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September 11, 2017

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : September 2017 – December 2017

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Party! Party! Party!

Club nights/events with international (and local) techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house etc. DJs & live acts (and live bands) in Sydney Australia…

I made it out to the red ones.


01.09.2017 : GAUCI [Live], Midnight Lady, BV @ The Lady Hampshire
02.09.2017 : Tony Humphries, Simon Caldwell, Ken Cloud, Jimmi James @ RBMA Weekender Pres… Zanzibar Meets Mad Racket – Marrickville Bowlo
03.09.2017 : Carl Craig Synthesizer Ensemble @ Sydney State Theatre
07.09.2017 : Matt Lush, David McCann, Monako, N-Va @ Rivet Takeover – The Bunk3r
09.09.2017 : Kenny Larkin @ Spektrum Pres… – Burdekin Hotel
15.09.2017 : PVT [Live], Nico Niquo [Live], Dongelis [Live] @ The Lansdowne Hotel
15.09.2017 : Hannah Lockwood [Live], Chunyin [Live], Jónó Mí Ló [Live], Malchance [Live], Ingredient [Live] @ Glove Pres… A Night Of Electronic Dance – The Gaelic Club
16.09.2017 : Shifted, Dave Stuart Vs David Bangma, Val York @ Something Else & People’s Club Pres… – The Bunk3r
17.09.2017 : Shifted @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
22.09.2017 : Qu-Zen @ .darkroom / All Night Long – The Bunk3r
22.09.2017 : Nthng, Asquith, Daze + More – Ghostly Pres… Lobster Theremin Showcase – Club 77
23.09.2017 : Marco Resmann @ Nights Like This Pres… – Goodbar
23.09.2017 : A Made Up Sound, Lawrence English, Cassius Select [Live], Phile x Divide And Dissolve [Live], DIN (Rainbow Chan & Moon Holiday) [Live], Vic App + More @ Soft Centre – Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
23.09.2017 : TGMN, Via App, Cranioid @ Soft Centre Afterparty – Undisclosed Location
23.09.2017 : DJ Kiti, Trinity, Oscar Mike, Analogue Resistance [Live], Dave Stuart @ Something Else & Nightime Drama – The Bunk3r
24.09.2017 : Giverny [Live], Aikonawena [Live] @ Royal Hotel Bondi
30.09.2017 : Slam, Oliver Huntemann, Kevin Saunderson, Christian Smith @ Days Like This – Greenwood Hotel
30.09.2017 : Charlotte De Witte, Qu-Zen + More @ Zoo Sunset Boat Party (Sydney Harbour Cruise) – MV ?
30.09.2017 : Charlotte De Witte, Reboot + More @ Zoo Project Pres… – Bridge Hotel Rozelle
30.09.2017 : Diego Krause, Monika Ross, Secret Guest, Andrew Wowk, Jordan Peters, Monako, Andres Andres, Dave Stuart + More @ Mantra Collective, Cause & Something Else Pres… (3 Floors, 9pm-12pm Next Day) – Oxford Hotel / The Bunk3r
30.09.2017 : Oliver Huntemann @ Goodbar
30.09.2017 : Christian Smith, Slam + More @ Days Like This After Party – Burdekin Hotel


01.10.2017 : Mike Dunn @ Harpoon Harry’s House Party #6 – Harpoon Harry
06.10.2017 : Kate Doherty, Gav Whalan, Shepz, Robbie Lowe, Zigmon @ Church Of Techno – The Techno Bug – The Bunk3r
06.10.2017 : Simon Caldwell @ All Night Long : Peoples Club – Goodbar
06.10.2017 : Matt Lush, TGMN, Kato @ Alien – Club 77
08.10.2017 : Methodix @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
08.10.2017 : Mark Dynamix, Jade To Grey, Nick ‘Enola Gray @ Jack The House & Deluxe Productions Pres.. Electronique – Harpoon Harrys
13.10.2017 : Mark Dynamix, Andrew Wowk, Young Jase + More @ Jack The House 8 – Slyfox Hotel
20.10.2017 : Giverny [Live], Nocturnal Tapes [Live] @ Oxford Circus
14.10.2017 : Snuff [Live], Tunnel Signs, Xerstorkitte, Luster, Laplustre (Estée Louder & DJ Sveta) @ Incub8 & Control Pres… Hybrid II – Red Rattler Theatre
20.10.2017 : Matt Lush @ All Night Long : Peoples Club – Goodbar
21.10.2017 : Dave Aju, Jimmi James, Ken Cloud, Zootie, Simon Caldwell @ Mad Racket – 19th Birthday – Marrickville Bowlo
28.10.2017 : UVB, Gav Whalan, David McCann, Dan Rossi, Analogue Resistance [Live] @ .darkroom – Portugal Madeira Club
29.10.2017 : Hannah Lockwood @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77


02.11.2017 : Anya, Jahra, Andres Andres @ Bunk3r Thursday – The Bunk3r
03.11.2017 : Tred, Thick Owens, Kato @ Alien – Club 77
04.11.2017 : Prosumer, Magda Bytnerowicz, Adi Toohey B2B Kali @ Picnic Pres… – Civic Underground
11.11.2017 : Container [Live], Hannah Lockwood [Live], Nerve, Mob, Video Ezy, La Suffocated @ Obsidian Sydney – Marrickville Bowlo
11.11.2017 : Trebek, Peter Dinger, Trinity, Matt Lush, Katia Avorodis, Oscar Mike, Dave Stuart @ Nightime Drama 009 EP Launch – Tokyo Sing Song
11.11.2017 : Nastia @ LNDRY – Chinese Laundry
15.11.2017 : HTRK [Live], Julianna Barwick [Live], DJ Tim Jenkins @ Mistletone Records & Touring Pres… – The Red Rattler Theatre
16.11.2017 : HTRK [Live], Julianna Barwick [Live], DJ Tim Jenkins @ Mistletone Records & Touring Pres… – Cake Wines Cellar Door
17.11.2017 : Extrawelt @ TBA – Jam Gallery
17.11.2017 : Bass To Pain Converter, Qu-Zen, Alec Sander, Shepz, Zigmon @ Church Of Techno : The Techno Bug – The Bunk3r
18.11.2017 : Giverny [Live], Electric Zenra [Live], Wolves In Fashion [Live], The Knowgoods @ Electric Zebra Serpico Tour (Sydney) – The Hideaway Bar
18.11.2017 : DJ Bone, Matt Lush, Lazy Susan @ Charades & Something Else – The Bunk3r
18.11.2017 : Daniel Avery (All Night Long) @ Fuzzy & Motorik Pres… – Oxford Art Factory
18.11.2017 : Oxia @ Blueprint & Zoo Project Pres… – Manning Bar

~~ Unsound Adelaide 2017

19.11.2017 : Robin Fox [Live], Pharmakon [Live], Wolf Eyes [Live] @ Unsound Adelaide 2017 (Performance) – Thebarton Theatre
19.11.2017 : Sacrifices B2B Bby Angel B2B Rosa Maria, Amnesia Scanner, Bill Kouligas, Aurora Halal [Live] @ Unsound Adelaide 2017 (Club) – Fowler’s Live
20.11.2017 : Kara-Lis Coverdale [Live], Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas [Live], Holly Herndon [Live], Porter Ricks [Live] @ Unsound Adelaide 2017 (Performance) – Thebarton Theatre
20.11.2017 : Corin [Live], Varg, Errorsmith, DJ Richard @ Unsound Adelaide 2017 (Club) – Fowler’s Live
21.11.2017 : Ambarchi / Abrahams / Avenaim [Live], N.M.O [Live], Señor Coconut [Live] @ Unsound Adelaide 2017 (Performance) – Thebarton Theatre


