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August 21, 2006

decoded_ : Show36 (Repeat) : 21 Aug 2006

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I’ve got a repeat of an older decoded_ show on today/tonight, Monday 21st August 2006.

You can listen in via it’s on now! 8pm-10pm [AEST] Sydney time. Here’s what you’ll be hearing…

Lazy Fat People : Dark Water : [Border Community]
Galoppierende Zuversicht : Kirschmorchel : [Bruchstuecke]
Claude VonStroke : Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? : [Dirty Bird]
Fraktion : Nebokki : [Resopal Red]
Alex Under : D (Multiplicanciones 2) : [Apnea]
Dub Kult : On And On (Guido Schneider Remix) : [Raum…Musik]
Fusiphorm : Am I? : [Foundsound]
Marlow & Delhia : Movin (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) : [Moon Harbour]
Alter Ego : Daktari (Matt John Remix) : [Klang Elektronik]
Vivianne Projects : Strangers With Canada : [Underl_ine]
Matt John : Jokebox : [Perlon]
Troy Pierce : 25 Bitches : [Minus]
Matt John : E Low : [Perlon]
Fraktion : Bukl : [Resopal Red]
Alex Under : C2 (Multiplicanciones 2) : [Apnea]
John Tejada : Asanebo : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Argy : Poke Her Flat : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Gui Borttano : Sozinho : [K2]
Booka Shade : Trespass 06 : [Get Physical Music]
Nutmeg : Oscar’s Shed (Rima Re-Prise) : [Neroli]
Donnacha Costello : OK, That’s Great, Start Over : [Minimise]
Depeche Mode : The Darkest Star (Holden Dub) : [NovaMute]
Frank Martinez : Road Runner : [Sender]
Eyerer & Chopstick : Electric (Williams Remix) : [Gusto Records]
Thomas Andersson : The Other Day : [BPitch Control]
Williams : Picadilly Circuits : [Get Physical Music]
Zoot Woman : Gem (Paper Faces Remix) : [Wall Of Sound]

Yeah, I’m still having some motivational/inspirational issues with getting a new show together. Hope to get that sorted this week, I bought some tasty new stuff on BeatPort last night.

August 16, 2006

Yum, Hoegaarden…

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Yum, Hoegaarden. I rarely drink alchohol at home, but tonight I really felt like some beer. It’s been a busy day at work, topped off by frustration and annoyance having to wait an hour to get a bus home. So when I finally got to my hood, I grabbed a 4 pack of these and a couple of pizzas on the way home. Now I’ve just drank all 4 rather quickly and I feel fuzzy. It’s such a nice tasting beer. God I’m such a ‘bloke’.

August 15, 2006


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Just thinking out loud… What’s happened to 5015 aka DJ Kei Fujimoto from Gifu Japan? His site has gone and he’s not been responding to e-mails? I hope all is ok, are you out there Kei?. I used to enjoy visiting his site regularly, checking out his charts, and downloading his mixes which were always full of the freshest choicest techno releases. I featured a few on my Internet radio show decoded_.

August 14, 2006

Watching you on the screen…

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I’ve watched a heap of movies over the last few days.

On Friday I went and saw the Miami Vice movie, I liked it, it’s dark and edgy, and thankfully nothing like the Hollywood ‘all action’ blockbuster movie it’s being hyped as in the movie trailers, and TV adds. Damn, that Jay-Z & Linkin Park ‘Encore/Numb’ track they’ve used is catchy! Anyway, If you like Mann’s Collateral and Heat movies, I think you’ll like Miami Vice too. I’ll try write up a little review soon.

V V’s Guy Fawkes mask

On Saturday and Sunday, I did some heavy chillin’, watched a few DVDs. Rented and watched… Match Point mmm Scarlet Johansen! Rented and watched… Happy Endings mmm Maggie Gyllenhaal! I bought and watched V For Vendetta mmm Natalie Portman, that’s such an awesome movie. I also rented and watched, err… Fun With Dick And Jane. I’ve just ruined my cred now huh? Aww come on, I needed some cheap laughs, I shouldn’t laugh though I lost my job when WorldCom collapsed, I didn’t go that crazy though! I also found myself watching…  Rambo: First Blood which was on TV until the early hours of Monday morning, but was ruined by all those mobile phone, text-message, dating, fun, chat, flirting type adds on TV at that hour, so irritating! Is that seriously how people meet other people these days?


