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June 6, 2008

I wanna be on holiday again :( *sad*

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Wow, this coming w/end, a year ago, Joanne and I were heading off on our 6 week European holiday…

Has a year gone by already? That’s gone by way too fast!

Hrmm, I’ve found that the ‘this time last year I was…’ thinking hurts much more than the ‘holiday is over, back at work’ depression, that hits you not long after the excitement of being home, sleeping in your own bed, and catching up with all your missed friends, has faded. I should add eating Vegemite to that too, I really missed it, craved it, when I was away. Won’t be leaving without it next time… Such an Aussie huh!

Patatas Bravas

Yum, Patatas Bravas!

We’ll have to drink some Sangria, and eat some tapas this w/end to remember the good times in Barcelona a year ago. It was crazy and hectic at the time, but I really miss the place now.

We’re off to Catalonia on Saturday night. Yum!

Certainly won’t be as hot outside though. It was fun to be able to skip Sydney’s winter last year. No avoiding it this year.

March 4, 2008

Steve Bug @ The Club Club – Chinese Laundry : 01.03.2008

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Steve Bug @ The Club Club - Chinese Laundry 01.03.2008. Photo by Hobietje
Photo by Hobietje taken from ITM *

After flying in from Melbourne at 9pm on Saturday, after a busy couple of days down there, I’m glad we found the energy to head out to this.

Steve Bug was great. I really enjoyed his set, and danced non-stop from start to finish. Not as special as the previous time he played in the cave, but still a great two hours of excellent, tightly mixed, quality music. There was a great groove, and lots of interesting sounds. A nice range of minimal, deep-tech-house, acid, deep-techno tracks, and a great flow between them, which is something that was missing from his set in Melbourne the night before.

There was a great up for it vibe, vocally appreciative and mostly music focused crowd in Chinese Laundry’s cave, a few over excited fan-boys about making fools of themself. Shock, horror… the cave was comfortable on this outing, cool with space to move. It makes a nice change from the packed in like sardines sweat-box experience you often get in the cave at Chinese Laundry, which was the case last week for Gui Boratto [live] I heard.

On Saturday had there been none of those inconsiderate, self absorbed, non music focused, trashy, rude, pushing past, idiots around, whose idea of dancing is to bash or fall into everyone around, it would have been a perfect night. Thankfully there were not that many of them, but enough for me to be mentioning it. I try not to let them spoil my night, however it was difficult to ignore them at the Melbourne party, being a large percentage of the crowd there. In Melbourne it felt like every person in the club was entering and exiting the dance-floor area via pushing into/through us over and over. A.D.D much? Kids these days huh! Clubbing since late 1988 you notice the change.

Back to the music… As usual with Steve Bug sets, he plays heaps of up-front, promo, un-released music. Mixing it up with Traktor Scratch (thanks for the correction) vinyls/interface, Apple laptop with external hard-disc. I only ever know a small amount of what he plays at the time, then find out more months later. Tracks we heard him play in Berlin in July 07, have only just been released in the last few months, like Afrilounge – Lux Dementia. Here’s a few tracks I knew/remember hearing on Saturday night…

Lucio Aquilina – Magic M
Sebo K – Far Out
Stimming & H.O.S.H – Radar
Ryo Murakami – Monument
SIS – Orgsa
G.Schneider, A.Galluzzi, T.Schirmacher – Albertino

Much the same tracks played in Melbourne, with the addition of…

Len Faki – My Black Sheep (Radio Slave Remix)
Ricardo Villalobos – Enfants (Chants)
Koljah – Antigua
Neville Watson & Kink – Inside Out
Plasmik – Pitch It (Claude VonStroke Remix)

* Hey I tried on and almost bought a black version of that t-shirt Steve Bug is wearing in Berlin last year, ubercoolische!

March 3, 2008

Steve Bug, Sven Vath, Gui Boratto [Live] @ QBH – Melbourne : 29.02.2008

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I’ve come back to edit in some comments about this party…

QBH has changed a lot since I was last there for the TransAtlantic6:Yellow party with Adam Beyer & Joel Mull in 2004. It seems much more opened up and brighter. It had a better vibe before, felt more like a club, darker and less like an aircraft hanger. It’s a great space for large parties though, however I never thought I would say this, but, I prefer a venue like the tiny cave in Chinese Laundry for it’s intimate vibe much more than big parties/venues now. Seeing Steve Bug at both venues mentioned here over two days really confirmed this for me.