04.11.2017 : Kate Doherty, Gabe Fernandes, Special Circumstances (Tim Boot), Harrison Saul @ Something Techno – The Bunk3r
25.11.2017 : Trinity, Wild Fox B2B Nine One, Porridge DJs @ Porridge (5am) – Club 77
25.11.2017 : Sebastian Mullaert [Live], Phile [Live], Slyde [Live] @ .darkroom – Portugal Madeira Club (Sydney) ** Venue Change = The Bunk3r
25.11.2017 : Nick Curly, Marc Romboy, Dave Angel, Plump DJs, Anna, Coming Soon + More TBA @ Earthcore In The Park (Sydney) Festival 2017 – Scheyville National Park ** Event Cancelled
26.11.2017 : DJ Hell, Aurora Halal, Dave Fernandes @ The House Of Mince Pres… Summer Mince 01 – Portugal Madeira Club (Sydney) ** Venue Change = The Standard
26.11.2017 : Fred P. + More @ ★ S.A.S.H ★ Day & Night – Home Nightclub
28.11.2017 : Fred P. + More @ ★ S.A.S.H ★ / EMC Play (Opening Night) – Slyfox
30.11.2017 : Andrew Weatherall (5 Hours) @ Picnic One Night Stand – Sydney Opera House (Studio)


01.12.2017 : Andrew Weatherall, Daniel Bell, Mr. G., Fred P., Rodriguez Jr., Pearson Sound, Ryan Elliott + More @ Subsonic Music Festival 2017 (3 Days) – Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort, Monkerai NSW
10.12.2017 : Boris, Kate Doherty + More @ The House Of Mince Pres… Summer Mince 02 – Portugal Madeira Club (Sydney) ** Venue Change = Civic Underground
15.12.2017 : Forces [Live], Zanias [Live], Buzz Kill [Live], CSMNT61 [Live], Fleisch DJs, Velvet Cave DJs @ The Velvet Cave & FBi Radio Pres… Geist Rave – Undisclosed Location
16.12.2017 : Perc, Phile, Enderie, Laura Hunt [Live], Kcin [Live], David Bangma, Jemma Cole, Splitroach//Terrorslide204-9/2NX @ [ i n s e r t ] Final Edition – Undisclosed Location
16.12.2017 : Eric Cloutier (4 Hours), Dave Stuart, James Walsh @ Something Else – The Bunk3r
17.12.2017 : Eric Cloutier @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
23.12.2017 : Kate Doherty + More @ XXL Xmas Story – The Flinders Hotel
29.12.2017 : Vladimir Ivkovic, Moopie, Harold @ OKRA X – Undisclosed Location

Note: This NYE party below, will be the last techno event at The Bunk3r, management are going in a different musical direction in 2018. The Something Else crew are now homeless.

31.12.2017 : Gav Whalan, David McCann, Big Dubs, Bloom @ .darkroom Pres… Luscious FuXXX : A Rave For The Brave NYE 2017/2018 – The Bunk3r

31.12.2017 : Claire Morgan, Ken Cloud, Simon Caldwell, Peret Mako @ Mad Racket NYE 17/18 – Marrickville Bowlo ** SOLD OUT **
31.12.2017 : Jon Hopkins [DJ Set], Trinity, U-Khan + More @ Charades NYE – Oxford Art Factory
31.12.2017 : Marek Hemmann [Live], + More @ Gorgeous Pres… NYE 2018 – Museum Of Contemporary Art (Rooftop)


Please note:

This is not a complete list of every music/club event on in Sydney, just things that I may consider going to, with a focus on techno and visiting internationals.

I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBC = To Be Confirmed / TBA = To Be Announced

Check out these links for a whole range of dance/electronic music/club nights and events listings, for Sydney Australia.

Party on!

July 18, 2017

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : July 2017 – August 2017

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Party! Party! Party!

Club nights/events with international (and local) techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house etc. DJs & live acts (and live bands) in Sydney Australia…

I made it out to the red ones.

JULY 2017…

01.07.2017 : Robert Babicz @ Something Else – The Bunk3r
07.07.2017 : DJ Normal 4, Ben Fester, Kato @ Freda’s
08.07.2017 : Monako, Pearse Hawkins, Fuller, Special Circumstances, Jasmine Peters, N-Va, Ohmage, Matt Lush, David McCann @ Rivet X – Undisclosed Location ** Note: Police shut this down early, only 2 people got to play.
08.07.2017 : Adrian Bell, David Bangma, Gav Whalan, Igor Lukacevic @ Something Techno – The Bunk3r
09.07.2017 : Giverny [Live], Electric Zebra [Live], Plastic Jack [Live] @ I Blink Tour – The Record Crate
15.07.2017 : Size [Live], Telharmoneom [Live], Nanotech (& Sons) [Live], The Family [Live], Mike The Moog [Live], Swlabr [Live], Lesa, Bass Bitch, Ommy Looper, Ding, Dot, Michael MD, Biz E, Lex Luthor, Black, Red Light Special, Spikey Balls [VJ], Vulvarts [VJ], Nanotech [VJ], Ed Bleepin [VJ], Nonaz Nomis [VJ] @ Electronic 20c Pres… Electronic (Origins) : Clan Analogue 25th Anniversary Live Event – 107 Projects (4 Rooms)
15.07.2017 : Simon Caldwell, Ken Cloud, Jimmi James, Baron Castle Vs. Dave Stuart @ Something Else With Mad Racket DJs – The Bunk3r
15.07.2017 : Mark Dynamix + More @ Flashback 90’s House Party – Burdekin Hotel
22.07.2017 : Phile [Live], Moopie, Nerve [Live], Ptwiggs, Jikuroux & Scam @ Deep Seeded Records Phile 12″ Launch – Undisclosed Location
23.07.2017 : Magda Bytnerowicz, Drumcell, Truncate, SNTS @ .darkroom & IF? Records Pres… – Manning Bar (4pm-12am)
23.07.2017 : Gav Whalan, Qu-Zen, Sebastian Bayne @ IF? Records & .darkroom AFTR PRTY (11pm-4am) – The Bunk3r
23.07.2017 : Moopie @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
28.07.2017 : Mr. C @ An Evening With Mr. C – The Basement
29.07.2017 : Dense & Pika @ LNDRY – Chinese Laundry
29.07.2017 : Lucy Cliche, M.O.B, WRX, Tru @ TeknoMinimal – Undisclosed Location

AUGUST 2017…

06.08.2017 : Mark Dynamix, Jade To Grey + More @ Jack The House & Deluxe Productions Pres… Electronique (12″ 80’s Nu-Romantic, New Wave & Synth Pop) (3pm-10pm) – Harpoon Harry
12.08.2017 : Black Merlin, Maximus Nice Guy, Tom Streat @ Sydney Pony Club Pres… – Undisclosed Location
19.08.2017 : Phil Smart (4 Hours) @ Something Else – The Bunk3r
19.08.2017 : Delta Funktionen, Elisabeth Dixon (Melb) [Live], Kato, Ivy Whittingham @ [ i n s e r t ] – Undisclosed Location
24.08.2017 : Andrew Wowk, Andres Andres, Jahra @ Input – The Bunk3r
25.08.2017 : HVISKE [Live], Enderie / Andrew Nuatal, Jikuroux, Dave Fernandes, Siberia DJs @ HVISKE EP1 Launch – Undisclosed Location
26.08.2017 : Andrew Wowk @ Nights Like This Pres… – Goodbar
26.08.2017 : Black Cab [Live] Perform ‘Akira’ @ Oxford Art Factory
26.08.2017 : Sven Weisemann @ Something Else – The Bunk3r
26.08.2017 : Pig & Dan @ Spektrum Pres… – Burdekin Hotel
26.08.2017 : Alex Coulton + More @ Dungeon Events Pres… – Undisclosed Location
27.07.2017 : Gareth Psaltis @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77

Please note:

This is not a complete list of every music/club event on in Sydney, just things that I may consider going to, with a focus on techno and visiting internationals.

