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March 27, 2007

Dylan Moran @ Enmore Theatre : 26.03.2007

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Dylan Moran

I went and saw Irish comedic talent Dylan Moran performing live stand-up comedy last night at the Enmore Theatre (my first visit to this venue), his first performance of a handful of shows here in Sydney. If you’re asking “who?” check out his website via the link below. He stars in UK Channel 4 comedy TV show Black Books, which is aired on ABC TV here in Australia.

Great laughs, he was very funny, but I didn’t reach that tears in my eyes, and pains in my side from laughing too much point, like at Arj Barker, although that’s probably a good thing considering all the Thai food I ate across the road at Banks Thai prior. Great Thai food at that restaurant.

Dylan Moran mentioned this was his first gig in 6 months. I liked the vibe that he was just coming up with it all on the spot, and it not being a well rehearsed, pre-planned scripted performance. Very clever guy, very funny. It did feel like he lost his way a few times during his performance though. A few nasty coughing fits didn’t help either, he really should cut back on those cigarettes, he must have smoked about 10 during his hour and half on stage.

I like his style of stand-up comedy, he’s like an outspoken, dark, bitter, witty, intellectual who is sodden drunk at a party, drawing you in with his Irish charm, telling random quotes/thoughts and stories covering a wide range of topics, and verbally meandering off in all sorts of directions. For those who have tickets, enjoy! All his Sydney dates actually sold out months ago.

More laughs in Sydney…

It’s all happening at the moment, lots of comedy on! There are 2 comedy festivals on at the same time here in Sydney over March/April!

Daniel Townes & Nick Sun

I think I might go see Nick Sun @ The Boiler Room – The Factory, this Thursday, he’s performing as part of the Cracker Comedy Festival 2007. Nick Sun was fantastic on ‘Stand Up Australia’ on the Comedy Channel (FOXTEL) last year.

More details…

Speaking of comedy. One of my favourite TV shows The Chaser’s War On Everything returns to ABC TV this Wednesday 28th March, at 9pm. There’s an article about them in the SHM today here.

If you miss it, you can always grab a video podcast of it afterwards…

March 26, 2007

Hott Fuzz

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Hot Fuzz

From the creators of the film ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ now comes… Hot Fuzz.

I’ve not laughed that much during a film for a long time, highly entertaining! Go see it!

March 23, 2007

decoded_ : Shows 31 – 40

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I’ve just added 10 more mp3s of older decoded_ shows, shows 31 – 40. So, you can now download the first 40 decoded_ shows right here. You’ll find play-lists for these shows here.
These are the master mixes, pre voice-overs and station IDs, all music! Enjoy!

Once I’ve uploaded the next 9 decoded_ shows, every decoded_ show will be available for download on-line! There are 49 shows in total to date. Show 50 is yet to come together… coming soon!

Big thanks to decoded_ fans IJsbrand and his brother Quirijn (Ryan) from Holland for helping out with on-line space for these.

March 19, 2007

Josh Wink @ Chinese Laundry : 17.03.2007

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Josh Wink

After the fun of DJing at FECKNO! in Bondi Junction, my girlfriend, friends and I made a spare of the moment decision to head into the city and go check out Josh Wink at Chinese Laundry, not knowing what flavour of techno/house music he was going to play. Much thanks to Quest and his sexy new car.

Once Josh Wink started up we were very happy we’d made the effort. For the first hour and half he blended up a fantastic mix of funky, hypnotic, minimal, techno grooves, featuring lots of Alex Under sounds/type-sounds. The cave/room had space to groove and move, with the right amount of people to create a happening/friendly vibe. I think a lot of the ‘usual’ type Laundry crowd don’t ‘get’ minimal, so they’re kept entertained by the party-house/electro-house in the other room.

I didn’t get a good look at what Josh Wink was using to mix, but imagine he was using CDs with CDJ-1000s as there was a lot of looping going on. ** He would often use a looped section of one track to bring in the next track over the top. He never really let tracks reach their break-downs, so the continuous beats/grooves and hypnotic cycles of sounds had a great dance-floor intensity. It reminded me of the vibe Richie Hawtin created when he last played in Sydney, layering up loops of parts of tracks.

I only recognised a handful of tracks Josh Wink played/looped, which is how I like it. Some train-spotting…

Friendly People (Alex Under) – Music Is Improper
Alex Under – Multiplicanciones2 (C2)
Audion – I Gave You Away
Joris Voorn – Year Of The Monkey (Can You Feel The Force)
Matt O’Brien – Serotone (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)
SLG – Caffeine
Alex Under – El Danubio Universal

There were also some Jacek Sienkiewicz, Donnacha Costello sounding productions as well, I may be off the mark on those though.

