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November 30, 2006

decoded_ : Play-lists…

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I’ve uploaded .txt play-lists for all my decoded_ shows. There’s a link over there under sites decoded_ play-lists, or you can click this…

If you load these into your iPod Notes folder you can read along as you listen.

November 28, 2006

decoded_ : Show47 : 04 Dec 2006

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Yeah it’s been ages since a new show, sorry about that. You’re probably sick of show 40 by now, after it being on repeat all November. Not my fault! Show 47 should have actually been broadcast on Pulseradio weeks ago. It’s been ready on their server for weeks, not sure what’s going on there? Actually not sure what’s going on with Pulseradio at all really, not much communication from the new owners. Hopefully they’ll broadcast this new show next week, not that you have to wait till then to hear it, see below.

I start the show off with the fantastic, infectious, ‘video-game’ sounding track ‘Idiot’ from Holden’s “The Idiots Are Winning’ LP. Following on from that, I mix up a heap of electro-house type sounds, not a sound I buy as much of these days, so only a couple of new ones, the rest mostly older tracks featured, ending up with a bunch of far swung/shuffled tracks, some old faves.

The later half of the show, I feature a guest DJ mix from Sydney’s DJ MicMac, with some more great electro-house type sounds, lots of stuff not heard before on the show. Enjoy!

Holden : Idiot : [Border Community]
H-Man : 51 Poland Street (Extrawelt Remix) : [Giant Wheel]
Kaliber : Kaliber 3 (A2) : [Kaliber]
Rekorder : Rekorder 6.1 : [Rekorder]
Jona : Operation O : [Fumakilla]
Extrawelt : Fernweh : [Kompass]
AFX : PWSteal.Ldpinch.D : [Analord]
Destillat : No Gain – No Pain : [Klang Elektronik]
T.Raumschmiere : Monstertruckdriver : [NovaMute]
Naum : Ari : [Kompakt Extra]
Frank Martiniq : Roadrunner : [Sender]

DJ MicMac : ** Sexy Techno Promo Mix **

Micmac : Magic Intro : [N/A]
Elbee Bad : Show Me : [Lasergun]
Content : No Refunds : [Junior Boy’s Own]
Gabriel Ananda : Bassmaschinchen : [Treibstoff]
Floppy Sounds : Melody Attack : [Wave Music]
Markus Lange : Ruhestörung Plattenbau (Oxia Remix) : [Craft Music]
Detroit Grand Pubahs : Ride 66 (Billy Nasty & Gregor Tresher Remix) : [Detelefunk]
Smash TV : Yellow Asteroids : [BPitch Control]
Drumcomplex : Ultimate (Hertz Mix) : [Abyss]
Greg Gow : Flashback : [Berettamusic]
Ellen Allien : Sleepless (XTC Mix) : [BPitch Control]
Gregor Tresher : Full Range Madness : [Cocoon]
Kupon : Zoom In : [Curfew Records]
Daso : T.Anders : [My Best Friend]

the blue text indicates releases having their debut play on the show.

Podcast Podcast…

You’ve waited long enough, I’ve made a Podcast of this new show, show 47.

If you’ve got iTunes… go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast… paste this URL in below and click OK. If you’re already subscribed to the decoded_ Podcast, just do an update/refresh.

If you have any trouble with that, you can also grab yourself a copy from here…

You’ll also see I’ve added a new Podcast, of an older decoded_ show, show 42. Currently only show’s 47, 46 and 42 are available for download.

I should also mention that these mp3 Podcasts are music only, you don’t have to worry about my voice-overs and station IDs rudely interrupting the music, they are only on the versions broadcast on

Thanks for your support.

Cheers DJ Dave McCann

November 6, 2006

decoded_ : Show40 (Repeat) : Mon 06, 13, 20 & 27 Nov 2006

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EDIT (Nov 14 2006): This repeat older show was broadcast once again on Monday 13th November 2006.
EDIT (Nov 21 2006): And again on Monday 20th November 2006.
EDIT (Nov 28 2006): And again on Monday 27th November 2006.

I’ve got a repeat of an older decoded_ show (show40) on today/tonight, Monday 6th November 2006. I listen to this show a lot on my iPod, I enjoy the flow through these tracks, and thought I would share it with you all again.

decoded_ is on every Monday 8pm-10pm Sydney [AEST/AEDT]. You can listen in right now via…

With daylight saving time/zone changes recently you may find that decoded_ is now on at a different time for you. Check this page… to see what time decoded_ starts around the planet.