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Sorry listeners, I don’t have a new decoded_ show for you this week. I ran out of time to get a show together last week, my upload deadline is Friday mornings.

So… you’ll be hearing a repeat of last weeks show.

If you’d like to hear it more often, you can grab yourself a copy here: 

I picked up a few 12″ records last week, some good stuff, but nothing really that mind-blowing…

A.Vivanco : Maison Doree EP : [Kahlwild]
Audio Werner : On And On EP : [Perlon]
Claude Von Stroke : Beware Of The Bird : [Dirty Bird]
Christian Jay Bolland : Rave Signal III EP : [R&S]

You’ll probably be hearing these on the next show, although I’m not sure if I can fit in those 1991 rave-techno sounds from CJ Bolland, but you never know. That ‘Rave Signal III’ EP is such a classic record, ‘Horse Power’ and ‘Mind War’ phwoar! I get a lot of flashbacks hearing them again. It’s nice to get a brand new copy of that EP. I must buy up some more of those R&S re-pressed classics… Vortex!

Thinking about things, it’s actually been many weeks since I’ve heard or bought a really ‘killer’ track/record, where have they all gone? Is everyone still on holidays up there?

August 7, 2006


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Hello to everyone that I just e-mailed… Notice the time I posted this? Can you say techno nerd?


decoded_ : Show43 : 07 Aug 2006

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Here’s what’s coming up on my decoded_ show tonight, Monday 7th August 2006, starting at 8pm Sydney [AEST] time. My show on Pulseradio is now done in a pre-recorded/uploaded show format, so that’s why you get to see the play-list before the show has been broadcast. Listen in via

Paul Kalkbrenner : Keule : [BPitch Control]
Tadeo : Tercer Rojo : [Cyclical Tracks]
Green Velvet : Never Satisfied : [Live]
Peter Dildo : Curly Blonde (Experienced Clubber Mix) : [Trackdown]
Fraktion : This Never Works : [Resopal Red]
Argy : Love Dose : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Agaric & Mathias Kaden : We Are – Volume 06 (B) : [We Are]
Fraktion : Disleb : [Resopal Red]
Matt John : The Rising Scope : [Perlon]
San Lebowski : The Reducer (B) : [Nummer]
Peter Dildo : Curly Blonde (Agnes Strange Treatments Reshake) : [Trackdown]
Sebo K : Horizons : [Mobilee]
A.Galluzzi & P.Brtshitsch : Regenschauer (Guido Schneider Remix) : [Taksi]
Wighnomy Brothers : Moppal Kiff : [Freude-Am-Tanzen]
John Tejada : Calibration : [Scape]
False : Bathe : [Minus]
Gui Boratto : The Rising Evil : [Kompakt Extra]
Dominik Eulberg : Der Buchdrucker : [Traum]
Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn : Gamma Fix : [Spinifex]
Petter : Some Polyphony : [Border Community]
Extrawelt : Titelheld (FSK18) : [Cocoon]
Tres Demented : BrainFreeze : [Planet E]
Pascal F.E.O.S : Tanzbombe : [Level Non Zero]
A Guy Called Gerald : Time To Jak : [Sender]
Chris Wood : Seis O Seis : [Level Non Zero]
Night On Earth : Crux : [Kick Boxer]
Matt Star : Von Ton Zu Ton : [Weave]
Andre Crom & Tigerskin : Notaufnahme : [Liebe*Detail]
Surgeon : Floorshow Part.1 (B1) : [CounterBalance]

The blue text in the play-list above indicates the debut play of a release on the show. That’s something that’s important to me, having new music regularly on the show. In saying that, it’s also fun to dust off and re-visit some older releases too. This week I give Green Velvet’s classic ‘Never Satisfied’ a spin, Discogs tells me it was released in 1997. Another blast from the past on the show… A Guy Called Gerald is featured, with a new production, I’m guessing a remake of Chip E’s classic ‘Time To Jak’, it’s new out on the Sender label.

As with most decoded_ shows things start out minimal and then build intensity as they head towards more electro-house territory, I like a bit of variety. There’s some great production work on the new Border Community release by Petter ‘Some Polyphony’, although with the beats dropping in and out so often, I’m not sure how that would work on a dance floor, but it’s a great listen.