We left as he started getting into more harder, louder, head-smashing, old-school techno/acid sounds, heard a Hardfloor track amongst that. I think he was mixing up an old, banging Robert Armani track as we headed out.

Reports on ITM about ‘The Future Music Festval’ where Josh Wink played earlier during the day/night, said he played a lot of old, well known, techno classics, and older tribal-techno. I’m glad we got to hear his minimal side.

A fun night out.

** : Someone on ITM just mentioned they saw he was using a small unit with 8 rectangular buttons and a dial on it. That sounds like one of the Red Sound looping units…

March 16, 2007

FECKNO @ Circa Lounge Bar – Bondi Junction : 17.03.2007

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My Irish mate Oisin is putting on a Saint Patrick’s Day (Saturday 17th March) party… FECKNO!

It’s on at the Circa Lounge Bar upstairs at the Tea Gardens Hotel in Bondi Junction, across two areas. Starting at 2pm and going till very late!

I’m DJing at it 9pm-11pm in the Circa Lounge Bar. I’ll be playing a variety of minimal, tech-electro-house, techno sounds.

Hope to see you there.

EDIT : 21.03.2007

Fun night! Thanks to everyone who came down, and got down to my sounds!

Thanks for letting me use your Serato Scratch setup Oisin, here’s what I remember playing…

Martin Buttrich – Cloudy Bay – [Poker Flat Records]
Dan Berkson & James What – Asteroids – [Poker Flat Records]
Johnny Future – Perfect World 01 (A) – [Perfect World]
Kritical Audio – Krupp (Minilogue Remix) – [Chillosophy Music]
Gui Boratto – Mr. Decay – [Kompakt]
John Tejada – Asanebo – [Poker Flat Records]
Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym – [Nite Grooves]
Stefan Goldmann – Shimmer (Josh Wink Groove Mix) – [Ovum]
Jan Driver – L – [Grand Petrol]
Alfa Romero – Zebra Racing – [Players Paradise]
Rejected – SL3 – [Rejected]
Riton Vs Heidi – Vejer – [Get Physical Music]
Sebastian Leger – Bad Clock – [Intec]
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Huntemann & Bodzin Remix) – [Mute]
Florian Meindl – Worms – [Trapez]
Rekorder – Rekorder 7.1 – [Rekorder]
Fraktion – This Never Works – [Resopal]
Ink & Needle – Three (12″ Version) – [Tattoo Rec]
Billy Dalessandro – Come With Me (Gaiser Remix) – [Resopal Red]
Elektrochemie – Mucky Star (Instrumental) – [Get Physical Music]
Slam – Azure (Part 1) – [Soma]
Booka Shade – Darko (Le Grand Noir Club Mix) – [Get Physical Music]

March 15, 2007

decoded_ : Shows 21 – 30

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More mp3s of older decoded_ shows for you. I’ve just added shows 21 – 30. So, you can now download the first 30 decoded_ shows right here. You’ll find play-lists for these shows here. These are the master mixes, pre voice-overs and station IDs, all music! Enjoy!

Big thanks to decoded_ fans IJsbrand and his brother Quirijn (Ryan) from Holland for helping out with on-line space for these.

March 14, 2007

Laurent Garnier @ Peepshow – The Cross : 10.03.2007

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Laurent Garnier @ Peepshow - The Cross
Photo by Benn Glazier

Fantastic! I had a really fun night, lots of old faces and friends about. The Cross would have to be one of the best venues I’ve been to in Sydney in ages; fantastic sound, great dance spaces, nice lounge/chill spaces, large, modern, clean toilets. I think they’re covering all the renovation costs with the $$ drink prices, ouch! Great music loving friendly crowd of about 300 people.

Just quickly, how’s this for a mixed up assortment of music? Some train-spotting at Laurent Garnier, with a little help from friends and ITMers.

Marcel Dettman – Quicksand
Mike Shannon – What’s Your Pleasure?
Johnny Future – Perfect World 02 (B)
Slam – Azure (Part 1)
Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me
Housemeister – Bubblegun
Inner City – Good Life (Carl Craig Remix)
Son Of Raw/Dennis Ferrer – A Drumstick & A Light Fixture
Shlomi Aber – Crop Duster
Liquid People Present Danism – Koopers Troopers
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Beyond the Dance
Sleeparchive – ? from Hospital Tracks
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Puck
New Order – Temptation
The Presets – I Go Hard, I Go Home
Blur – Song 2
Nirvana – Lithium
Giorgio Moroder – The Chase
The Cure – A Forest (Electronic cover version by ?)
Julian Jabre – War
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Were Made For Walking
Sebastian Leger – Bad Clock
Underground Resistance – Amazon (Live Version)
The Doors – Break On Thru To The Other Side (Remix ?)
Laurent Garnier – Man With The Red Face
Sylvester – You Make Me Feel Mighty Real

He played for 5 hours! Such a variety of sounds, there was also a lot of (perhaps too much for me) breaks, old-school jungle, and drum ‘n’ bass sounds as well, all beyond my scope of train-spotting. There wasn’t much techno or minimal, but I wasn’t expecting much anyway, the tracks he did play of that were quality though. There were some fantastic sections of music with clever style transitions. The energy level stayed high, at times he was a bit cheesy with some pumping house stuff. He’s still got a lot of energy as a DJ too, did some great tricks/loops with CDJ-1000s, playing mostly CDs. I enjoyed it.