If you’re listening in, here’s what you’re hearing…

Heartthrob : Baby Kate : [Minus]
Onur Ozer : Envy : [Vakant]
Anja Schneider : Lily Of The Valley : [Mobilee]
Guido Schneider : Super Sander : [Poker Flat Recordings]
D-Saw & Huntemann : Red Patches (Argy Remix) : [Shallow Cutz]
SCSI-9 : Wild Flowers (Tom Clark Remix) : [Highgrade]
Trentemoller : Nam Nam : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Dan Curtin : Echozeichen (Someone Else Remix) : [District Of Corruption]
Sleeparchive : Bleep 04 : [Sleeparchive]
Pascal F.E.O.S : Impulse : [Level Non Zero]
Phil Stumpf : Imploder : [Trenton]
Heartz4 : Intimacy Girl (Someone Else Remix) : [Hello? Repeat]
Fraktion : Nebokki : [Resopal Red]
Falko Brocksieper : Point88 : [Tuning Spork]
Alka Rex : Mugen Vugen : [Musique Risquee]
Frankie : Gimmick : [Frankie Records]
Fraktion : Bukl : [Resopal Red]
John Tejada : Asanebo : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Dan Berkson & James What : The Dig : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Ali Kahn : Push Back : [Kahlwild]
Claude Von Stroke : Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? : [Dirty Bird]
Hug : The Platform : [K2]
Hugg & Pepp : Hamster : [Dahlback]
LFO Vs F.U.S.E : Loop : [Plus 8]
Donnacha Costello : Infinite Now (Leeds Warehouse Mix) : [Minimise]
Body Rox : Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez Mix) : [Paradise]
Depeche Mode : John The Revelator (Tiefschwarz Dub Mix) : [NovaMute]
Oxia : Domino : [Kompakt Extra]

Thanks for your support.

Cheers DJ Dave McCann

October 25, 2006

decoded_ : Show 46 : Mon 23 Oct 2006

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Guess what? There was a new decoded_ show on Monday night. Did you listen in? If you did, here is what you would have heard…

Audion : Hot Air : [Spectral Sound]
Lazy Fat People : Shinjuku : [Wagon Repair]
Traffic Signs : Coming Down : [Traffic Signs]
Samim & Michel : PG23 : E[Freizeitglauben Berlin]
Jens Bond : Bird Flu : [Highgrade]
Rekorder : Rekorder 6.3 : [Rekorder]
Jens Bond : Changin : [Highgrade]
Phage & Daniel Drier : Plumber’s Workshop : [Klang Elektronik]
Shinedoe : Amsterdam Meets Berlin : [Podium]
Fraktion : This Never Works : [Resopal Red]
Phage & Daniel Drier : Low Buddy : [Klang Elektronik]
Frankie : Hunt : [Frankie Rec]
Der Dritte Raum : Chido Wey (Jon Gaiser Remix) : [Resopal]
Loco Dice : El Gallo Negro : [Ovum]
John Tejada : Mutation : [Palette]
Phage & Daniel Drier : Chewing Gum : [Klang Elektronik]
Rekorder : Rekorder 6.1 : [Rekorder]
Michal Ho : Frisky : [Tuning Spork]
Stephan Bodzin : Pedulum : [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]
Thomas Schumacher : Hiroo : [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]
Ellen Allien : Down (Drama Society Remix) : [BPitch Ctrl]
Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom : Relevee (Carl Craig Remix) : [DFA]
Agoria : Europa : [Different]
Ame : Rej : [Innervisions]

Lots of tasty tracks, the blue text indicates releases having their debut play on the show, as you can see heaps of new music featured!

Thanks going out to everyone listening into the show (and enjoying the mp3s). I’ve got some great feedback recently. Shouts going out to DJ Lilu thanks for your e-mails and support.

The DJ Reno mix I featured the other week got a great response. I only recently came across his myspace page, check it here: I’ve still not met him in person yet! I’ll chase him up for another mix soon.

October 9, 2006

decoded_ : Show 45 : Mon 02, 09 & 16 Oct 2006

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Sorry for the lack of blog updates, and regular new decoded_ shows. I’ve been really slack and really busy, if that makes any sense?

