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February 28, 2007

decoded_ : Shows 01 – 08

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Yes, that’s the older decoded_ logo because we’re travelling back in time, back to July 2005 to the first decoded_ show. You can now grab yourself mp3s of decoded_ shows 01 – 08, right here. You’ll find play-lists for these shows here. These are the master mixes, pre voice-overs and station IDs, all music! Enjoy!

Big thanks to decoded_ fans IJsbrand and his brother Quirijn (Ryan) from Holland for helping out with on-line space. I’ll be uploading all the decoded_ shows over the next week. I’ll let you know when more are available for download.

February 25, 2007

* NEW SHOW * : decoded_ : Show 49 : Mon 26 Feb 2007

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Yes, it’s a new decoded_ show! I’m back, after a couple of months absence. Heaps of fantastic new tracks! I hope you enjoy it, download link below.

It looks like things are happening at again too, which is great news. Looks like there have been some schedule changes, I’m not exactly sure what time/s my show is being broadcast at the moment…

Check the schedule for more details if you want to hear it streaming, otherwise grab the download below.

Minilogue : The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix) : [Traum]
Johnny Future : (A) Out On Perfect World : [Perfect World]
Dan Berkson & James What : Mescaline Circus : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Anja Schneidier : Addicted : [Mobilee]
Dan Berkson & James What : Asteroids : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Minilogue : Ahck : [Wir]
Rekorder : Rekorder 7.1 : [Rekorder]
Ink & Needle : Three : [Tattoo Rec]
Billy Dalessandro : Come With Me (Jon Gaiser Remix) : [Resopal Red]
Inxec : Main Restraint : [Contexterrior]
Andre Crom : Glocken Rocken : [Memo]
Cornell : Metro Tour : [Minimise]
Solee : Impressed (Yassin & Arne Remix) : [Parquet Recordings]
Kaliber : Kaliber 10 (A) : [Kaliber]
Alfa Romeo : Zebra Racing : [Player’s Paradise]
Rejected (Joris Voorn & Edwin Oosterwal) : SL3 : [Rejected]
Riton Vs Heidi : Vejer : [Get Physical Music]
Justus Koehncke : Advance : [Kompakt]
Martin Buttrich : Full Clip : [Planet E]
Elektrochemie : Mucky Star (Instrumental) : [Get Physical Music]
Kaliber : Kaliber 10 (B2) : [Kaliber]
Stephan Bodzin : Bedford : [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]
Phage & Daniel Dreier : Blue Buffalo : [Highgrade]
Kritical Audio : Krupp (Minilogue Remix) : [Chillosophy Music]
Martin Buttrich : Cloudy Bay : [Poker Flat Recordings]

The blue text indicates releases having their debut play on the show.

Download it…

Podcast active link:
Podcast URL:
Direct link:

February 22, 2007

Coming up…

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dirtybird Records

A couple of parties in Sydney coming up in March that I’m really looking forward to…

Detroit/San Fran DJ/producer and dirtybird Records label boss Claude VonStroke is playing at the next Mad Racket party ‘Spit’N’Polish’ on Saturday 3rd March @ Marrickville Bowlo.

I’m a big fan of his sounds, his ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit‘ is an awesome production, one of my favourite tracks of 2006. Not forgetting the very cool throat popping fun of ‘Deep Throat‘ the year before. Check out his promo mp3 mix on the dirtybird Records site, it’s great!

And, coming up the w/end after…

Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon Laurent Garnier - Astral Dreams
Laurent Garnier - The Sound Of The Big Babou Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face

French techno DJ/producer legend and F-Communications label boss Laurent Garnier who is coming to play for the Playground Weekender Festival is also doing an intimate side gig in Sydney Saturday 10th March @ The Cross (Plan-B).

He’s rumoured to be playing a long extended set, which is sure to cover a wide range of quality electronic music sounds/styles. It’s an intimate venue, should be a fantastic night. Buy your tickets quick or miss out!