I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBC = To Be Confirmed / TBA = To Be Announced

Check out these links for a whole range of dance/electronic music/club nights and events listings, for Sydney Australia.

Party on!

February 28, 2017

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : April 2017 – June 2017

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Party! Party! Party!

Club nights/events with international (and local) techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house etc. DJs & live acts (and live bands) coming up in Sydney Australia…

I’ve made it out to the red ones so far.

APRIL 2017…

01.04.2017 : Katia, Loveless, Andrew Wowk, TGMN, David McCann @ Undulate 01 – Undisclosed Location
01.04.2017 : DJ HMC, Simon Caldwell, Robbie Lowe @ JUST – JAM Gallery (Bondi Junction)
07.04.2017 : Markantonio, Luigi Madonna @ Alter Tours & Events & Hardware Pres… – Burdekin Hotel
07.04.2017 : Methodix, Kate Doherty, Oscar Mike, Dave Stuart, Matt Lush, Trinity @ Nightime Drama – Tokyo Sing Song (Newtown)
08.04.2017 : Etapp Kyle @ IV Years Of Charades Birthday – The Bunk3r
11.04.2017 : Underworld [Live] @ Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall)
15.04.2017 : In Aeternam Vale [Live], Kangaroo Skull, Gareth Psaltis, David Bangma, Cole Blooded, DJ Meta Etcetera @ [ i n s e r t ] – Undisclosed Location
15.04.2017 : Enrico Sangiuliano, Angry Bird @ Parallel & Haus Republic Pres… – Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction)
16.04.2017 : Peter Van Hoesen, DJ Sprinkles, Hannah Lockwood [Live], Material Object (Ambient Set) [Live], Kate Doherty @ The House of Mince & Strange Signals Pres… Kompromat – The Red Rattler Theatre
22.04.2017 : Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Noir, Eric Powell + More @ Pure – Hordern Pavilion
23.04.2017 : Steve Bicknell + More @ IF? Records & .darkroom Pres… – Portugal Madeira Club
29.04.2017 : Monoloc, Dave Stuart, Trinity, Qu-Zen @ Something Else – The Bunk3r

MAY 2017…

02.05.2017 : Hans Zimmer [Live] @ Hans Zimmer Revealed/Arena Tour – Qudos Bank Arena
05.05.2017 : Giverny [Live], Oliver Tank [Live], BATTS [Live] @ Yours & Owls Pres… – UOW UniBar University Of Wollongong
12.05.2017 : Gareth Psaltis [Live], TGMN, DJ Meta Etcetera, Vibe Positive, Lazy Susan @ Martian Easter Party – Red Rattler Theater
12.05.2017 : Sleep D, Albrecht La’Brooy, Ben Fester, Cop Envy, Adrian E @ Heavenly & Butter Sessions Joint Pres… – Undisclosed Location
13.05.2017 : Renaat Vandepapeliere @ TBA – Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction) ** Didn’t Happen??
14.05.2017 : Boris, Volvox + More @ The House Of Mince 6th Birthday – Manning Bar
19.05.2017 : Ejeca, Katia, Kate Doherty @ Dirty & Flirty & Thick As Thieves Pres… – Club 77
19.05.2017 : Simon Caldwell, Felix Warmuth, Matt Lush, Dave Stuart, Trinity @ Nightime Drama Free Party – Tokyo Sing Song (Newtown)
20.05.2017 : Gemma, Simon Caldwell, Jimmi James, Ken Cloud, Zootie @ Mad Racket – Marrickville Bowlo
20.05.2017 : Gregor Tresher @ TBA – Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction)
20.05.2017 : Ansome [Live], Gav Whalan, Adrian Short, Qu-Zen, Katia, Body Promise, Monako, Ohmage, Jake Walker @ .darkroom Pres… – Portugal Madeira Club
25.05.2017 : Trinity, Andres Andres, Charles @ INPUT / Bunk3r Thursdays – The Bunk3r
27.05.2017 : Moopie, Tackle [Live], Hannah Lockwood, Jannah Quill [Live], Thick Owens @ OKRA VIII – Undisclosed Location
27.05.2017 : Steffi, Magda Bytnerowicz @ Goodgod Super Club : Vivid LIVE 2017 – Sydney Opera House (The Studio)
27.05.2017 : Eduardo De La Calle @ Burdekin Hotel
28.05.2017 : Moopie @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77

JUNE 2017…

Europe Holiday – June 2017 : Note, not full listings, just who I actually saw/heard…

03.06.2017 : Depeche Mode [Live], The Horrors [Live] @ Spirit Tour 2017 – London Stadium (London)
08.06.2017 : Schwefelgelb [Live], Phase Fatale @ Jeudi Techno: Aufnahme + Wiedergabe Label Night – Nuits Fauves (Paris)
11.06.2017 : Marco Shuttle, Perc, Rodhad, Answer Code Request, Function (Closing) @ Berghain (Berlin)
13.06.2017 : Slam, Revolt @ KindCrime Recordings & This Side Up : Sonar 2017 Off Week – Discotheque Parallel 37 (Barcelona)
15.06.2017 : DJ Bus Replacement Service @ Sonar 2017 By Day – Fira Barcelona (Barcelona)
15.06.2017 : Silent Servant, Blawan, DVS1 Vs. James Ruskin @ Savage District : Sonar 2017 Off Week- Carrer Almogàvers 86 / Discoteca Sr. Lobo (Barcelona)
17.06.2017 : Rumenige & Loktibrada, Antigone @ Synoid – Griessmühle (Berlin)
18.06.2017 : ? @ Anomalie : On The Waters – Anomalie (Berlin)
18.06.2017 : DJ Nobu, TR-101 [Live], Marcel Dettmann, Len Faki @ Berghain (Berlin)
22.06.2017 : Depeche Mode [Live] @ Spirit Tour 2017 – Olympiastadion (Berlin)
23.06.2017 : Mono Junk, Area Forty_One, Marco Shuttle, Laurel Halo @ New Codes Presented By Berlin Atonal – Tresor/OHM/Globus (Berlin)
26.06.2017 : Kitkatone, Boston 168 [Live], Dustin Zahn, Amotik, Setaoc Mass, DVS1, Norman Nodge @ Berghain / L.B. Dubcorp @ Panorama Bar (Berlin)
26.06.2017 : DJ HMC @ etc. – Griessmühle (Berlin)

Back in Sydney…

01.06.2017 : Pirra [Live], Giverny [Live], Just Breathe [Live] @ Union Hotel
03.06.2017 : Richie Hawtin + More @ CLOSE – Spontaneity & Synchronicity : Vivid LIVE 2017 – Sydney Opera House (Northern Boardwalk)
09.06.2017 : Artefakt [Live], Trinity, Matt Lush, Dave Stuart @ Nightime Drama Pres… – The Bunk3r
10.06.2017 : Julian Jeweil @ Spektrum & Beehive Pres… – Civic Underground
11.06.2017 : Hodge @ .darkroom & Dungeon Events Pres… – Portugal Madeira Club
17.06.2017 : Luigi Tozzi, Ben Drayton, Jordan Peters Vs David Bangma, Jemma Cole, Jasmine Peters @ Immersion & [ i n s e r t ] pres… – Undisclosed Location
24.06.2017 : Edit Select @ TBA – The Bunk3r
30.06.2017 : K-Hand @ Control Pres… Red Rattler Theatre
30.06.2017 : Alessandro Cortini Pres… Avanti @ Open Frame: Room40 – Carriageworks


Please note:

This is not a complete list of every music/club event on in Sydney, just things that I consider going to, with a focus on techno and visiting internationals.

