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January 31, 2007

decoded_ : What’s happening?

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So, what’s happening with my Internet radio show decoded_ on Pulseradio?

Well, not much…

Word has got around that the Pulseradio station manager quit. No one has been uploading new shows to the streaming audio servers (or responding to e-mails) since November last year. Which means, the same week’s worth of shows have been on repeat for almost 3 months now, no doubt resulting in regular listeners switching off, and causing frustration and confusion for all the DJs/shows. There’s been no communication from the new owners of Pulseradio about all this. My passion and interest in Pulseradio is on the slide.

decoded_ will still continue. I still enjoy buying/collecting new music and making mixes to listen to. So stay tuned for a new decoded_ show/mix podcast coming very soon, you’ll only be able to hear (download) it here. I’ve got heaps of awesome new music to feature!

January 29, 2007

Alex Smoke [Live] @ Chinese Laundry Sydney : 27.01.2007

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Alex Smoke

I went and saw Alex Smoke perform live at Chinese Laundry here in Sydney last Saturday night. I really enjoyed it, awesome minimal/tech sounds from start to finish, had me dancing non stop. A fantastic performance! I’ve been a big fan of his sounds for the last couple of years, have bought just about everything he’s released. I wish I heard his tracks played out more often here in Sydney, quality music! Andrew Wowk wrote a great review of the night, check it out here. It was really quite comfortable in the cave surprisingly, cool with space to move, and a great vocally appreciative, music loving crowd. I think the minimal and intelligent vibe/sounds went over the heads of the usual d*ckhead element that you come across at this venue, and kept them in the other rooms.

More info on Alex Smoke

If you’re quick, you can download a bunch of Alex Smoke mp3 live sets from here:

I also went to the Becks Festival Bar – Mad Racket @ Hyde Park Barracks for a few hours before Chinese Laundry, and checked out Hot Chip [Live] and DJ Chris Duckenfield. I think I was too hyped to be seeing Alex Smoke shortly after to really take much notice of the sounds. It was fun to catch up with friends and old faces there though.

January 16, 2007

So that was 2006…

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Welcome to 2007! I hope you’re all well and all is going well. Sorry for my lack of posting, it’s taken me a while to get back ‘into the groove’ after all the Xmas and NYE craziness.

Before we get too far into this new year (I can’t believe it’s mid January already!) I thought I’d take a look back over all of the music/club events I went to last year… 2006, and share some thoughts.

Not everyone who played at these club nights/events is listed, just the main people I went to see. These are all in Sydney unless indicated otherwise.

January 2006…

Hardware Belfast 15 Year Anniversary on NYE @ The Metro (Melbourne)
DJ Richie Hawtin, DJ Magda
::: Comments… One of the hottest nights out ever! And by hot I mean 41 degrees C (105.8 F) at midnight! It was really sweaty and steamy inside the Metro Theatre with no air conditioning! Richie Hawtin was good, well… from what I can remember. Making him play old/classic tracks as part of the ‘Belfast’ thing didn’t allow him to ‘do his thing’ though I felt. Magda added to the lineup at the last minute was a nice surprise, unfortunately they had her playing in another room at the same time as Richie Hawtin, I liked what I heard her playing on brief visits into the other room. The heat made it really difficult to enjoy this NYE, as did the trashy crowd. Probably the least memorable Melbourne NYE party I’ve been too.

Sunshine People New Years Day 2006 @ Atlantic Southwharf (Melbourne)
DJ Richie Hawtin Vs DJ Magda, Zombie Nation [Live], DJ Ivan Smagghe
::: Comments… I really enjoyed Richie Hawtin & Magda’s set together at this party, excellent music, lots of fun. I really didn’t enjoy everything else about this party. After the blistering heat of NYE, it was cold, wet and windy on NYD, that’s Melbourne.