The sound at QBH is good, but not amazing. You really have to find the right spot, there’s too much bass close to the stage, and not enough at the edges of the dance floor. I think it’s missing mid range maybe too. There was a very noticable audio quality improvement between Steve Bug with his Traktor Scratch setup and Sven with vinyl records, could have been just an increase of volume level maybe?

Lighting and projections/visuals are nice, although with that big white wall behind the stage, it makes for a very bright dance floor/club.

With expensive drink prices and $5 per item cloak charge (it was cold, we had jackets) we had to double take we were in Melbourne not Sydney.

The crowds at Melbourne techno parties have really changed over the years, and not for the better. I’ve been to many big techno parties in Melbourne since the late 1990s. Where have all the smiles gone? There were too many far gone, trashed people with really short attention spans constantly moving on/off the dance floor at this. Where’s the dancing? Where’s the Melbourne shuffle gone? Where’s the sustained music focus? Younger crowds huh! I’ve not been knocked about and bashed into that much, by as many rude people (no one says sorry) at a dance event since being in Barcelona last year. It really felt like there was a conspiracy for as many people to bump into us as much as possible.

Onto the music…

Steve Bug was already playing as we arrived just before 12. I guess he’s not really used to playing to an empty dance floor, and being the warm-up DJ anymore. I think it may have thrown him off balance somewhat. He played nice tracks, but in all the wrong order I felt, the flow was disjointed. It sounded like a struggle between wanting to play peak time tracks and having to play warm-up tracks. It was quite dissapointing, he was so much better in Sydney the next night.

Sven Vath was up next, for 3 hours. First hour was nice minimal/tech-house sounds. Next hour was harder, darker minimal/techno stuff, but somewhat bland, too many Dubfire tracks, I didn’t know much of what he played at the time. The last hour was crazy electro/synthetic German style stuff, think Alter Ego, then into some warm, fluffy house stuff to end off with. It was a nice journey of sounds.

He’s a very entertaining DJ to watch, such a trash-bag attention whore. I mean that in a good way. It’s amazing he can keep all his mixes together so tight with that all that behaviour. He really loves to party, he brings the party! As I mentioned last year, the vinyl is a big part of his performances, fanning himself with records, and waving them around above his head… Speaking of his head, he did the make a turban out of your ubercoolische tight white t-shirt trick, so his buffed, waxed chest was on show for all, you have to laugh. He was much more subdued in Frankfurt last year, played more interesting sounds too. Glad I saw him again though, he’s a legend. Didn’t make it to his Sydney performances.

Gui Boratto playing live out of an Apple laptop had a tough time following on from Sven, and playing to a 5am crowd who were finding it hard to stay focused. I was expecting big things after all the hype about Gui’s off-the-hook performance in Sydney the week before at Chinese Laundry. To be blunt, I found him really boring, and I’m a big fan of his productions, and have bought many of them both on vinyl and mp3. I didn’t recognise anything he played until about 40 minutes in, and the sounds of ‘Gate 7’ rolled in, but by then he had already lost me. I was really hoping to hear ‘Decay’ but it never came. Not sure if he was having technical troubles, but transitions between sounds/tracks didn’t go smooth and he was heads down in his laptop screen and controller the whole performance. Much of his set reminded me of his track with Martin Eyerer ‘The Beach’ which has a nice deep minimal beauty, but for me is much more of a listening to than dance-floor style track. I felt with what he played he was being too intricate for a crowd who just wanted more doof doof. He needed to have started with more intensity, not slowly build up to it. He would have worked better being on before Sven, or even Steve. Probably should have seen him at Chinese Laundry in Sydney, would have worked better for his minimal sounds.

It was cool to go to another Melbourne party, but it wasn’t really a special night, surprising with such a good line-up.