I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBC = To Be Confirmed / TBA = To Be Announced

Check out these links for a whole range of dance/electronic music/club nights and events listings, for Sydney Australia.

Party on!

January 6, 2017

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : January 2017 – March 2017

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Party! Party! Party!

Club nights/events with international (and local) techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house etc. DJs & live acts (and live bands) in Sydney Australia…

I made it out to the red ones.


01.01.2017 : Carl Craig, Oliver Huntemann + More @ Space Ibiza Sydney New Years Day – Greenwood Hotel
06.01.2017 : dBridge, Om Unit @ Colours & Haunted Science Pres… – Civic Underground
06.01.2017 : Booka Shade [Live] @ Metro Theatre
07.01.2017 : Theo Parrish @ Heavenly, Niche & Crown Ruler Pres… – Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction)
07.01.2017 : Lena Willikens, Hannah Lockwood, Kali, Valerie Yum, Natalie James @ Picnic Pres… HER – Undisclosed Location
07.01.2017 : Optimo, DJ HMC, Abstraxion + More @ MTK Idealism : The Motorik Summer Festival – Manning Bar
08.01.2017 : Traumer @ ★ S.A.S.H ★ By Day – Greenwood Hotel
08.01.2017 : Claire Morgan @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
12.01.2017 : Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith [Live] @ Sydney Festival 2017 – St. Stephen’s Uniting Church
13.01.2017 : Mark N, Louis McCoy, pH, Kato @ Breakbeat Chaos II – Club 77
13.01.2017 : Trus’me @ Peoples Club – Goodbar
13.01.2017 : Walton @ Dungeon Events Pres… – TBA
14.01.2017 : Ulf Eriksson, TM404 [Live], Cop Envy @ C.U x Strange Signals Pres… Kontra Musik 10 Years – Civic Underground
14.01.2017 : TUC [Live], James i.V [Live], Adi Tohey, Udmo, Josh P., Lindo @ Local Traffic Label Night – Freda’s
14.01.2017 : Binary, U-Khan, Jimmy Galvin, Spacejunk & Whitecat, Dave Stuart & Aaron Robins @ The Bunk3r Sydney – Launch Party – Oxford Hotel (Basement)
14.01.2017 : Kölsch @ LNDRY – Chinese Laundry
15.01.2017 : Mary Velo @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
15.01.2017 : Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts @ ★ S.A.S.H ★ By Day – Greenwood Hotel
20.01.2017 : Deepchild [Live], Simon Caldwell, Dave Stuart Vs A. Lias, Iron Gate Sound @ The Bunk3r Sydney – Something Dub – Oxford Hotel (Basement)
20.01.2017 : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [Live] @ Sydney Festival 2017 – ICC Sydney Theatre (Darling Harbour)
21.01.2017 : Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [Live] @ Sydney Festival 2017 – ICC Sydney Theatre (Darling Harbour)
22.01.2017 : Pantha Du Prince [Live] @ Astral People @ Handsome Tours Pres… – Oxford Art Factory
26.01.2017 : Lucy Cliche [Live], Andy Garvey, Loveless, Pelvis, Laket Cannet, Enzo Molinari, Gabe Fernandes, Matt Lush, Oskar Mike, Moose, David McCann, XXX, Lewba, Felix Warmuth, Igor Lukacevic, Bass Bayan, Asger Jorn @ Trench Returns – Portugal Madeira Club
26.01.2017 : Mathew Jonson [Live], Extrawelt [Live] + More @ Subsonic Music & Blueprint Pres… – Cafe Del Mar
26.01.2017 : Patrice Baumel, Zombie Nation + More @ MTK Together Open Air – Fraser Park
27.01.2017 : Function, Adriana Lopez, Matthew Jonson [Live], Extrawelt [Live], Patrice Bäumel, Dusty Kid + More @ Rainbow Serpent Festival 2017 – Lexton (VIC)
28.01.2017 : Adrian Burns (Drox), Mike Witcombe, Felix Warmuth & Rob Erskine (AKA Illbot) @ Analog Cabin Take Over The Tit – The Bearded Tit
28.01.2017 : Sasha, Jamie Jones, Hernan Cattaneo B2B Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Eric Prydz, Cirez D, Basement Jaxx (DJ Set) + More @ Electric Gardens Festival 2017 – Centennial Park


02.02.2017 : Tycho [Live] @ Metro Theatre
03.02.2017 : Trinity, Baron Castle, Matthew Lush, Dave Stuart, Magda Bytnerowicz @ Nightime Drama – Launch Party – Tokyo Sing Song
04.02.2017 : Severed Heads [Live], Itch-E & Scratch-E [Live] @ Newtown Social
04.02.2017 : Adriana Lopez, Qu-Zen, Loveless, Trinity, Katia, Annabelle Gaspar, Kali, Deh Attina, Anya @ IF? Records & .darkroom pres… – Zoo Project
04.02.2017 : Deetron @ Nights Like This Pres… – Goodbar
08.02.2017 : Tropic Of Cancer [Live], Nigel Yang (HRTK – DJ Set), Ela Stiles @ Mistletone Pres… – Newtown Social
10.02.2017 : Simon Caldwell, Robbie Lowe, Sveta, Jade (Goes Madchester), Mark Dynamix, Steve Gordon, Nathan Mac, LL Ebay @ Jack The House: One Year And A Bit Anniversary – Slyfox
11.02.2017 : Mor Elian, Hesseltime + More @ Charades Pres… The Bunk3r
11.02.2017 : MY DISCO [Live], HVISKE [Live], Marcus Whale [Live] @ Newtown Social
11.02.2017 : Voiski, Phile [Live], Fabrics [Live], Simon Caldwell, Rebel Yell [Live], Kate Doherty B2B Jordan Peters, Thick Owens, David Bangma, Exotic Jam @ [ i n s e r t birthday 1.0 ] – Undisclosed Location
12.02.2017 : Butch, Hot Since 82 + More @ Paul Strange & Division Agency & Knee Deep Pres… – Randwick Racecourse
17.02.2017 : Dax J., Gav Whalan, Qu-Zen + More @ .darkroom Press… – Zoo Project
18.02.2017 : Keep Sydney Open @ Keep Sydney Open Rally #3 – Martin Place
18.02.2017 : Jordan Peters, Jac Frier, Matthew Lush, U-Khan, Sonderr @ Charades All Stars (B2B All Night) – Civic Underground
18.02.2017 : Marco Bailey + More @ Zoo Project
23.02.2017 : Explosions In The Sky [Live] @ Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall)
24.02.2017 : Helm, Croation Amor, Hannah Lockwood + More @ Liquid Architecture & Repressed Records Pres… – Marrickville Bowlo
24.02.2017 : DJ Stingray, Phile [Live], Cop Envy, TGMN, Aidan Psaltis @ Heads With Tales Pres… – Undisclosed Location
25.02.2017 : Andrew Wowk, Shepz, Fuller, Dylan Brooks @ Church Of Techno – The Bunk3r
25.02.2017 : Tim Sweeney, Awesome Tapes From Africa, The Egyptian Lover @ Crown Ruler & A Touch Of Frost Pres… Oxford Art Factory
25.02.2017 : Hyenaz [Live], Loveless, Tunnel Signs @ Control Pres… Summer – The Red Rattler Theatre

