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September 15, 2006

Nitzer Ebb (Live) & Deetron – Sat 9th September 2006

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Last Saturday here in Sydney, I went and saw EBM (electronic body music), gothic legends Nitzer Ebb play live at the “Under The Blue Moon” gothic festival gig at the @ Newtown, followed by seeing Deetron (Swiss techno DJ/producer) at Chinese Laundry. I had a great night, heard some excellent music, had a fun jump around, and caught up with some old faces. Hey how’s this for funny… at the gothic festival gig, I saw an inverse goth, a guy wearing all white, with black face makeup… Anyway, more soon…

Some Track ID spotting from Deetron

Shinedoe – Amsterdam Vs Berlin
Joris Vorn – MPX309
Wighnomy Brothers – Pele Bloss
Theo Parish – Falling up (Carl Craig Remix)
Audion – Mouth To Mouth
Audion – Hot Air
Aril Brikha – Groove La Chord
Microfunk – Pecan
Reese & Santonio – Rock To The Beat
Reese – Inside Out
Inner City – Goodlife
Der Dritte Raum – Chido Wey (Jon Gaiser Remix)
Wake On LAN – Local Area Control
Peace Division – Blacklight Sleaze (Radio Slave Dub)
Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)
Innersphere – Phunk
Tadeo – Granate Granada
DJ Shufflemaster – Re:Weekender 10pm Saturday Night
Moodymann – Shades Of Jae
Kerri Chandler – Bar-A-Thyme
Moodymann – Live In L.A
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Carl Craig Remix)


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Snakes On A Plane

Ahh yeah, I saw Snakes On A Plane a couple of weeks ago, I know it’s supposed to be a silly b-grade film, but it really didn’t make me laugh much, and I thought it was all a bit lame truth be told. To make up for that… I’ve rented, watched and enjoyed a bunch of art-house and foreign films of late… Paris, Texas great film, one of Harry Dean Stanton’s best roles. Crash the perverted, disturbing, almost pornographic, sex, car crash, fetish, 1996 film with James Spader. Also finally got to see Gus Van Sant’s Last Days I wish there had been subtitles, so I could have understand what the Kurt Cobain type character was actually mumbling about the entire movie, it’s slow going like most of Gus Van Sant’s films. I had a bit of a Monica Bellucci session with Ricordati di me (Remember Me) and How Much Do You Love Me, both very entertaining with lots of great emotional and physical passion… and she’s such a beautiful woman, I think I might have to buy How Much Do You Love Me. I also watched the Clive Owen & Angelina Jolie movie Beyond Borders which is actually quite a powerful movie, and I don’t think I’d seen it before. Last week’s DVD purchase… I finally bought myself a copy of the classic Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas on sale for $20. I get huge laughs out of that every time I watch it…

September 4, 2006

decoded_ : Show 44 : Mon 04 Sep 2006

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I finally got my act together and recorded a new decoded_ show. It’s on right now, Monday 4th September, 8pm-10pm [AEST] Sydney time, listen in via Check out the decoded_info post under pages for more data about my Internet radio show decoded_. Here’s the track-list for the show…

Guy Z & Sahar Z : Huzui : [Electribe]
Jan Driver : L (X-Tra EP) : [Grand Petrol]
Losoul : Back Wash Rider : [Playhouse]
SLG : Nine Hours : [Trapez]
Sven Vath & Anthony Rother : Spring Love : [Datapunk]
Destillat : Cabrio : [Klang Elektronik]
San Lebowski : The Reducer (A) : [Nummer]
Matt John : The Rising Scope : [Perlon]
Ink And Needle : Tattoo 001 : [Tattoo]
Microfunk : Pecan : [Remote Area]
Dan Curtin : Echozeichen (Someone Else Remix) : [District Of Corruption]
Audio Werner : On And On : [Perlon]
Dan Curtin : Crazy Life : [Metamorphic]
Raudive : Red On Black : [Klang Elektronik]
Gui Boratto : The Rising Evil : [Kompakt Extra]
Touane : Bassic : [Persona]
Wighnomy Brothers : Moppal Kiff : [Freaude-Am-Tanzen]
Surgeon : Floorshow Part 1 (B2) : [CounterBalance]
A.Vivanco : Flamingo Rose : [Kahlwild]
Surgeon : Floorshow Part 1 (A) : [CounterBalance]
CJ Bolland : Mind War : [R&S]
Outlander : The Vamp : [R&S]
D.Diggler : Axiom : [Resopal]
Microfunk : The White Room : [Remote Area]
Glimpse : 100% Shiraz (Live Edit) : [Glimpse]
Mike Monday : Bhalobashi : [Simple]

The blue text indicates releases having their debut play on the show, as you can see, heaps of new music, some really great tracks!

September 1, 2006


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Last w/end, I went and saw Kenny at the movies. It’s a really funny and heartwarming Australian film/mockumentary about a decent aussie bloke… Kenny, who has to deal with a lot of sh*t… in every way possible. He’s a really likeable character. I really enjoyed the film, I’d go as far as to say it’s one of my fave movies this year. Here’s what Margaret and David from the Movie Show (ABC TV) had to say about Kenny

A couple of audio podcasts…

Speaking of movies… I also watched a few DVDs on the w/end (as usual)… Rented and watched Firewall and A History Of Violence, not too bad, bit predictable. I also bought and watched The Mosquito Coast, which I always enjoy re-watching, a great film, couldn’t resist buying it along with Christine that Stephen King/John Carpenter 1980’s movie about the possessed car, $9 each brand new, DVDs are getting so cheap! Is this a way of getting rid of stock before the HD DVDs arrive? Speaking of HD DVD, If Blu-ray and the PS3 don’t take off in a big way Sony is going to be in a lot of trouble huh!

Watching live TV in the sky…

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Virgin Blue Boeing 737-700

Late last week, I spent a couple of full days working in the sky… Flying between Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth in a Virgin Blue Boeing 737-700 doing private test flights. I was testing out the new “Lve 2 Air” service, which puts 24 channels of live FOXTEL (pay TV) on seat-backs on Virgin Blue planes, using a special satellite tracking antenna attached to the top of the plane. It works great, a few issues, but they should be sorted out quickly, it’s a very enjoyable way to pass the time, it’s a $6 credit card swipe.

It was a fun couple of days work, watching live TV in the sky, with friendly flight crew laying on the food/drink, and a nice stop-over hotel/dinner/breakfast in Melbourne. On the flights we got an entire row of seats across the aircraft to ourselves (you never see that these days!), and we were asked to monitor channels for any issues. I also got to spend 30 minutes in the cockpit chatting to one of the pilots during our track across to Perth, learning what all the control panel’s buttons, switches, and screens are used for, not something you have the chance to do at all these days, a great experience. If I had been quicker off the mark I might have been able to secure the jump-seat for a take off or landing. The aborted landings in Brisbane and Adelaide were quite exciting, coming in to land, then rapidly ascending into the sky seconds before touch down. I got to spend a whole 8 minutes in Perth at the airport terminal, while the plane refueled, so I didn’t really get to ‘visit’ anywhere, apart from a night in Melbourne at an airport hotel.

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