Photo’s here…

Some of the music spotted during Sven’s entertaining 3 hour set…

Meat Katie & D.Ramirez – Stop The Revolution (Dubfire Remix)
Dubfire – Emmisions
Sebbo – Watamu Beach
Martin Buttrich – Hunter
Etienne Jaumet – Repeat Again After Me (Ame Remix)
Steve Rachmad – Moog On Acid
Lucio Aquilina – Magic M
G.Schneider, A.Galluzzi, T.Schirmacher – Albertino
Supermayer – Two Of Us
Alter Ego – Why Not?
Style of Eye – The Big Kazoo
Plastikman – Spastik (Dubfire Remix)
Mikael Stavostrand – Q Fresa (Andomat 3000 Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – Too Much Love (Rub’N’Tug Mix)
Joris Voorn – The Deep
James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan – Tropical Heights (Ink & Needle Remix)
Pepe Bradock – Rhapsody In Pain (Live)

March 2, 2008

Melbourne : 29 Feb / 1 Mar 2008

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Melbourne tram

On Friday/Saturday Joanne and I had a nice little get-away in Melbourne. The main reason we went to Mexico, was to go to a techno party on Friday night at QBH, featuring Steve Bug, Sven Vath and Gui Boratto [live]. It’s always fun to spend time in Melbourne, funky shops, great food, nice relaxed vibe, friendly people, and it’s lovely to catch up with our Melbourne friends.

We got a really cheap, last minute, return air-fare and accomodation deal through VirginBlue, staying a night at the Jasper Hotel. It’s quite nice, It looks like an old hotel that’s had a trendy colourful make-over. We stayed on the lime green 8th floor, in room 808, how very techno! We were on the Queen Victoria Market facing side, so come Saturday morning we were woken by lots of noise from below. Paying extra for late check out, allowing for a sleep-in, was well worth it, we didn’t get in until near 6am after the party.

We had some great food in Melbourne, as you do. We had excellent Japanese for lunch on Friday at the little hidden away gem, that is Yu-U. For dinner we ate at Bistro Vue at Vue De Monde and had delicious Jamon, Foie Gras and amazing Wagyu beef. On Sunday we caught up with friends and ate a late breakfast at one of our fave Brunswick Street, Fitroy cafes Babka Bakery Cafe. It’s always great to eat some yummy Trampoline gelato when in Melbourne too, such amazing flavours. Try the lickrish, and peanut nutter flavours, awesome! The lemon and pistachio are still my faves. I think I like this gelato even better than Adelaide’s Alfrescos gelato now.

It’s fun in Melbourne to catch the trams around, a novelty for us Sydney folk, and check out all the groovy little shops in the arcades in the city, up and down Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, and in the massive Melbourne Central complex. I’ve missed checking out shops up/down around Chappel Street, and Greville Street Prahran/South Yarra the last few visits to Melbourne, must do that next time.

Joanne scored some chocolates, jewellery and was very excited to find and buy an FM3 Buddha Machine (see my post about Robert Henke’s Layering Buddha below). I scored a couple of ubercoolische t-shirts, but failed again on finding any sneakers I like in Melbourne. On Saturday afternoon we got very distracted by all the amazing gormet foods in the Simon Johnson store. The 70% dark chocolate Chocolate Santander brand we got from there was awesome. Made for some intense dreams that night.

I’ve been to Melbourne so many times now I’ve lost count. It’s always an enjoyable place to visit.

July 28, 2007

Holiday memories…

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Some of the other things we got up to on our holiday, places we went, things we did, sights we saw… I’ll set up a Flickr account soon and start posting up some photo’s. More things to be added, trying to remember it all…

Barcelona (Spain)
Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
Parc Güell & Casa-Museu Gaudí
La Ramblas
Mercat de Sant Josep o la Boquería
Girona (Catalonia, Spain)
Figueres (Girona)
Teatre-Museu Dalí (Figueres)
Mies Van Der Rohe German Pavilion
La Pedrera by Antoni Gaudí
Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona
Forum Building/Area

Frankfurt-Am-Main (Germany)
Hammering Man Statue
Zum Gemalten Haus
Schnittstelle Mastering & Vinylschnitt
Galeria Kaufhof
Oceans 13 (Film)
Diehard 4.0 (Film)
Delirium Records
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof
River Main

Cologne (Köln Germany)
Kolner Dom
Museum Ludwig
Kompakt Records
Schokoladenmuseum Köln (Lindt Chocolate Museum)
River Rhine

Paris (France)
Musée de l’Orangerie
Musée Marmottan
Musée d’Orsay
Centre Pompidou
Arc de Triomphe
Tour Eiffel
La Défense Grande Arche
Exposition 1940-1990 Histories D’Informatique
Giverny (Paris France)
Monet’s Water Garden, Gardens & Home (Giverny)
Musée d’Art Américain (Giverny)
Auvers-sur-Oise (Paris France)
The Church at Auvers
The Town Hall at Auvers
Auberge Ravoux dite Maison de Van Gogh (Auvers)
Grave of Vincent (& Theodore) Van Gogh (Auvers)
River Seine

Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Spaarnwoude (Netherlands)
Awakenings ‘Awakefest’ Festival 2007

Berlin (Germany)
Fernsehturm – TV Tower
Brandenburg Gate
Mies Van Der Rohe Neue Nationalgalerie
19th Century French Masterpieces from Metropolitan Museum Of Art NY Exhibiton
River Spree
Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation of Berlin-Charlottenburg
Terry Brewer Walking Tour
Spandau Zitadelle
Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium – Bell Tower
Berlin 1939-1945 (Allied Forces) War Cemetry
WWII & Cold War bunkers tour
Frank Gehry DZ Bank Berlin
Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Pergamon Museum
Museum Island
Potsdamer Platz
Sony Centre Potsdamer Platz

Ka De We
Rotation Records
Hardwaz Records
Berlin Zoo Knut
Absinth Depot
Musikinstrumenten Museum
Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery
Gräfenhainichen (Germany)
Radis (Germany)
BVG U-Bahn

Portsmouth (Hampshire UK)
Southsea (Portsmouth)
Spinnaker Tower
Gunwharf Quays
Historic Dockyard – HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, Mary Rose

Bath (Somerset UK)
The Pump Room
Jane Austin Centre

Windsor (Berkshire UK)
Windsor Castle
St George’s Chapel

London (England UK)
Tate Modern
Dali & Film Exhibition
Millenium Bridge
London Underground ‘The Tube’

Singapore Changi Airport Shopping City

July 26, 2007

The final scores are in…

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Narod Niki @ Sonar 2007

The final scores are in…

Here are all the techno/minimal DJs and live acts my girlfriend and I saw during our travels in Europe/UK, on our fantastic 6 week holiday during June/July 2007.

Some of these people we saw for hours, others we only saw for minutes. We often found many of the people we wanted to see were all on at the same time in different rooms/areas. This isn’t the full line-ups of these parties/events/club nights, I’m just listing the people who we saw play.

Sonar Festival 2007 – Day 1 – Barcelona : Thu 14 June 2007
James Holden

Raum Player 2007 Music Festival – Barcelona : Thu 14 Jun 2007
Matt John, Audiojack, Ryan Crosson/Berg Nixon, Glimpse [live]
Herve AK, Ripperton

Sonar Festival 2007 – Night 1 – Barcelona : Thu 14 June 2007
Narod Niki [live] (laptops based live band featuring… Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Mark Ernestus
Moritz Von Oswald, Dandy Jack, Zip, Luciano, Thomas Melchoir)

Plantage 13 Night @ Moog Club – Barcelona : Fri 15 Jun 2007
Goldfish Und Der Dulz [live], Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin [live]

Intergroove Party @ Club Fellini – Barcelona : Fri 15 Jun 2007
Robert Babicz [live], Ripperton, Matthias Tanzmann, DJ T. (Replaced no-show Thomas Schumacher)

Sonar Festival 2007 – Day 3 – Barcelona : Sat 16 June 2007
Claro Intelecto [live]

Sonar Festival 2007 – Night 3 – Barcelona : Sat 16 June 2007
Devo [live], Cristian Vogel [live]
JPLS [live], Tractile [live], Tadeo Vs Damien Schwartz [live]
Dixon (Innervisions), Mathew Dear’s Big Hands (live band) [live]

Poker Flat Night @ Razzmatazz/The Loft – Barcelona : Sat 16 June 2007
Patrick Chardronnet [live], Guido Schneider, Agoria Vs Oxia

Minus Night @ City Hall – Barcelona : Sun 17 June 2007
Magda, Rebekah Auf

Cocoon – Offenbach (Frankfurt-Am-Main) : Fri 22 Jun 2007
Sven Väth, Sleeparchive (w/ DJ Pete) [live]

Robert Johnson – Offenbach (Frankfurt-Am-Main) : Sat 23 Jun 2007
Max Mohr [live], Optimo