But wait, that’s not all, also coming up…

Jesse Rose @ Chinese Laundry : 03.03.2007 (Same night as CVS)
Oliver Huntemann @ Lady-Lux (Frontier) : 09.03.2007
Josh Wink @ Chinese Laundry : 17.03.2007
Funk D’Void (w/ Andrew Wowk!) @ Chinese Laundry : 31.03.2007
Booka Shade @ The Metro : 05.04.2007 (Easter)
DJ T. @ Kink / Tom Clark (TBC) @ Mad Racket : 07.04.2007 (Easter)
Nathan Fake @ Chinese Laundry : 28.04.2007
Jona @ (TBC) : ??:05:2007

And that’s just mentioning the internationals that I’m interested in seeing! There’s a whole heap more at the Playground Weekender and Future Music festivals. It’s all happening!

February 19, 2007

My feathered friends…

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Rainbow Lorikeets Rainbow Lorikeets

I’ve had some very colourful visitors to my balcony… wild Rainbow Lorikeets.

Here’s some pictures I took of them with my phone. I’ve been treating them to slices of apple and pear, which they love, and will eat right out of your hand. They’re very friendly.

New music…

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Riton - Hammer Of Thor

Some very recently purchased music I’m enjoying at the moment…

Stephan Bodzin – Bedford – [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]
Justin Maxwell – The Midnight Beep – [Palette Recordings]
Riton – Hammer Of Thor (Roman Fluegel Remix) – [Souvenier]
Elektrochemie – Mucky Star (Instrumental) – [Get Physical Music]
Efdemin – Lohn & Brot – [Liebe*Detail]
Estroe – Driven – [Connaisseur SupĂ©rieur]
Onur Ozer – Red Cabaret – [Vakant]
Cornell – Metro Tour/Salamander – [Minimise]
Kaliber – Kaliber 10 (A) – [Kaliber]
ADJD – How About That Thing – [Harthouse]

February 15, 2007

Arj Barker @ Drama Theatre – Sydney Opera House : 10.02.2007

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Arj Barker

My face hurt from laughing so much. Very funny guy!

February 13, 2007

FourPlay @ The Studio – Sydney Opera House : 08.02.2007

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I went and saw fabulous Sydney string quartet FourPlay perform live last week on Thursday 8th February, at The Studio – Sydney Opera House.

Thursday’s show focused on rock/pop music and was the first of three shows at The Studio – Sydney Opera House, as part of their FourPlay – Three Ways performances. The following shows both on Friday focused on jazz/blues music, and a late show focused on electronica/hip-hop music. I was unable to get to the Friday performances.

Their performance was a bit more raw, and not as polished as the previous/first time I saw them, for their ‘Now To The Future’ album launch at The Metro last year, but was still very enjoyable and full of wonderful music. They were probably under quite a bit of pressure at this gig, knowing it was being recorded live for a special digital release (being made available to those in attendance only), and they were also featuring many new compositions, possibly the debut performance of some. This was a seated audience gig too, which would probably have felt very different for them compared to their more often pub/club gigs I think.

I always get a very strong emotional reaction to their sounds/music, it’s warmth for my soul. I’ve always loved the sound of strings they’re such beautifully expressive instruments. I really should go to a symphony performance one day.

During their performance I remember hearing their own compositions: ‘Evolve Or Decay’, ‘You’ve Changed Your Tune’, ‘Trust’, and ‘Bollyrock’ which are all featured on their excellent ‘Now To The Future’ album.

We were also treated to a number of new compositions, a couple of titles I remember: ‘Requiem For a Democracy’, and ‘Poker Face (Butter Girl or But A Girl)’. I also really enjoyed a quite experimental new composition which I didn’t catch the name of, that featured them playing over a effects pedal sampled live loop of what could only be described as viola ‘slap bass’ and hit violin/cello body percussions. It had a great contrast of abstract sounding parts and really lush melodic parts.

Covers they performed that I remember: Radiohead – ‘2+2=5’, Cocteau Twins – ‘Seekers Who Are Lovers’, The Strokes – ‘Reptilia’, and Rage Against The Machine – ‘Killing In The Name Of’ which Shenzo had some awesome talk-box type effect on his viola for the “F**k you, I won’t do what you tell me” vocal part, and Lara’s Tom Morello EBow guitar solo part sounded spot on.