Sounds [Live] @ The Metro
Tiefschwarz DJs, DJ Lee Burridge, DJ Damien Lazarus
::: Comments… Great to be back in Sydney’s Metro. I miss the days of the big ‘Love’ and ‘Sabotage’ parties there. I’m glad I got to experience Claude Young, Richie Hawtin and Dave Clarke perform there, back in the days when 1000-2000 people went out to big techno parties in Sydney. Anyway… This was my first ‘Sounds’ party experience. Tiefschwarz played great tracks, what the other DJs played I thought was meh! It was nice to hear Ame – ‘Rej’ through that sound system though. I heard Erotic Discourse (Paul Woolford) – ‘Erotic Discourse’ at this for the first time, Tad track IDd it for me, thanks!

Glitch @ Scary Canary
Stewart S. Walker [Live], DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe
::: Comments… Fantastic to see a new minimal/techno international in Sydney. Stewart S. Walker was great. I enjoyed Matt & Dave’s set too. There’s a funny photo from this night of a bunch of glasses and black T-shirt wearing techno, nerd, train-spotter, chin-stroker guys all standing together in a row at the back, myself included.

Beck’s Festival Bar Presents Mad Racket @ Hyde Park Barracks
Jamie Lidell [Live], Mad Racket DJs
::: Comments… Always a good vibe at these Beck’s Festival parties. Jamie Lidell was great, although I think I prefer his more electronic vibe without all the jazz/soul musicians, like the time he performed with Ark at MR, that was awesome! I remember being surprised to hear Jimmi James playing the monotone, rolling, clunking, techno groove of Mr. G’s – ‘How Deep’ just as I was leaving this party, cool track… “How deep, do the fluids of emotion run?”.

February 2006…

Glitch @ Scary Canary
Andy Vaz [Live] Vs Dave Miller [Live]
::: Comments… We were on a roll with new minimal/tech internationals playing in Sydney. It was disappointing that only a handful of people turned up at this. Interesting sounds, but not really the type of minimal/techno I’m into.

Switchbox @ Bar Broadway
Monolake [Live]
::: Comments… This was another low attendance gig, it was nice to know many of the people there though. I quite like this room/space. Monolake was pretty good. I enjoyed his Ableton demo down at Spank! Records too, very entertaining and informative.

Yellow (Opening) @ Scary Canary
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe
::: Comments… Is Matt, is Dave, is good! Actually I’m not sure if I went to this night or not, might be getting it confused with the actual opening of Scary Canary. I would have liked to have gone to more of the Yellow nights, but I was either not feeling up to it/sick, and/or had other social things happening on Saturdays when it was on.

March 2006…

Trentemoller @ Chinese Laundry
Trentemoller [Live]
::: Comments… Unfortunately I was feeling really sick this night (I had some cold/flu bug with a nasty cough that I couldn’t shake for months). I really wanted to go to this, I like Trentemoller’s sound (the earlier stuff more so than the recent stuff). My friends all went along to this. My fear of getting sicker if I went was certainly justified by hearing afterwards how uncomfortably packed/hot this night was.

April 2006…

Yellow @ Scary Canary
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe, Guest DJ Phil Smart
::: Comments… I enjoy Phil’s minimal/tech/electro-house sounds, had not heard play him since the Speedy J & Chris Liebing party at City Hotel in late 2005. Got a track ID off him mid set for a Booka Shade remix of a Tahiti 80 track ‘Big Day’, nice one! Once again, not many people at Scary Canary, only stayed an hour or two, too loud to chill and chat with friends.

Livewire @ Home
DJ James Holden, DJ T., Rex The Dog [Live]
::: Comments… This was an odd night, people acting strange. James Holden’s main room set was ok but didn’t flow too well I thought. I liked his set in the smaller room later on better. Was great to finally see the “mysterious” Rex The Dog, awesome to hear ‘Prototype’ live. DJ T. didn’t play as dark as the previous time I saw him on NYE 2004/2005, but I still really enjoyed his sounds/set. The main problem with this party was all these guys mentioned played in different rooms, at more or less the same time!

May 2006…

Frigid & High-Jinks Present Modeselektor @ Hermans, Sydney Uni.
Modeselektor [Live]
::: Comments… I remember not being in the mood to go out this night, and forcing myself out because of bought tickets, which is never a good start to a night. Modeselektor were good, but I’m not really into that R’N’B stuff, cool sounds and programming though. I liked what Simon played warming up, nice to hear some Raudive, Argy/Luciano. I really don’t like parties at university venues, they never feel right, seem to lack a vibe, cheap drinks though.