Awakenings ‘Awakefest’ Festival 2007 – Festivalterrein Spaarnwoude (Amsterdam) : Sat 30 Jun 2007
Martin Buttrich [live], Joris Voorn [live], Anja Schneider, Polder [live]
Mathias Kaden, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle [live]
Magda, Marek Hemmann [live], Agoria, Wighnomy Brothers
Bart Skills & 2000 & One, Pig & Dan, British Murder Boys [live], Green Velvet
Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Steve Rachmad, The Advent [live]
Dave Clarke, Joey Beltram, Robert Hood, Jay Denham

Love Family Park 2007 Festival – Hanau (Frankfurt-Am-Main) : Sun 1 Jul 2007
Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin Vs Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano

LFP 2007 After Party @ Cocoon – Offenbach (Frankfurt-Am-Main) : Sun 1 Jul 2007
Andre Galluzzi, Karotte Vs Dominik Eulberg Vs Andre Galluzzi

Hafen 2 – Offenbach (Frankfurt-Am-Main) : Wed 4 Jul 2007
Omar S

Minus Night @ Week12End – Berlin : Fri 6 Jul 2007
Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Marc Houle [live], Troy Pierce
Ambivalent [live]

Perlonized @ Panorama Bar (Berghain) – Berlin : Fri 6 Jul 2007
Fumiya Tanaka, Zip

Poker Flat Night @ Water-Gate – Berlin : Sat 7 Jul 2007
Argy, Steve Bug, Phonique, Martin Landsky
Martini Bros [live], Patrick Gräser, Guido Schneider

Electronic Waves #2 @ Spindler & Klatt – Berlin : Sun 8 Jul 2007
Matt John, The Dose [live], Daniel Dreier, Marcel Dettman

Melt Festival 2007 (Day 1) @ Ferropolis – Gräfenhainichen (Germany) : Fri 13 Jul 2007
Onur Ozer Vs Mathias Kaden, Alex Smoke [live], Magda
Marc Houle [live], Troy Pierce, Richie Hawtin, Autechre [live]
DJ Koze, Tiefschwarz, Abe Duque

Tresor – Berlin : Sat 14 Jul 2007
Daniel Bell, Stewart Walker [live], Suzi Wong, Liquid, Dry

Club Maria – Berlin : Sat 14 Jul 2007
Dan Curtin, Jeremy P. Caulfield

Panorama Bar (Berghain) – Berlin : Sat 14 Jul 2007
Jesse Rose

Berghain – Berlin : Sat 14 Jul 2007
Ben Klock [live], Len Faki Vs Ben Klock, Paul Brtschitsch [live]

Fabric – London : Sat 21 Jul 2007
British Murder Boys [live], Vex’d [live], Digital Mystikz, Monolake [live]
Craig Richards, Ricardo Villalobos, Omar S

Yep, a lot of great music there!

July 24, 2007

London – Fabric and back Home…

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We’re back home safe in Sydney, all is well.

Love your comment Paul! I have to say… Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 was a shocker! We’ll never depart from that airport ever again, warning… rant coming up!

We only just made our plane, due to depart at 12.30pm and we arrived at the airport at 7am! We processed our tax refunds, checked in our baggage, and then it took hours to get through all the security screening/x-ray areas. The new security measures in place at Heathrow are extreme. Some people got screened/x-rayed 3 times! It’s all random depending on what queue you chose to line-up in. So many people, so many queues!

What most annoyed us is now you’re only allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage if you depart from Heathrow. No other airport has this limitation.

Joanne and I both had very full back-packs plus I had a record bag, and Joanne had another bag (sack) full of Europe’s finest chocolates. Our multiple bags didn’t agree with the one piece of cabin baggage policy. The solution (as advised by staff)… stick them together in a large plastic bag, and carry it as if it’s a single item until you’re through the security screening/x-ray areas. Stupid huh! How much fun do you think carrying a full back-pack and record bag together in a plastic bag in your arms is, for the hours it took to get through security?!?! Not very much! My arms were killing me!

Once we got through all of that drama we then only had about 10 minutes to look around the food, shops, and duty free area (with the other 1000s of people) until our flight was due to board.

However… the actual gate our plane was departing from had not been advised, and then was only indicated 10 minutes before the flight was actually due to depart! and it instantly showed ‘Flight Closing’! Panic! Oh, and how convenient that the gate we needed to get to was right over the other side of the terminal! We did the mad dash, then hit another queue, as every other passanger for our flight did the same mad dash. Then… another security check at the gate/lounge. But wait that’s not all… Now we’re going to cram you all into a bus to take you to the actual plane, which is… over the other side of the airport! Arghhh!