MARCH 2017…

03.03.2017 : Nuel, Material Object @ Strange Signals Pres… – The Bunk3r
04.03.2017 : Christian Vance [Live], Jimmi James, Simon Caldwell, Andy Zootie, Ken Cloud @ Mad Racket – Marrickville Bowlo
07.03.2017 : Kiasmos [Live] @ Days Like This Pres… – Oxford Art Factory
10.03.2017 : Analogue Resistance [Live], Gate Five [Live], Lewba, Patches [Live] @ Modular Sounds – The Underground Arts Party Pres… A Night Of Live Electronic – Slyfox
10.03.2016 : Katia, Val York, Gareth Psaltis, Quattro Quattro, Mu-Tache “DJ Moustache” @ Dirty & Flirty – Club 77
10.03.2017 : Luke Slater, Matthew Lush, Trinity, Kate Doherty @ Hardware & Babylon Pres… – Home Nightclub (Terrace)
10.03.2017 : Axel Bowman, Mike Servito @ Peoples Club – Goodbar
10.03.2017 : Robag Wruhme @ Blueprint Entertainment Pres… The ArtHouse Hotel
10.03.2017 : The Field, Lucy Cliche [Live] @ Mistletone Pres… Oxford Art Factory

~ ~ ~


10.03.2017 : Voices From The Lake [Live], Donato Dozzy, Answer Code Request, Ben Klock, Paula Temple, Recondite [Live], Head High (Shed), Dominik Eulberg, Kiasmos [Live], Ame, Axel Bowman, Dixon, Gabriel Ananda, Gold Panda, Henrik Schwarz, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Midland, Mike Servito, Mind Against, Nathan Fake [Live], Octave One [Live], Omar S, Stimming [Live], The Field [Live] + More @ Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2017 VIC (3 Day Camping) – Mafeking (VIC)

10.03.2017 : Planetary Assault Systems [Live], Luke Slater, Speedy J, Robag Wruhme, The Hacker, Joris Voorn, Marc Houle, Max Cooper, Konstantin Sibold, Claude Von Stroke, Carl Cox, Emmanuel Top, Sascha Dive, Michael Mayer, DJ HMC, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Illario Alicante, Space Dimension Controller + More @ Babylon Festival 2017 VIC (4 Day Camping) – Northern Grampians (VIC)

~ ~ ~

Note: Babylon Festival 2017 Capertee NSW has been cancelled, see Fallout events for Sydney.

11.03.2017 : Answer Code Request, Ben Klock, Dixon, Ame, Dominik Eulberg, Henrik Schwarz, Kiasmos [Live], Kollektive Turmstrasse, Midland, Nathan Fake, Octave One, Axel Bowman, Recondite [Live], Omar-S, Rodhad, Stimming, + More @ Days Like This Festival 2017 – Randwick Racecourse
11.03.2017 : Paula Temple, Head High (AKA Shed), Dr. Rubinstein, Loveless, Katia, Jordan Peters, U-Khan, Methodix, David Bangma, Cole Blooded @ Days Like This After Party – Hosted By Charades – Oxford Art Factory
12.03.2017 : Claude VonStroke, Joris Voorn, Max Cooper, The Hacker, Pleasurekraft, Metodi Hristov, Konstantin Sibold, Kiko + More @ Babylon Pres… Fallout 3.0 – Ivy
17.03.2017 : Nihad Tule, Gabe Fernandes, XXX, Igor Lukacevic, Loveless, Sharks Loyd, Colour, Nathaniel Garry, Monako, John Dobie [Live], Matthew Lush, James Walsh, Vini Martins, Methodix, Felix Warmuth, Mike Witcombe, Shahin Basdemir, Andosound, Simon Pinnick, Andrew Wowk, Dave Stuart, Trinity, Biz, Laket Cannet, David McCann, Jasmine Peters, Katia Avorodis, Swisherman, Michael Newmann, Justin Dowswell, Big Tys, Drox, Moose, Oscar Mike, Alec Sander, Bloom, Subaske, Enzo Molinari, Simon Mann, Ellie Locke, Illbot, Analogue Resistance [Live], Dan Rossi @ Trench Goes DooF (3 Day Camping) – Southern Highlands NSW
18.03.2017 : Answer Code Request, Matthew Lush, U-Khan @ Charades Pres… – The Bunk3r
18.03.2017 : Trevino @ Spacious Pug & Ghostly Pres… A Very Pug Like Flex – Undisclosed Location
19.03.2017 : A Guy Called Gerald @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
25.03.2017 : Hannah Lockwood [Live], Chunyin [Live], Enderie [Live], Jikuroux @ Come And Enjoy A Body Promise – Freda’s Bar


Please note:

This is not a complete list of every music/club event on in Sydney, just things that I may consider going to, with a focus on techno and visiting internationals.

I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBC = To Be Confirmed / TBA = To Be Announced

Check out these links for a whole range of dance/electronic music/club nights and events listings, for Sydney Australia.

Party on!

November 3, 2016

Party! Party! Party! : Sydney : November 2016 – December 2016

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Party! Party! Party!

Club nights/events with international (and local) techno, minimal, tech-house, deep-house, house etc. DJs & live acts (and live bands) in Sydney Australia…

I made it out to the red ones.


04.11.2016 : U-Khan, Davi Bangma, Katia + More @ Peoples Club – Goodbar
05.11.2016 : Annabelle Gaspar, Magda Bytnerowicz, Peret Mako, Ken Cloud, Jimmi James, Simon Caldwell, Zootie @ Mad Racket’s 18th Birthday – Future Sports – Marrickville Bowlo
05.11.2016 : Kevin Saunderson @ Cause & LNDRY XL Pres… – Chinese Laundry
05.11.2016 : PWD (Melb), Trinity, Davi Bangma + More @ [ i n s e r t ] x Dungeon – Undisclosed Location
11.11.2016 : Petar Dundov [DJ Set], Henry Saiz [Live Band + DJ Set] & @ TBA – Oxford Art Factory
11.11.2016 : LTJ Bukem (4 Hour Set) @ Charades x Bass Drop x Riot Club Pres…
12.11.2016 : Marcel Dettmann @ LNDRY XL – Chinese Laundry
17.11.2016 : Aidan Psaltis [Live], TGMN, Ged, Oskar @ Grey Scale – Freda’s
17.11.2016 : Phile [Live] + More @ The House Of Mince & House Of Bacardi Pres… Zeitgeist – The World Bar
18.11.2016 : Matt Lush, Trinity, TFG (Melb), ZigMon, Canoe AKA Blake Lawrence, Radha La Bia, Mikey J White (Melb), VJ Kiarcher (Melb) @ Barba Party (Sydney Edition) – Slyfox
18.11.2016 : Stephan Bodzin [Live], Nina Kraviz, Bjarki [Live] @ Chinese Laundry
18.11.2016 : Neil Barnes (Leftfield – DJ Set) @ Charades & Blueprint Pres… – Factory Theatre
19.11.2016 : Adrian Burns (Drox – DJ Set), Mike Witcombe, Felx Warmuth & Rob Erskine AKA Illbot [Live] + More – Analog Cabin Take Over (4pm-11pm) – The Bearded Tit
19.11.2016 : Radio Slave @ Blueprint Pres… – Oxford Art Factory
19.11.2016 : Monika Kruse @ Chien d’Ours Pres… – The ArtHouse Hotel
19.11.2016 : Simon Caldwell @ Picnic : One Night Stand – Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction)
19.11.2016 : Marcel Fengler @ Something Else – Burdekin Hotel
19.11.2016 : Moodymann + More @ Moody-Town – Cake Wines Cellar Door
19.11.2016 : Nina Kraviz, MK + More @ Harbourlife – Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquaries Point
25.11.2016 : Cleric, Reflec @ Lady Grey’s Sunday Best – Zoo Project
25.11.2016 : Oscar Mulero, Trinity, Andrew Wowk, HVNY @ The Underground Arts Party & Jam Gallery Pres… – Jam Gallery (Bondi Junction)
26.11.2016 : Christian Smith, Julian Jeweil @ Jigsaw & Zoo Project Pres… – Zoo Project
26.11.2016 : Ryan Crosson, Jewel Kid @ Something Else – Burdekin Hotel
26.11.2016 : Slam, Oscar Mulero, Ø (Phase), Tin Man, Vitalic, Coming Soon, Ambivalent + More @ Earthcore In The Park (Sydney) – The Dairy, Cowpasture Rd, Abbotsbury NSW
27.11.2016 : Randomer, Qu-Zen, Kate Doherty, Aidan Psaltis, Monako @ .darkroom pres. .dark .days 001 (4pm-12am) – Portugal Madeira Club (Car Park)
30.11.2016 : Bill Bailey [Live] @ Larks In Transit – State Theatre