DJ Kenny Larkin @ Chinese Laundry
DJ Kenny Larkin
::: Comments… I’m so over that banging, tribal techno sound, and didn’t hear enough Detroit techno soul, so it was a bit meh. I think I knew more tracks than didn’t. I appreciate Chinese Laundry putting on a lot of techno/tech-house/minimal touring DJs though.

June 2006…

Agent Alvin (Full Cycle UK), Kobra Kai, Diafrix (Melbourne)@ Bar Broadway
Diafrix [Live Band]
::: Comments… Great to catch up with my life long friend Paul, he manages Diafrix in Melbourne. They’re got a cool sound, reminded me a bit of my Bliss days. I’d not heard a live hip-hop group for years!

Split Enz @ Sydney Entertainment Centre
Split Enz [Live Band]
::: Comments… My first time in the Sydney Entertainment Centre, wow that place is huge! Had awesome seats, 8 rows from the front, centre stage section. An awesome performance! So many fantastic songs. Eddie Raynor’s piano solo was brilliant, funny when Noel Crombie joined in playing the spoons. “I see red!, I see red!, I see red!”

We Love Sounds Winter Festival @ Hordern Pavilion, The Forum (Fox Studios / Ent. Quarter)
DJ Sneak, Tiefschwarz DJs, The Youngsters [Live]
::: Comments… Err, yes another ‘Sounds’ event, we’re getting desperate! The main things that come to mind remembering this party are… Too many people, waiting in lines for ages outside to get into other rooms, and it being really bone chilling cold that night. I had a good laugh to myself at all the bimbo girls dressed in next to nothing and complaining of being cold. DJ Sneak played exactly the old-school Chicago jackin’ house sound I expected, although every track he played sounded exactly like the one before it, his records sounded like they had been played 100s of times, no top end! Tiefschwarz once again played great tracks, I really enjoyed their set, lots of new/unknown minimal/tech stuff. I was a big fan of The Youngsters a number of years ago, but found their live performance at this to be nowhere near as slick as their productions sound, was a bit disappointing.

The Week After Bang Gang Left @ Club 77
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe
::: Comments… Wow Club 77 has changed, it’s really had it’s insides torn out and doesn’t feel at all like it did when I was ‘Tweekin’ there for years. This was a bizarre night, there must have been at most 15 people over the few hours my mate Ant and I were there. Matt & Dave didn’t get to play much of their minimal/tech sounds with the manager/bar guy telling them to play more ‘Bang Gang’ style music all through their set, bad! We found entertainment in watching this really trashed, annoying, traveler guy bumping into everything and everyone, and at one point falling sideways off a bar stool *bang*, picking himself up to point blame at us for supposedly pushing him…. [Little Britain]Andy – “She pushed me”[/Little Britain].

Strangeways @ Home
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe
::: Comments… Best 4 hours of minimal/tech sounds I’d heard out since hearing Richie Hawtin & Magda on NYD. It’s a shame that my 4 friends and I were the only other people who heard it that night. It was like our own private little party in the The Box at Home. Good crowd/vibe in the other room, but it featured bangin’ house music. I liked the secret rooftop entrance for Strangeways. I went to a great party at Bar Europa prior to this too where Brynley mixed up some great sounds as well.

July 2006…

Fourplay ‘Now To The Future’ Album Launch @ The Metro
Fourplay String Quartet [Live Band]
::: Comments… I went along with the girls to this knowing nothing at all about FourPlay, and became an instant fan, buying their new album mid set. I’ve been listening to it regularly since. Nice to chill out to. Very talented musicians.

Ben Elton – ‘Get A Grip’ Live @ The Capitol Theatre
Ben Elton [Live Stand Up Comedian]
::: Comments… Very, very funny! I laughed till I had tears in my eyes.