Once we were borded, we were further delighted at being delayed for 50 minutes before the plane could taxi and take-off. Arghhh!

You can imagine our mood after all that. Dark, very dark. Oh, I forgot to mention, to add to this… we also had had no sleep prior, having gone stright from Fabric (club), via a confusing early morning drive out of central London in the pouring rain, to quickly freshen up/shower up, pack up at Sandra & Mall’s place back in Lee/Greenwich, then had to drive to the airport car hire return, return the hire car, then onto the airport terminal via a shuttle bus, which was delayed by a road accident.

I sound like a whinging pom hum!

Anyway, all good now, we know for next time… avoid Heaththrow! Deep breath… rant over.


Beta, if you’re reading, I now know why you dislike Fabric so much. The club is awesome, great spaces, excellent sound and lighting, but the crowd… is horrible. The push/shove on the dance-floor was even worse than what we had had to deal with across Europe at many clubs. Fabric has a very ethnic/mixed crowd too. B.M.B were great, very punishing, with relentless beats, a different sound to their Awakenings set, which had more broken beats, and changes of intensity, they played 4am-6.30am. Heard a little of Ricardo Villalobos on the way out, but the main room was way too packed, so packed I don’t know how people actually dance in there! He didn’t start till 5.30am! At one point we bumped into Jamie from Infusion there, which was a laugh. We heard many of the other people playing around the club for the couple of hours before B.M.B started up, didn’t like much of what we heard… nasty drum’n’bass, funky house, and grime. Dinner and drinks prior with… AC & DWC 🙂 was very nice, a fun night, lovelly to meet and chat to their guests/friends too, shouts to Rony and Maggot! It was really nice to have been invited out and to meet them. Whilst on the way out from dinner and drinks we bumped into Marc Houle and had a nice chat too.

July 21, 2007

The music…

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Thanks to Sandra & Mal’s laptop I’ve had a chance to finally catch up on some Internet music stuff, iTunes, Juno, Beatport etc. Confirming some track ID’s, finding some of the music we’ve been hearing on our travels. Nice to grab some new tracks, podcasts, and mixes for my entertainment on the flight/s home.

Some of the new minimal/techno tracks we’ve been hearing out during our travels, that we’ve been loving, confirmed…

*EDIT* : Found a bunch more since getting back, added them to the list

Simon Baker - Plastik [Playhouse]

Argy – Unreliable Virgin [Cocoon]
Sascha Dive – Down Edit (Argy Mix) [Raum…Musik]
Blackstrobe – I’m A Man (Audion Donation Mix) [Playlouder Recordings]
Rejected – Lost [Rejected]
Simon Baker – Plastik [Playhouse]
Einzelkind – Spam Bot [Playhouse]
Jesse Rose – Itchy Dog [Dub Sided]
Troy Pierce – Lost On The Way To DC10 (Berlin Version) [Minus]
Mountain People – Mountain003 [Mountain People]
Curtiss Lee – 3 Fingers [Dumb Unit]
Joris Voorn – Decay [Green]
Pele – Childhood’s End [Connaisseur Superior]
Tadeo – Eclipse [Apnea]
Anja Schneider – Belize [Mobilee]
Phonique – Bang [Dessous]
T.G – Cave The Speakers (Konrad Black Remix) [Four:Twenty]
False – Fed On Youth [Minus]
Bart Skills & Anton Pieete – The Running Man [100% Pure]
Holger Zilske – Enduro Disco / Aura [Leena]
Dominik Eulberg – Grunschenkel (2000 & One Remix) [Traum]
Marcin Czubala – Consigliere [Mobilee]
Dennis Ferrer – Son Of Raw (Loco Dice Remix) [Objektivity]
Martinez – Land-Crab/Angvault [Re:Connected]
Vinyl – The Weasel [RebelOne]
Robag Wruhme & Rolf Oksen – Dopamin [Freude-Am-Tanzen]
Petre Inspirescu – Sakadat [VinylClub]
Samin – Heater [Get Physical Music]
Paul Ritch – Messene [Get Physical Music]
Skoozbot – Next To Monchhichi [Plus 8]
Simon Baker – The Fly (MyMy Remix) [Connaisseur Superior]
Italoboyz – Viktor Casanova [Mothership]
Shlomi Aber – Freakside [Ovum]

Ahhh, nice to be back in touch with the music.