They also performed a new cover, Midnight Oil – ‘Read About It’ which was a little rough around the edges, but had some really awesome sounding sections. I still think INXS – ‘Johnson’s Aeroplane’ would sound fantastic covered by them. They ended the performance with their fantastic version of Beastie Boys – ‘Sabotage’ voted to be played by audience cheer.

Considering this was a rock/pop focused performance, I’m surprised they didn’t play their well known Metallica – ‘Enter Sandman’ cover. I would have liked to have heard their Depeche Mode – ‘The Sweetest Perfection’ and Jeff Buckley -‘Grace’ covers too, but it was great they played a lot of their own new material instead, otherwise they’d probably start to feel too much like a cover band.

They’re all very talented, passionate musicians, and Lara sings like an angel. I love the way Peter plays his cello like an upright bass, and Shenzo is amazing with his banjo and blues guitar style playing of his viola turned on it’s side. Not forgetting Tim with his excellent effected sounds and expressive playing style.

I wish I could have seen them play again on the Friday as well. I look forward to their new releases, and hope to see them live again soon.

February 7, 2007

New Tunes…

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Johnny Future - Out On Perfect World (Picture Disc)

Here’s 20 tracks, in no particular order, that I’m really enjoying at the moment.

Minilogue – The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix) – [Traum]
Ink & Needle – Three (12″) * – [Tattoo Rec]
Martin Buttrich – Full Clip – [Planet E]
Alfa Romero – Zebra Racing – [Player’s Paradise]
Tractile – To Go To – [Minus]
Mario Kober – Im Doppelpack [GooGoo]
Solee – Impressed (Yassin & Arne Remix) – [Parquet]
Johnny Future – Out On Perfect World (A) – [Perfect World]
Marcin Czubala – Starliner – [Mobilee]
Autotune – Influensa (B1) – [Fumalab]
Tractile – Unquenchable – [Minus]
Inxec – Main Restraint – [Contexterrior]
Matt O’Brien – Serotone (Radio Slave Remix) [Rekids]
Joris Voorn & Edwin Oosterwal – SL3 – [Rejected]
Rekorder – Rekorder 7.1 – [Rekorder]
Riton Vs Heidi – Vejer – [Get Physical Music]
Antena – Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix) – [Permanant Vacation]
Andy Caldwell – Warrior (Claude VonStroke Remix) – [Om Records]
Martin Buttrich – Cloudy Bay – [Poker Flat Recordings]
Alex Smoke – Chica Wappa (Mejor Edit) – [Soma]

* “Three” on 12″ release is a different track than on the mp3 release.

If you were to change the order of tracks around a bit I think you may end up with the play-list for the next decoded_ show/mix podcast. Hopefully I’ll get that recorded very soon.

A lot of Beatport mp3 purchases here. Checking it out, actually only 7 are on 12″ vinyl purchases.

My vinyl addiction is on the slide now that I have a Pioneer CDJ to mix all the mp3 tracks with. I don’t have 2 CD turntables, so I do still need vinyl, I prefer mixing with vinyl. I should get Rane – Serato Scratch Live it would be the perfect solution to mixing digital files with a vinyl interface, one day!

Speaking of music things…


Check out these great interviews with M_nus artists Heartthrob and Magda over at:

Heartthrob :
Magda :

February 6, 2007

Time for more laughs…

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I love seeing live comedy. Little Britain Live last w/end was fantastic. I’m off to see American stand-up comedian Arj Barker at The Sydney Opera House this w/end, and in March I’m seeing Irish/UK actor/stand-up comedian Dylan Moran at the Enmore Theatre.

Ben Elton and his ‘Get A Grip’ show at The Capitol Theatre was awesome last year, as was The Goodies ‘Still Alive On Stage’ show at the State Theatre the year before that. I wish we got this stuff more often. I’d love to have the chance to see John Cleese live sometime in the future, I hope he tours a show to Sydney, he cancelled the last one I think. Yeah, I’m a big fan of UK comedy.

Speaking of UK comedy, I’ve been enjoying the strange and amusing conversations between The Office and Extras stars, writers, producers: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington on their video-podcasts, podcasts and audiobooks from iTunes, listening to/watching them on my iPod.