March 11, 2007

Oliver Huntemann @ Bread And Butter – Ladylux : 09.03.2007

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Oliver Huntemann

I’m often dissapointed when friends don’t come out clubbing. On this occassion I’m really glad they didn’t join me. This was a really funny (read tragic) night, I’m glad I didn’t subject them to it.

Some random thoughts and observations in regard to this night out…

  • So, Bread And Butter – Is a ‘minimal tech’ night huh? Sounds like house/electro-house to me. No idea who played for the 40 minutes heard before Oliver Huntemann came on, but it wasn’t minimal and it wasn’t tech.
  • The all too predictable ‘who are you/why should I let you in’ vibe from the bouncer at the roped off entrance to the club with no name outside, said it all, as to what kind of club/night this is/was going to be. *Tip* Say you’re on the (ITM) guest list regardless if you are or not.
  • You’re giving us _that_ attitude outside and _this_ is the crowd inside? Err, who are you not letting in?
  • So this is where all the young, trendy, fashion obsessed, vain, self absorbed, MySpace generation hang out. The place was absolutely packed full of them!
  • This club has completely changed from the days of Crunch @ Frontier, it’s really been opened up, with ‘pretty’ (read horrible) decor everywhere. The DJ booth is right down in the back corner of the venue. I doubt most of the crowd there even know/care where it is. Sound is loud and harsh on the ears.
  • Checking out the crowd, I’m surprised there’s still any stock left in Industrie stores. I hate those buttoned white striped t-shirts! Sheep! Why is everyone wearing white to night-clubs these days?
  • Do girls learn how to (lack of) dress and dance from Usher and 50 Cent videos these days? They hate being ignored too, it really confuses them.
  • So many vain people, taking photos of themselves, checking themselves in the mirrors at every opportunity, dancing to be noticed; pay attention to me, I’m beautiful. Eugh!!
  • The ‘real’ minimal sounds Oliver Huntemann played actually sent a large portion of people off the dance floor. Heard/saw quite a few people around us saying “What’s this shit?” walking off in a huff.
  • The over excited DJ fan-boys crowded around the DJ booth screaming and arm throwing at every slight variation of music intensity was hilarious. Woo, a hi-hat came in!
  • I think Oliver Huntemann would sound more interesting if he actually ventured outside of that Giant Wheel, Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten, Int. Deejay Gigolos, Confused, Rekorder labels sound. Mixing everything outro to intro is pretty lame. We stayed for an hour of his set, it really didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Sure, I like some of those tracks, but played all together in a row like that isn’t very interesting.
  • I noticed quite a few dodgy looking old guys (40+) in this place too, shirts and suits, with their eyes popping out of their heads at the sight of any young girl in the place. Mates of the owners? promoters?
  • The obvious ‘powder room’ employees only door with packs of guys entering/exiting constantly near the DJ booth is very… err… obvious!
  • I found it really hard to stop myself from laughing at all the totally clichéd people/sights and happenings in this place.

I love being jaded. Yeah sorry, it’s just not my scene. I like being amongst people who care more about the music than how much time/$ they spent on their image to be seen in the scene.


More info if you’re interested…

March 9, 2007

decoded_ : Shows 09 – 20

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Some more old decoded_ shows for you. I’ve just added mp3s of shows 09 – 20. You can download them from here. You’ll find play-lists for these shows here. These are the master mixes, pre voice-overs and station IDs, all music! Enjoy!

Big thanks to decoded_ fans IJsbrand and his brother Quirijn (Ryan) from Holland for helping out with on-line space for these.

March 5, 2007

Bang! Crack! Boom! Rumble!

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Lightning by Mikey Wang Lightning by Tom Noel
Lightning by Steve Whistler Lightning by David Butler

We had an awesome lightning & thunder storm here in Sydney late last night and into the early hours of this morning. It was non stop flashes of cloud lightning and lightning forks with explosive, cracking, rumbling, rolling thunder for a good couple of hours, with some welcome rain as well. These are some great readers photos from Mikey Wang, Tom Noel, Steve Whistler, and David Butler taken from the Sydney Morning Herald. I used to be absolutely petrifried of lightning & thunder storms as a kid, now I love them!

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