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Mornin’ It’s our last full day in London today. We fly back to Sydney tomorrow around noon, sad our holiday is over, it’s been fantastic.

We ventured into the chaos that is central London yesterday, travelling on the train from Lee, near Greenwich, where we’re staying. We took a double-decker bus ride, not really having a plan of where to go/what to see, and wanting to escape the insane amount of people in Victoria Station and ended up near the Tate Modern art gallery/museum. We were delighted to find that a Salvidor Dali exhibition ‘Dali & Film’ is currently showing.

‘Dali & Film’ was an excellent exhibition, fantastic to finally see many of his most well known surrealism pieces, like the “Persistence Of Memory” the one with the melting clocks. It was really small though, it’s only about 30cm across. I love how the closer you get to his works, the more things you see, so detailed! Many of these works were not at his museum in Figueres Spain at the time we visited, although that museum was amazing regardless. The exhibition at the Tate Modern also had a number of films that Salvidor Dali was involved with, like the dream sequence in Hitchcock’s ‘Spellbound’. We saw the most amazing short animated film, called “Destino” a creation by Dali & Walt Disney animator John Hench, made in 1946. The project was abandoned as it was too controversial at the time, and has only recently been digitally brought to life. It was like a living Salvidor Dali painting, very surreal, amazing! There are some YouTube clips of it if you hunt around. We’ve seen some amazing art on our travels.

We had a fantastic time last night, catching up with a big group of old and new friends at an excellent Tapas restaurant in Islington. A really fun night! Much love to you all, was fantastic to see you all.

We also had a few journeys on the tube, packed in like sardines, sweating it up. Heavy rains and flooding caused chaos on the tube lines yesterday. I think we might try check out the Portabello Road Market, or have a look around Covent Garden/Soho, and Oxford Street today.

We’re off to see British Murder Boys [live] at Fabric tonight. We’ve been invited out prior to dinner with… 🙂 as well, excited. Also playing are… Ricardo Villalobos, Craig Richards, Omar S, Monolake [live], Vex’d [live] and more… across 3 rooms.

Much love and huge thanks to our hosts during our travels… Andreas & Iris, Gino & Carmen, Bec & Greg, Sandra & Mal. Also sending out much love to all our friends around Europe and UK. We’ll see all you Aussie friends down under very soon…

Love D & J

July 19, 2007

Great Britian

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British Flag

Hello from Windsor UK.

We stayed with Bec & Greg last night in their beautiful home in Windsor, wonderful to catch up with them, and Bec made us a lovelly dinner, thanks and much love to you both. I’m currently using Bec’s little MacBook. We’ve had an exciting morning already with Greg taking us for a quick spin in his Porsche 911 Carrera 4, phwoaaar! We pushed him into it Bec he wasn’t showing off. We’re off to have a look around Windsor, Windsor Castle and Eton shortly.

We’ve got a hire car whilst we’re in the UK this week, the last week of our holiday. Hertz gave us a very sexy black Audi A4, as Borat would say… Very Niiiice! We travelled from Southsea Portsmouth via Bath to Windsor yesterday. It’s so green and lush over here, we’ve driven through some beautiful scenery, and lovelly old towns, unfortuntaley there’s never anywhere to pull over to take photos. We didn’t spend long in Bath, we have both been there before. It’s a beautiful place. We had high tea in the Pump Room, so Joanne was very happy.

We actually arrived in the UK on Monday, flying from Berlin. We spent a couple of days catching up with Joanne’s second cousins in Southsea Portsmouth, which was wonderful, very friendly welcoming people. We loved the cooked full English breakfasts. We had a look around the new Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays shopping area, and visited the top of the new Spinnaker Tower. I had a look around the historic dockyard, and saw the old HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, and Mary Rose. These dockyards are where all the convicts bound for Australia left from, part of our heritage.

This evening we’re off to Greenwich to stay with Sandra & Mal, and we’ll have a few days in London to see some sights. Marshall’s brother Stu works at Phonica Records now, so we’ll be popping in to say hello. It will be fantastic to meet up with all our ex-Aussie mates living in London. More clubbing? Yes! We’re off to Fabric on Saturday night, to see British Murder Boys and Ricardo Villalobos. We’re not looking forward to flying home for 20+ hours direct from clubbing… We’ll be back in Sydney on Monday. This has been an awesome holiday. Have spent way too much $, as you do…

Much love D & J

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