September 2006…

Under The Blue Moon (Gothic) Festival @ Newtown
Nitzer Ebb [Live]
::: Comments… “Force Is Machine! Join In The Chant!”. You don’t get the chance to see one of the seminal 80’s EBM bands very often. Nitzer Ebb were excellent! I was surprised at how many of their songs I knew/have heard. A pretty small turn out crowd wise. Lots of fantastic looking gothic people at this party. I felt very under-dressed in my non leather, latex, velvet gothic get up. I had to have a laugh at one guy who was dressed in all white, with black face makeup… an inverse goth. After this we headed off to see Deetron at Chinse Laundry.

DJ Deetron @ Chinese Laundry
DJ Deetron
::: Comments… I’m not sure if that cut up and layering techno style mixing works that well with minimal sounds. I enjoyed/knew a lot of the tracks Deetron played, but couldn’t get into a dancing groove with the rapid fire intensity changes all through his set.

The Vaine – Regrets and Hollow Threats @ Gaelic Club
Curse At 27 [Live Band]
::: Comments… Curse At 27 is Joanne’s step brother’s band. They have a post-hardcore, hardcore, screamo, emo, death-metal, grunge type sound… Umm, yeah, as confused and angry as a 16 year old kid, which these guys mostly are. They are actually pretty good, and get heaps of gigs.

DJ Deetron @ Honkytonks (Melbourne)
DJ Deetron
::: Comments… It was hard to enjoy this night. Having had only a few hours sleep before catching a red eye flight to Melbourne probably had something to do with it. I’m not much of a fan of Honkytonks as a venue. I thought Deetron played better in Sydney. I did enjoy this little holiday in Melbourne though, had some great food, the Picasso exhibition (the reason we went to Melbourne) was fantastic too.

Sweet Chilli Featuring Petter @ Civic Theatre
Petter [Live]
::: Comments… PC laptop troubles (should have been using a Mac huh!) so we only got a DJ set from Petter, he played lots of great tracks though, as did whoever played before him. This was my first time in the Civic Theatre, it’s a really awkward layout, especially when it’s packed, makes it near on impossible to get to/from bar and toilets unless you just shove through people. I’m guessing this is the ‘smoking room’ of the Civic Hotel as well, as it’s full of cigarette smoke. Great sound system, strange little peep hole DJ booth. I went to this night alone, so didn’t have the best of nights really, enjoyed the music though.

October 2006…

DJ Derrick May @ Club 77
DJ Derrick May
::: Comments… So many old faces/friends around, the place was packed! Fun night, great vibe. Biz played a great warm up set. Derrick followed with some fantastic tracks, loved how he cut up Ame – ‘Rej’. Nice to hear he’s mixing up some of the new minimal/tech-house sounds with his techno soulful groove, and splashes of Latin percussions. As always with Derrick a nice variety of quality styles/sounds. I felt he wasn’t giving it his all though, didn’t have that awesome energy and intensity he’s had other times I’ve seen him. Biz must have loved playing back to back with him towards the end of the set. I had a fun night. Always a pleasure to see Derrick play.

Soylent Green @ Hermans, Sydney Uni
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe, DJ Kate Vs DJ Claire Morgan
::: Comments… Matt Aubusson & Dave Choe, DJ Kate Vs Claire Morgan
Not many people at this unfortunately for Dave and the crew who put this on. It was a benefit day/night party. I popped into this late, on my way to Mad Racket, arrived just as Dave & Matt started up, great sounds! I stuck around to hear Kate & Claire play back to back afterwards, don’t think it worked too well, they’re are on different planets musically. Kate has a great DJing style, Claire played some lovelly soulful techno tracks. I really don’t like this venue.