01.12.2016 : Deadbeat, Tikiman @ Fibra Entertainment Pres… – The Eastern (El Topo Basement) Bondi Junction
02.12.2016 : Seth Troxler, DJ Bone, Ben UFO, Josh Wink, Jimmy Edgar, Alexkid, Trinity [Live] + More @ Subsonic Music Festival 2016 (3 Days) – Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort, Barrington Tops (NSW)
03.12.2016 : Josh Wink @ XL LNDRY – Chinese Laundry
03.12.2016 : Scuba @ Goodbar
04.12.2016 : Ricardo Villalobos, Audion [Live], Pan-Pot, Nastia, Agents Of Time [Live] + More @ Tell No Tales Sydney 2016 – Randwick Racecourse
04.12.2016 : Pan-Pot @ Tell No Tales After Party – Civic Underground
04.12.2016 : Agents Of Time @ Tell No Tales After Party – The Oxford Hotel
04.12.2016 : Loveless (6 Hour Set 9pm-3am) @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
10.12.2016 : Dubfire, Matador [Live] @ Electric Gardens Festival 2017 Launch Party | CODE – Ivy
10.12.2016 : Seth Troxler, Ben UFO @ Circoloco Sydney – Greenwood Hotel
10.12.2016 : Seth Troxler @ Circoloco After Party – Goodbar
10.12.2016 : Den [Live] @ C/A Launch – Black Wire Records
11.12.2016 : Lawrence + More @ ★ S.A.S.H ★ By Day – Greenwood Hotel
11.12.2016 : Claire Morgan, Honey Dijon + More @ Higher Ground – Cruise Bar (Overseas Passenger Terminal)
16.12.2016 : Gabriel Moraes, Ark-E-Tech, Methodix, Shepz + More @ Bassic Records + Church Of Techno Pres… Aphotic – Undisclosed Location
17.12.2016 : Dean Benson (Melb), Sebastian Bayne, Gav Whalan, Qu-Zen, Katia, Ben Drayton, John Ferris, Sheeeen, Josh Verdi + More @ .darkroom & GR8M8S & Mode Pres… .dark days 002 : The 12 Hour Of Black Xmas (2pm-2am) – Portugal Madeira Club
17.12.2016 : Eric Cloutier, Magda Bytnerowicz, Trinity, Kate Doherty, U-Khan, Dave Stuart @ Charades & Something Else Pres… – Undisclosed Location
18.12.2016 : Eric Cloutier (6 Hour Set 9pm-3am) @ The House Of Mince : Poida’s Pavlova Bar – Club 77
30.12.2016 : Robert Babicz [Live] @ Blueprint Entertainment Pres… – Oxford Art Factory
30.12.2016 : Leon Vynehall @ Mantra Collective Pres… – Civic Underground
30.12.2016 : Calyx & Teebee (6 Deck Show) + More @ OZZO Events Pres… – Midnight Club
31.12.2016 : Session Victim, Jimmi James, Ken Cloud, Zootie, Simon Caldwell @ Mad Racket NYE – Marrickville Bowlo
31.12.2016 : Guy Gerber, Mano Le Tough, Alex Niggemann, Umek + More @ CODE NYE – Greenwood Hotel
31.01.2016 : Josh Verdi, Big Dubs, Qu-Zen B2B Gav Whalan B2B Methodix B2B Monako B2B Braincellz @ .darkroom .nye – Undisclosed Location


Please note:

This is not a complete list of every music/club event on in Sydney, just things that I may consider going to, with a focus on techno and visiting internationals.

I do my best to post up accurate info, but dates, artists, venues can change etc.

TBC = To Be Confirmed / TBA = To Be Announced

Check out these links for a whole range of dance/electronic music/club nights and events listings, for Sydney Australia.

Party on!

March 23, 2016

Got out to some comedy recently…. Had a bunch of laughs

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11.02.2016 : Gary Eck, Emma Zammit + More @ A Mic In Hand – Friend In Hand Hotel
14.03.2016 : John Cleese & Eric Idle Together Again At Last… For The Very First Time! @ State Theatre
17.03.2016 : Tom Green Live @ Factory Theatre
19.03.2016 : Rich Hall @ The Comedy Store

June 16, 2013

Sydney Comedy 2013

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Sydney Comedy Festival 2013 (22nd April – 11th May 2013)

Before I forget, here’s a list of all the live comedy performances that I’ve got out to this year so far, including the Sydney Comedy Festival (22nd April – 11th May 2013). As per my music events listings, everything in red are events I went to.

MARCH 2013…

07.03.2013 : Rhys Nicholson, Matt Okine, Genevieve Fricker + More @ Sydney Comedy Store
31.03.2013 : Wil Anderson – Goodwil @ Princess Theatre (Melbourne)

APRIL 2013…

22.04.2013 : David O’Doherty – Sieze The David O’Doherty (Carpe Do ‘Diem) @ Enmore Theatre

23.04.2013 : Eddie Ifft, Steve Hughes, Tahir Bilgiç, Pajama Men, Ronny Chieng, Matt Okine, Randy, Anthony Salame, Ray Badran, Gina Yashere, The Kranksy Sisters, Sol Bernstein, Mel Buttle, Paul McDermott (w/ Band) & Secret Guest: David Hasselhoff + More, Host: Peter Helliar – Cracker Night – Sydney Comedy Festival 2013 Opening Night Gala @ Enmore Theatre

30.04.2013 : Ray Badran, James Walmsley, Anil Desai, Bruce Griffiths, Sol Bernstein, Daniel Sloss + More, Host: Cam Knight – Sydney Comedy Festival 2013 Showcase @ The Concourse (Chatswood)

MAY 2013…

01.05.2013 : ? – Comedy Night @ Salt Pepper Nutmeg
03.05.2013 : Ronny Chieng – Can You Do This? No You Can’t! @ Factory Theatre
03.05.2013 : Adrian Edmonson & The Bad Shepherds @ Factory Theatre
05.05.2013 : Arj Barker – Go Time @ Enmore Theatre

06.05.2013 : Gina Yashere, Tien Tran, Khaled Khalafalla, Matt Okine, Ray Badran, James Walmsley, Bruce Griffiths, Sol Bernstein, Daniel Sloss + More, Host: Jacques Barrett – Sydney Comedy Festival 2013 Showcase @ Cremorne Orpheum

08.05.2013 : Luke Heggie – Mega Dry @ Harold Park Hotel

JUNE 2013…

01.06.2013 : Steve Hughes, Rhys Nicholson (Warm-Up) – Big Issues @ Enmore Theatre
21.06.2013 : Bill Oddie – An Oldie But A Goodie – The Concourse (Chatswood)

September 17, 2012

Comedy / An Evening With…

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So looking back over my blog, I noticed I’ve not posted anything about any of the live stand up comedy performances or ‘An Evening With…’ type events, that I’ve got out to over the last 10 months or more. So before I forget who? where? when? here’s a list of things I went to and enjoyed, sorry I don’t have the time to write comments/reviews about them all at the moment. As per my music events listings, everything in red are events I went to.

