different foods/wines, art gallerys, museums, tours, heritage, architecture, history, new sights & sounds, catching up with old friends and family, and generally having an amazing time, sharing it all with my love Joanne.

It will be fantastic to catch up with my German friend Andreas Kauffelt and his mate Thomas Heckmann for some crazy fun in Barcelona and Frankfurt too.

I’m really excited!

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