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March 22, 2010

R18+ Video game rating… Great news!

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South Park - Make Love Not Warcraft

An R18+ video games rating/classification is a step closer to being introduced in Australia, following the resignation of South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, the only AG against it.

This is excellent news! No more banned games, no more games with disturbing/violent content getting into the hands of kids, many games rated R18+ overseas got a MA15+ rating here. No more modified games, where the developers had to modify content in order to get the current maximum MA15+ rating to allow it for sale.

Australia is currently one of the few advanced countries in the world without the R18+ rating/classification for video games.


*UPDATE* : New Attorney-General supports R18+ game rating! Read more on

March 17, 2010


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Hello, wow, it’s March already… Life goes by faster the older you get, I’m sure of it. I hope you’re all well and all is going well.

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged any thoughts and comments here about all the music I’ve been listening to, and club/music events I’ve got out to, and continue to get out to.

I have trouble synchronising my spare time, energy, motivation and enthusiasm I think, well, that’s my excuse. Or maybe I’m just really busy, or maybe just lazy.

The truth is, work is all work no play these days, it’s brain numbing. Nights at home are spent chilling, enjoying all the wonderful TV shows discovered via channel BT with Joanne, that’s become a passion.

It’s not all TV at home though, I’m often on the PC, seeking out music, messing around with Ableton Live (never seem to progress beyond initial track ideas, but it’s fun), or spending time killing enemies inside FPS PC games, it should probably be a concern how much enjoyment I get from that. I’ll have a chat about FPS PC games soon, I must get around to installing and playing Bioshock 2 soon.

Weekends are usually always busy for us, eating out, catching up with friends and family, seeing movies, clubbing, partying, recovering. There are also the weekends where I love to just relax and do as little as possible, but it’s the busy weekends that are the most memorable and rewarding. You certainly appreciate weekends more when you work full time.

So, the blog is being neglected. I’m starting to think it would be better if I just posted up smaller, shorter, quicker things here more often than doing what I have been, which is these grand plans to write up lengthy, detailed reviews/posts with lists of tracks spotted in DJs sets. I start writing them, but they never get finished, so they’re never posted. I have a drafts folder full of them. I’m not sure there would be any benefit finishing them and posting them now, unless you really want to know the names of a bunch of tracks Joris Voorn played at Nevermind in February 2009, wow that was more than a year ago.

As suggested by James from the SydneyLovesTechno blog, I also wanted to write up a follow up on 2009, my best (and worst) of 2009 club/music wise, with charts etc. But now that we’re well into 2010, wondering if it’s still worth doing.

On that point, something that has become very clear to me, is that the most enjoyable and inspiring music things I’ve seen and experienced out over recent years have all been live performances, people playing their own music live with laptops, hardware, instruments etc. Mathew Jonson, Laurent Garnier, John Tejada, Alex Smoke, HMC, Robert Babicz, Orbital, Depeche Mode all come to mind.

I’m just not hearing or seeing anything that interesting in DJ sets these days, I’m not being inspired but a set of music. Considering all the hardware, controllers, software around these days for DJs to use, you would think there would be a lot of cool and interesting stuff happening. Perhaps all this future DJing technology just isn’t being used within the genres of music I like. Techno isn’t technology music anymore? I don’t believe that. What’s Richie Hawtin up to? Perhaps it’s because the music isn’t as good/interesting to me anymore…

Music is still a big passion. Listening to it is a big part of my life. I’m always seeking new stuff out, collecting music, buying stuff on Beatport, downloading podcasts and DJ mixes. Or having musical trips down memory lane via YouTube clips. It’s always nice to have new stuff to listen to on my iPod on my public transport travels during the working week. I love my iPod I use it every single day.

A lot of the time at home I feel like I spend more time organising my digital music collection, than actually using it to mix with. Every weekend I think about recording some DJ mixes, but it never seems to happen, I never find the time. I can’t believe I managed to record a 2 hour mix/DJ set for my Internet radio show, every single week in years gone by. I really would love to do some more DJ mixes.