17.11.2011 : Al Pacino – An Evening With Al Pacino (Hosted by Ray Martin) @ Lyric Theatre (The Star)
26.11.2011 : Arj Barker – Eleven @ North Sydney Leagues Club Cammeray

01.04.2012 : Tom Green – Australian Tour 2012 – Enmore Theatre
04.04.2012 : John Cleese – An Evening With John Cleese @ State Theatre

Sydney Comedy Festival 2012 (24 April – 12 May 2012)

24.04.2012 : Axis Of Awesome, Craig Hill, Felicity Ward, Fiona O’Loughlin, Jon Dore, Jim Breuer, Idiots Of Ants, Sammy J & Randy, Barry Morgan, Steve Philp + More – Sydney Comedy Festival 2012 Opening Cracker Night @ Enmore Theatre
25.04.2012 : Jim Breuer @ Metro Theatre
27.04.2012 : Jon Dore @ The Yalumba Wine Bar (Enmore Theatre)
28.04.2012 : Mark Watson – The Information @ Everest Theatre (Seymour Centre)
28.04.2012 : David O’Doherty – Is Looking Up @ Everest Theatre (Seymour Centre)

01.05.2012 : Daniel Kitson – Where Once Was Wonder @ The Factory Theatre
07.05.2012 : Glenn Wool, Matt Okine, Idiots Of Ants, Anthony Salame, Nikki Britton, Gary Eck – Sydney Comedy Festival 2012 All-Star Showcase @ Hayden Orpheum


05.07.2012 : Flight Of The Conchords w/ Arj Barker @ Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall)

11.08.2012 : Sir David Attenborough – A Life On Earth (Hosted by Ray Martin) @ State Theatre

04.09.2012 : Bill Bailey – Qualmpeddler @ State Theatre
16.09.2012 : Wil Anderson – Wilarious @ Sydney Comedy Store

08.11.2012 : Professor Brian Cox – Exploring the Universe @ Sydney Opera House (The Studio)
09.11.2012 : Denise Scott – Regrets @ Sydney Comedy Store
10.11.2012 : Michael Palin – The Life Of Palin @ Sydney Opera House – Theatre

08.12.2012 : Russell Brand – I Am A Walrus @ Sydney Entertainment Centre
09.12.2012 : Stephen Merchant – Hello Ladies… @ Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall)

August 15, 2011

Still Here / Europe 2011

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Hello, yes I’m still around.

It’s winter here in Sydney. I’ve not been up to much really. Lots of indoor activities, watching TV shows and movies, playing Portal 2, making music with Ableton Live, and spending hours sorting through digital music files, as per usual spending more time doing that than actually mixing with any of the music, or sorting out how to use my MIDI controller with Traktor Scratch Pro, which reminds me I need to install the new version I bought ages ago. I’ve also been putting my track ID skills to use on the mixesdb site, track-listing a bunch of sets.

Still listening to lots of music, a lot of my own creations, but also John Tejada‘s ‘Parabolas’ album, is getting a lot of plays, it’s really grown on me to become one of my favourite recent electronic music albums.

With nothing much on music/club/techno wise of interest to me, I’ve had a 2 month break from clubbing. I couldn’t miss seeing Jesper Dahlbäck in early June, and Alex Smoke [Live] on the w/end just gone though, both at Chinese Laundry, but that’s all I’ve got out to recently. I enjoyed their sets, heard some great sounds, but they were far from special nights out.

Seeing Sandwell District play in Melbourne for 5+ hours in a small underground venue, through a Funktion One, back in April was a special night out, heard so much excellent techno music. Hoping for more of that on our holiday…


Joanne and I are heading off to Europe soon for a holiday. We’ll be visiting these places:

Netherlands / Amsterdam
Germany / Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Münster, Hamburg
Sweden / Stockholm
Czech Republic / Prague
France / Paris, Bordeaux, St. Emilion
United Kingdom / London, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Windsor

We’re looking forward to visiting new places, re-visiting some places we love, doing lots of walking and sightseeing, catching up with friends and family, eating lots of fine food, and drinking fine wines (Bordeaux!), and of course checking out a lot of techno/music events and club nights.

Joanne has done an amazing job of researching, and booking things for our holiday. It’s going to be a busy one, but we’re both keen for that.

We’re not spending as much time clubbing in Berlin as we did on our last holiday, but I think we’ll be enjoying a lot more music we’re passionate about. We had a lot of nights out in Berlin last time, that were fun, but we heard way too much uninspiring tech-house/house music.

We’re both very much back into techno these days, sounds from people like: Function, Regis, (Sandwell District), Silent Servant, DVS1, Peter Van Hoesen, Mike Dehnert, Surgeon, Marcel Fengler, Roman Lindau, Marcelus, Lucy, Planetary Assault Systems, Xhin, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, and Skudge, you get the idea. So, we’re planning to try and see many of them play while on our holiday, they are all pretty much EU based.

Some music/club/techno things we’ve locked in already, that I’m excited about…

The day after we arrive… Mystery Land 2011 in Amsterdam, which techno wise features: Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Ben Sims, and in the Electric Deluxe area: Marcel Dettman, James Ruskin, Marcel Fengler, Speedy J and Dave Clarke. The event is huge! Hoping to see Rodriguez Jr. as well.

A Fachwerk label night with Mike Dehnert and Roman Lindau in Münster.

Seeing Surgeon playing in his hometown Birmingham.

A night at Berghain in Berlin with G-Man [Live], Norman Nodge, Marcel Fengler and more. Just excited to be going to Berghain again really.

I’ll list up the events properly soon.

As excited as I am to be heading off to Europe, still a little disappointed that back in Sydney while I’m away in September, I’ll be missing music events with Robag Wruhme, and Lucy. I’ve actually seen Robag Wruhme play before anyway. Plus stand up comedian Louis CK, and legend of comedy John Cleese. Have some laughs for me if you’re going.

Stephen Merchant
Stephen Merchant

Speaking of comedy, whilst we’re in London, we’ll be heading to dubstep’s home Croydon, to see UK comedy legend Stephen Merchant of Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington fame, doing his stand up show. Looking forward to that. I enjoyed hearing him voice Wheatley in the Portal 2 game. Enjoyed that game, but found it a little too easy puzzle wise.

More soon.

April 28, 2011


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Sydney Comedy Festival

Over the last month or so my partner Joanne and I have been having a whole lot of laughs, out at a heap of live stand up comedy performances, leading up to, and as part of the 2011 Sydney Comedy Festival, which is running from the 11th of April until the 8th of May.

More info at the link below:


Here are some of my thoughts on what we’ve seen so far…

11.03.11 : Billy Connelly (UK) ‘The Man’ Australian Tour’ @ Hordern Pavilion

Billy Connelly
Billy Connelly

I enjoyed seeing Billy Connelly, another of those long time legends of comedy to cross off the list having now seen. He’s a fantastic entertainer, very laid back, wandering about the stage, with that very recognisable accent/voice.

His show is basically a whole heap of funny stories that all splinter off from one another. Sometimes he finds his way back, other stories are left hanging, never to be completed, which is a little frustrating, but it’s a fun ride.

A lot of laughs, but not to the point of laughing till I hurt/cried, that’s my usual measure of how good a stand up gig is. I think I was perhaps expecting more energy from him, but understandably he is getting on in years now, as was the majority of the audience, never seen so many old people in wheelchairs at a comedy performance before.

I found the way he’d bend over laughing at his own jokes/stories a little much at times, first few times we’d laugh along, but then you’d just want him to get on with it. I remember he got quite pissed off at the noise of the air-conditioning in the Hordern when it cut in half way through his performance, refusing to continue until it was stopped a few minutes later, which messed with the vibe a little.