Return To The Planet Of The 8’s – Mad Racket 8th Birthday @ Marrickville Bowling Club
Marco Passarani, Greg Wilson, Mad Racket DJs
::: Comments… It’s been 8 years since I went to the first Mad Racket?!?! As I quite often find at MR parties lately, I like 1 out of every 3 or so tracks played, and never really have a fantastic night. I think the crowd/vibe at these parties has changed over the years. There seems to be a lot more trashed people and less music lovers. Marco Passarani did play some great old-school acid sounds, but also a lot of bland house stuff that didn’t do much for me. Didn’t stay late enough to see Greg Wilson, heard he played a really eclectic set, which I probably would have hated truth be told

November 2006…

An Intimate Night With Nic Fanciulli & Michael Mayer @ Yu
DJ Nic Fanciulli, DJ Michael Mayer
::: Comments… Every track Nic played had a massive break and build, that’s progressive huh? sorry not my bag… baby! He built up to some quite brutal percussive techno stuff which was surprising, even played some Adam Beyer, best track he played was Alex Smoke – ‘Chica Wappa (Mejor Edit)’. Mayer started out with some uber deep, minimalism, with a nice dark sinister edge, and then built up to some seriously head f**king stuff, really out there futuristic stuff. I liked what I heard, but it all got too much after a while, leaving around 4.30am, about an hour and half into Mayer’s 5 hour set! I just didn’t have the stamina for it, and wanted to save some energy for seeing Steve Bug the next night. Yu is a really great club, excellent sound!

DJ Steve Bug @ Chinese Laundry
DJ Steve Bug
::: Comments… My favorite set/night out of 2006! Awesome! Perfect in every way, lots of new/unknown quality tracks, a nice range of deep-tech, minimal, electro-house, and old-school house sounds, it made me forget I was in the hot, sweaty, jam packed cave at Chinese Laundry.

December 2006…

Access All Areas @ Home
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe
::: Comments… Arriving around 1am, this would have to be the emptiest I’ve ever seen Home nightclub, across every room, there was no one there! The multi-room, multi-music format designed to entice more people there seems to be resulting in the opposite, or maybe it was just an off night. Matt & Dave played great tracks, but I didn’t feel very comfortable with all the pissed up, angry ‘rock’ people, trying to ‘get down’ to the minimal/tech sounds. A few of them stumbing backwards into the DJ console in the process, sending mixes galloping. I even saw some rock chick doing traditional Irish dancing to the minimal beats, very wrong!

Minimal Fuss 2 @ Civic Theatre
DJ Matt Aubusson & DJ Dave Choe, DJ Mike Monday (UK)
::: Comments… People have ranted about how awesome the first Minimal Fuss party was, so I thought I’d check out this next one. Had to wait 20 minutes in a queue at 10.45pm to even get into this free event, and once inside found the place was absolutely packed. As I mentioned about the Petter Sweet Chilli gig, it’s impossible to get to/from the bar and toilets in this venue when it’s that busy, and it’s full of cigarette smoke, not nice. I’ve quickly learnt that the ‘Sounds’ crowd make up %99 of who goes to these Sounds & Glitch parties. Not sure who was playing while I was there, but the music was actually really good, nice minimal/tech and electro-house sounds, don’t think I got to hear Matt & Dave play. Mike Monday may have just started up when I left. Only stayed a couple of hours, had had enough of feeling like a smoked sardine.

Electric Avenue NYE @ The Burdekin
DJ T., DJ Bjorn Wilke
::: Comments… DJ T. was great, played a lot of new/unknown tracks, quite a tough/tech vibe. He was mixing all CDs, and strangely was sitting down on a stool most of his set, read somewhere he may have injured his leg/foot? The Burdekin has changed so much since last I was there; walls knocked out, windows covered over, new toilets, new bars, new DJ consoles, new club lighting and sound systems. It’s like a multi level night club now, no more chill-out bar vibe. It was really obvious management there were turning the air-conditioning on/off all night to force more drink sales during the night/morning, at times it was really uncomfortably hot and sweaty! then cool and comfortable again for a while. The vibe/crowd at this was exactly as I feared, a typical Oxford Street, NYE walk by crowd. Think there was probably 10 people there who knew of DJ T. Not one of my favorite NYE parties.

So there you have it. I’m hard to please huh? I must be over it, jaded. Or is it just because I have 16+ years of clubbing to compare everything against? My main annoyance with 2006 was the lack of friends around when out, they all stayed home. Let’s hope 2007 is better. I’d really like to see some more/new minimal/tech internationals, might have to head OS for it I think.

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