Also on the show, this week I feature the other side of Carl Craig’s new Tres Demented release, I don’t think fans of the previous Tres Demented release are going to ‘get’ this one… “You give me brain freeze baby!!” umm yeah? Tony Rohr’s Weave label goes the minimal with a great new release from Matt Star, thanks for the pre-release mp3 Beatport. To finish up the show this week, a track from a producer who has not been played on the show for years… Surgeon, with a really nice deep track from his new ‘Floorshow Part 1 EP’ out on his CounterBalance label, which had been quiet for over a year.

Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the sounds! Comments welcome!

Cheers Dave

August 6, 2006


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It’s been a long time since I’ve maintained an on-line space for myself and/or my musical activities. I’m hoping a blog format should make for a much easier way to keep content updated.

As well as general blogging about stuff that interests me, one of the things I want to use this blog for is communicating the happenings of my streaming Internet radio show decoded_. Yes it’s still going! This will be the place to find updates, play-lists, information, and charts etc.


My Internet radio show decoded_ is on every Monday 8pm-10pm Sydney [AEST] time. Broadcast via

Yes you have to ‘tune’ into the show from the Pulseradio site at a fixed day/time, much like with a programme on FM radio. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of an outdated concept with all the time/format-shifting, podcasting, downloading stuff around these days. Speaking of podcasts, I will be making some mp3s of previous shows available via this blog, but I would really appreciate your support listening to the show when it’s on. Having listeners will keep it alive!

Pulseradio features a range of DJ-mix/dance music shows from all over the planet, it began in Sydney in the late 1990’s, coming together out of an IRC chat channel, that’s how I got involved too.

decoded_ is produced/presented by me… DJ Dave McCann (absolutley no chance of making this an annonymous blog now huh! hehehe). The show is a 2 hour DJ-mix of music, with a minimum amount of voice-overs (I edit them on after a mix is recorded). 

The music I mix up and feature would probably sit amongst the: minimal, tech-house, techno and electro-house styles of electronic dance music, lots of producers and labels from Germany feature mostly these days. 

DJ mixing wise, I’m still based on 12″ vinyl records via turntables, but I’m also using mp3s (purchased on-line) as well. As much as I love vinyl, I’ll probably move to using more mp3s in future, it certainly allows me to have fresher music sooner, and there’s a lot of great net-label stuff out there.

A little history… I started weekly broadcasting with Pulseradio in May 2000, over 6 years ago now. I’ve always had a Monday night timeslot. Originally my show was called “TechFunked” featuring lots of energetic, funky, tribal, melodic, percussive techno sounds. I featured many live guest DJs, lots of my DJ friends, and DJs from Sydney’s techno scene. Over the years as I’ve got older and mellowed so too have my tastes in sounds, they’ve also got wider. I realised there wasn’t much ‘tech-funk’ being played on the show anymore, so TechFunked got reborn as decoded_ in July 2005. I took the name from the short-lived Thursday night club that my mates Brad, Ant (who came up with the name) and I did for a while at the Burdekin hotel.

There’s been a lot of technical changes over the years with Pulseradio, moving from 16k mono mp3 streams via dial-up modems, to 64k mono mp3 streams via broadband, broadcasting live from our homes (all over the planet) to a Shoutcast server, to now Pulseradio offering 128k stereo mp3, Windows Media, and Real Audio streams.

We used to have a lot of fun interracting with listeners via an IRC chat channel during our live streaming shows, giving shout-outs and playing particular tracks/artists as it was requested, but sadly that got left behind when Pulseradio changed to the pre-recorded/uploaded show format we have now, the plus being Pulseradio now has much higher audio quality streaming, multiple streaming formats, and better quaility control.

Another big change in the Pulseradio history, happened earlier this year when Partysan took over operations of Pulseradio from the original founders. There’s a great new website, but as it’s still coming together we DJ/show presenters have lost all our on-line text based communication channels with our listeners/site visitors. There’s currently no forums, or show track-listings on the site. So… you’ll find it all here from now on.

Cheers Dave

And so it begins…

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Hello and welcome to my blog. Thanks to Dave G for setting it up for me.

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