The sounds? To be honest, I’m not really hearing much unique, inspirational, special, memorable new music within the techno, tech-house, minimal, and deep-house genres I like. I had a brief love affair with nu-disco, but it’s not exciting me as much anymore. Perhaps I’ve been into it all for too long. There’s just too much stuff sounding all the same/heard it all before, too much music trying to fit in, not enough stuff pushing forward into new directions. Is it because anyone with a computer and some music software can churn out tracks now?

But it’s not all bad, it’s the rare gems I come across that keep me interested in seeking out more music, but you don’t come across them us much anymore. I’m hard to please. I’ll post up a list of music I’ve been enjoying recently, shortly.

So, like I said, I think I’ll post up shorter things more often from now on… He says after posting this essay… /me rolls eyes.

Anyway, enough dribble, hello, I’m still here, more soon.

December 16, 2009

Have Your Say : Yes We Want R18+ Video Game Classification in AU

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Alien Vs Predator

Article about it… here

September 1, 2008

PC Gaming…

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South Park - Make Love Not Warcraft

I’ve not spoken about my First Person Shooter PC gaming addiction for a while, mainly because, I’ve had nothing new to play this year! *

However, September has arrived, which means some new FPS PC games should be coming soon.

It’s annoying there have been no FPS PC games released all year, and then they are all due to hit at the same time over the Fall/Q4 period. Just perfect (NOT) to have all these CPU/GPU intensive games hit as summer arrives and the temperatures soar, meaning I have to wind back my overclock for fear of a meltdown.

I’m looking forward to checking out, buying/playing…

Far Cry 2
S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Clear Sky
Crysis Warhead
Call Of Duty 5 : World At War
The Mirror’s Egde
Left 4 Dead

Maybe, I’ll stray outside of FPS and check out Fallout 3 and Dead Space as well. Free game Battlefield Heroes looks cool too.

Some awesome looking graphics/clips around of these, check their sites.

I’ll have to wait until next year for…

F.E.A.R.2 : Project Origin
Bioshock 2 : Sea of Dreams

I hope we get to see Half Life 2 : Episode 3 next year as well.

* Grand Theft Auto IV is a 3rd person shooter, and I guess I’ve grown a bit bored of it.

May 12, 2008


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Grand Theft Auto IV

Wow, that’s a whole lot of fun. Guess what I’ll be up to every time she’s not watching TV.

November 5, 2007

Here comes a Big Daddy…

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Hello… Yes I’m still here. Blog was off-line for a bit, sorry about that, some hosting/server troubles.

Whoa, where have the last 2 months gone?

I’ve been away… Spending (too much) time in Rapture, City 17, White Forest, and within the Aperture Science Laboratories.

I’ve been doing a lot of killing! *evil laugh* Whohahahahaaar.

Yes, PC games. I’m having a heap of fun playing all these FPS (First Person Shooters) PC games:

Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
MINERVA: Metastasis a mod for Half-Life 2

I’ve also got these other FPS PC games that I’m yet to jump into:

F.E.A.R: Extraction Point
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl
Far Cry

I’m really looking forward to buying/playing Crysis (the demo is awesome), and Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare when they’re released shortly.

PC Games huh?

Yes, whilst my younger sister and friends are having babies (congratulations Nat & Stew, Paul & Heidi) I’m getting back into playing computer games… Mid-life crisis? Wanting for my early teenage years? Refusing to grow up? Yes, probably.

It’s an exciting time for FPS PC games. Some fantastic games released this year. Probably the best FPS games to date. Huge advances in enemy AI, game-play physics, large, open, interactive environments, amazing realistic graphics, immersive atmospheres and storylines. Lots of satisfying game playing fun to be had indeed. It’s fantastic to have a beast of a PC to be able to enjoy all these new games on as they’re released, and playing at full settings, with no problems at all.

I’ve been having a blast.

Portal is a really unique and fun game, such a clever concept. The cake isn’t a lie! Yum! /me sings ‘I’m still alive…” LOL.

It’s fun being back into computer games again. It takes me back to my Commodore 64 days in the 1980’s.

Speaking of Commodore 64 games… I came across this the other day… Valkyrie17 (1985) one of my favourite text/adventure games lives on… The original creator has made a free Windows version, awesome! It really makes you appreciate just how far computer games have come looking back at this.

I’m pretty selfish with my gaming though, I’m not into any of that multiplayer on-line stuff, and definitely not into WoW.

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