Overall I’m really glad I saw him, but I don’t think I experienced anything more than what I’ve already seen via his TV appearances over the years.


15.03.11 : Eddie Ifft (USA), Stephen Grant (UK) @ Comedy Store

Stephen Grant
Stephen Grant

I’ve seen Eddie Ifft a bunch of times now, I like his style, some great laughs, but a lot of the same old material from previous performances, please write some new stuff! I think I’ve heard that dog/condom story every time I’ve seen him.

English stand up comedian Stephen Grant is someone I’ve not heard of or seen before. I really enjoyed his performance, lots of laughs, heaps of energy, fast pace. I loved how he tore shreds off a group of (rude) people in the front row, talking with each other during his performance, who does that?

The MC and warm-up acts were enjoyable too: Steve Phillp, Jennifer Wong, and Bruce Griffiths who did that deadpan (dad) joke/one liner style I love, like Elliot Goblet in years gone by.

We even had a wedding proposal at the Comedy Store that night, bizarre, a young Asian couple got up on stage, she said yes.


18.03.11 : Weird Al Yankovic (USA) @ Enmore Theatre

Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic

Wow! Weird Al Yankovic live was awesome! Never seen him live before, and had no idea what to expect, but ended up being really impressed. I had a whole lot of laughs too. It’s a really well put together, fast paced, well rehearsed, entertaining show.

Basically he plays all his music hits live, with a really tight 4 piece backing band, who are all excellent musicians, and the keyboard player even adds all those crazy little sound effects. The whole set was really well mixed/audio engineered too.

Between songs, Weird Al and band go off stage to do a variety of costume changes, while Videos play across 3 screens on stage to keep us entertained. Featuring clips from his movie UHF (The Vidiot From UHF), clips of his very funny fake interviews with music stars (Al-TV), and lots of clips of various TV shows over the last 2 decades, where Weird Al Yankovic has been mentioned. During a few songs, the actual video clip to the song they’re playing live is running on the screens, in perfect sync!

Some of the songs performed live: ‘Polka Face’, ‘Fat’, ‘Eat It’, ‘Dare To Be Stupid’, ‘Smells Like Nirvana’, ‘You Don’t Love Me Any More’, ‘Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies’, ‘Another One Rides The Bus’, ‘Amish Paradise’, ‘Gump’, ‘Couch Potato’, ‘The Saga Begins’, ‘eBay’, ‘Canadian Idiot’, ‘White & Nerdy’, ‘Trapped In The Drive-Thru’, ‘Bedrock Anthem’, and ‘Craig’s List’ to name a few. No ‘Like A Surgeon’ though.

During ‘The Saga Begins’, Darth Vader and 10 Storm Troopers walk on stage, at first standing strong/still, but by the song’s end they’re all moving, much to Darth’s annoyance, but then he gives in to groove at the end too, bloody funny.

2 standing ovation encores!

I’m going to see him again next time he tours, no question about it.


11.04.11 : Stephen K. Amos (UK), Reggie Watts (USA), Craig Hill (UK), Tommy Tiernan (IRE), Mark Watson (UK), Gina Yashere (UK), Seann Walsh (UK), Glenn Wool (CAN), Dead Cat Bounce (IRE), Fiona O’Loughlin (AU), Steve Hughes (AU/UK), Chris Wainhouse (AU), Sammy J & Randy ‘Cracker Night – 2011 Sydney Comedy Festival Opening Night Gala’ @ Enmore Theatre

Cracker Night 2011

This time we got in early, and got tickets for the Enmore Theatre Cracker Night, the opening of the Sydney Comedy Festival gala night. Last year we saw it at the Parade Theatre at N.I.D.A in Kensington, I wrote about it here.

You never know which acts your going to see until the night, which is exciting. FOXTEL was filming and broadcasting from the Enmore Theatre on this night too.

I had a lot of fun, lots of laughs, value for money with the amount of comedians and how long the show runs for. Stephen K. Amos was the MC for the show, and did a fine job.

I really enjoyed Reggie Watts and his crazy sample/loop music and crazy voices, Tommy Tiernan was excellent too. I’m usually more of a fan of UK/USA comedians than Aussie ones, but Aussie now living in London comedian Steve Hughes said some bloody funny stuff, keen to see him again. A few acts were not really my type of comedy, never been a fan of Fiona O’Loughlin (AU), but still got some laughs out me.


12.04.11 : Daniel Sloss (UK) ‘My Generation’ @ The Yalumba Wine Bar Enmore Theatre

Daniel Sloss

This year Joanne and I decided we would make sure to check out some stand up comedians we’ve never heard of/seen before. Having a quick look on YouTube for clips of all the comedians featuring at the Sydney Comedy Festival, we found some we liked.

20 Year old Daniel Sloss from the UK was one of them, he’s been working as a stand up comedian since he was 16.

He performed in the tiny side room/bar of the Enmore Theatre. He was great, young but not in an annoying way, quite humble, a nice range of topics, some good laughs. You can tell the rough/dark side off life is something he’s yet to experience though. He’ll get better with age for sure.

There were a handful of kids under 13 with their dad at this gig, which made for an uneasy vibe, and probably altered some of the material. Kinda scary when the guy on stage is closer in age to them, than a lot of the small audience there that night.


23.04.11 : David O’Doherty ‘Somewhere Over The David O’Doherty’ @ The Forum Theater (Melbourne)

David O'Doherty
David O’Doherty

In Melbourne for a few days over the Easter break, during the last days of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, which is massive compared to the Sydney one, with 100s more performers, and so much better organised, hyped and advertised. So Joanne and I thought we should at least see something while we’re in town.

David O’Doherty, saw him in Sydney almost a year ago, thought he was hilarious, so decided to see him in Melbourne, which was actually his last show as part of the festival. He was excellent, lots of laughs, but a much shorter show, with less songs than the previous time. He seemed happy and in good spirits, bouncing around the stage in his cape, quite the opposite of the last time we saw him, poor guy was suffering from a nasty gastro bug then, guess that’s why he was so narky. A great show, but was left wanting more.


28.04.11 : Steve Hughes (AU/UK) ‘Conspiracy Realist’ @ Factory Theatre

Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes

Back to the Sydney Comedy Festival, out on a rainy Thursday night at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville. As I mentioned I saw ‘The Heavy Metal Comedian’ Steve Hughes at the Cracker Night, and thought he would be great to see again… and he was, bloody funny, almost laughing till pain/crying. A great mix of intellectual pondering, questioning our ways in society, paranoia and true-blue Aussie grit, some really funny and interesting observations. Love the way he takes the piss out of bogan/sport culture. Having Enya play at the end of his performance was nice too. At the Cracker Night he mentioned he loves Heavy Metal and Enya.


28.04.11 : Guy Pratt (UK) ‘Wake Up Call!’ @ Factory Theatre

Guy Pratt
Guy Pratt

Not many people know of this guy, as was obvious by the really small amount of people (muso nerds) who saw him last night, but it made for a much more intimate show. He’s a fantastic bass player, turned stand up guy, who loves to tell tales of his adventures in rock’n’roll touring, and playing bass with many big names in music. Have a read of these:

I thought he would be really interesting to go see, and he was. I really enjoyed his show, he’s very charismatic. Heard some great stories about him touring with the likes of Robert Palmer, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, and Bryan Ferry, recording with Madonna (he did all that awesome bass work on ‘Like A Prayer’), and Michael Jackson, and much more, could have listened to him for hours. Each now and then he gets out his bass, and plays us a bit of what he’s been talking about, impressing us with his phat bass licks. I wish he had a Q+A session at the end.

I actually saw him play live with Icehouse way back in the 1980s.

He’s got a book out too ‘My Bass And Other Animals’, which he signed for us, purchasing from him after the show, top bloke.


More comedy coming up next week…

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