Listening to comedy takes me back to my young teenage years of escapism, laughing and listening to comedy vinyl LPs and cassette tapes (often borrowed from the library) in my bedroom. Stuff like Monty Python, Not The Nine O’Clock News, The Goon Show and releases from old-school Australian comedians Vince Sorrenti and Austen Tayshus. I was probably too young to get a lot of the jokes at the time. I guess that’s where my perverted sense of humour comes from.

Through work over the last 6 months, I was able to be part of the studio audience for the filming of many Stand Up Australia episodes for The Comedy Channel on FOXTEL. The show featured many known and up and coming local and OS guest stand up comedians performing live. I really enjoyed Australian comedians Brad Oakes and Nick Sun, and sick, twisted American comedians Eddie Ifft and Tom Rhodes, great laughs.

I’ve also been downloading the new Tom Green – Live show. He now hosts a nightly talk show with guests, and broadcasts live every night from his home lounge room in LA to ‘The Channel’ which is his website, with podcasts made available afterwards via iTunes. You can phone in, or Skype call live during the show. Check it out, here: Not as crazy as his original show, but still entertaining in that strange Tom Green way.

The Young Ones

The Young Ones I can’t mention comedy without mentioning these guys. I bought DVDs of series 1 & 2 a couple of years ago, and watching them now I still laugh as much as I did when I watched them over and over in the 80’s on TV and video tape. Related to this, I’m on the hunt for DVDs of the Alexi Sayle show, let me know if you come across any…

EDIT (12th Feb 2007) : Look what I just found!

Alexei Sayle’s Stuff – Series 1 : DVD (791740)
Coming Soon! Pre-Order Now – Available Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Alexei Sayle’s Stuff – Series 2 : DVD (791741)
Coming Soon! Pre-Order Now – Available Wednesday, 07 March 2007

February 5, 2007

Little Britain Live @ The Hordern Pavilion : 03.02.2007

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Little Britain Live

Last Saturday 3rd February I went and saw Little Britain Live @ The Hordern Pavilion, the live stage show of the hit UK comedy TV series Little Britain.

I’ll try not to give too much away with my little review. I thought the show was fantastic, entertaining, hilarious! It made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. It’s a fast paced and extremely well put together show, very impressive. Just about every character from the TV series made an appearance. I would have loved to have seen “Bitty…” though.

There were a couple of scenes/skits where Matt & David fell out of character and got into some bizarre banter as themselves for a few minutes, which was possibly planned, but was very funny anyway. There were big laughs during one scene/skit when Matt & David in character began doing imitations of other characters from Little Britain that the opposite person usually plays. There were quite a few references to Sydney and Australia added to the show too which was very funny.

They made clever use of computer generated backgrounds/sets, images of different rooms/walls projected onto a big white wall, with doors to enter/exit from set back of stage, setting the location for each scene/skit. Actual furniture and set pieces rolled on/off stage on tracks with super fast precision. At the end of each scene/skit lights dim, the stage is cleared, and the projected computer graphics come to life, zooming into an object, door or window, and transporting you off across Britain to the location for the next scene/skit, all while enjoying the sounds of Tom Baker’s very funny in-between skit banter as happens in the TV show. The cast must be doing some super fast costume changes back stage during these transitions. I loved the way your interest and excitement never had a chance to drop with the fast pace of the show. The show was presented in two 40-50 minute halves, with a 30 minute intermission.

It was fantastic to see Anthony Stewart Head out here in Australia doing his Prime Minister role, and Paul Putner and Samantha Power who feature as various characters in the TV show also playing support characters with the touring live show.

There are quite a few audience participation bits, with a few people being dragged up on stage to be humiliated by Des Kaye and Marjorie Dawes, awesome!

If you’ve seen the Little Britain Live DVD you may be a little disappointed with the live show touring Australia, as I’m told it’s very similar. I’ve been holding off watching the DVD until after I’d seen the live show. But… If you’re a real Little Britain fan I highly recommend seeing the live show anyway, it really brings the characters to life, great laughs!

Eh! Eh! Ehhhhh!

More info on Little Britain…

Here’s a review of one of the first shows in Melbourne…

And, a review of a Sydney show…

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