Here below is the play-list for a new decoded_ show, broadcast last week, it’s being repeated again this week, in fact it’s on right now! Monday 9th October, 8pm-10pm [AEST] Sydney time. Listen in via Lots of fresh new minimal/electro-house sounds from me in the first hour, including the 6th releases of the Traffic Signs and Rekorder labels. The second hour of the show features DJ Reno, back with another guest mix, featuring a heap of fantastic electro-house sounds. Enjoy!

Sideshow : Scary Biscuits (John Tejada Remix) : [Simple]
Cabanne : Smiling Papers : [Perlon]
Der Dritte Raum : Chido Wey (Jon Gaiser Remix) : [Resopal]
Barem : Cilindro : [Foundsound]
Donnacha Costello : 6.2 : [Minimise]
Barem : Campoloco : [Foundsound]
SLG : Nine Hours : [Trapez]
Traffic Signs : Coming Down : [Traffic Signs]
Fraktion : This Never Works : This Never Works EP : [Resopal]
Dexter & Bass-A-Rani : Boogie Chasers (Passarani Edit) : [Nature Records]
Steve Barnes : Cosmic Sandwich (Dominik Eulberg Remix) : [MBF Ltd.]
Tadeo : Segundo Rojo : [Cyclical Tracks]
Traffic Signs : Back On Crack : [Traffic Signs]
Rekorder : Rekorder 6.1 : [Rekorder]

DJ Reno : ** Winter Promo Mix **

DJ T Vs Booka Shade : Queen Lucid : [Get Physical]
Laid : Me (Zoo Brazil Remix) : [Loaded]
John Dahlback : It Feels So Good (Herbert Boese Remix) : [Systematic]
Booka Shade : Triple Identity : [Get Physical]
Royksopp : Beautiful Day Without You (Cass & Mangan Remix) : [Wall Of Sound]
Body Rox : Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez Mix) : [Paradise]
Riot In Belgium : The Acid Never Lies : [Fine]
Nick Liousias & Luke Dzeirzek : Randoms : [Silver Planet]
Sharam Jey : Push Your Body (John Dahlback Remix) : [Underwater]
King Roc : The Tip (Tom Neville Remix) : [Love Minus Zero]
Damon Jee & Olivier Giacomotto : Walking on the Moog : [Definitive]
Last Rhythm : Last Rhythm (Martijn Ten Velden Remake) : [Renaissance]

The blue text indicates releases having their debut play on the show, as you can see, heaps of new music, some really great tracks!

September 4, 2006

decoded_ : Show 44 : Mon 04 Sep 2006

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I finally got my act together and recorded a new decoded_ show. It’s on right now, Monday 4th September, 8pm-10pm [AEST] Sydney time, listen in via Check out the decoded_info post under pages for more data about my Internet radio show decoded_. Here’s the track-list for the show…

Guy Z & Sahar Z : Huzui : [Electribe]
Jan Driver : L (X-Tra EP) : [Grand Petrol]
Losoul : Back Wash Rider : [Playhouse]
SLG : Nine Hours : [Trapez]
Sven Vath & Anthony Rother : Spring Love : [Datapunk]
Destillat : Cabrio : [Klang Elektronik]
San Lebowski : The Reducer (A) : [Nummer]
Matt John : The Rising Scope : [Perlon]
Ink And Needle : Tattoo 001 : [Tattoo]
Microfunk : Pecan : [Remote Area]
Dan Curtin : Echozeichen (Someone Else Remix) : [District Of Corruption]
Audio Werner : On And On : [Perlon]
Dan Curtin : Crazy Life : [Metamorphic]
Raudive : Red On Black : [Klang Elektronik]
Gui Boratto : The Rising Evil : [Kompakt Extra]
Touane : Bassic : [Persona]
Wighnomy Brothers : Moppal Kiff : [Freaude-Am-Tanzen]
Surgeon : Floorshow Part 1 (B2) : [CounterBalance]
A.Vivanco : Flamingo Rose : [Kahlwild]
Surgeon : Floorshow Part 1 (A) : [CounterBalance]
CJ Bolland : Mind War : [R&S]
Outlander : The Vamp : [R&S]
D.Diggler : Axiom : [Resopal]
Microfunk : The White Room : [Remote Area]
Glimpse : 100% Shiraz (Live Edit) : [Glimpse]
Mike Monday : Bhalobashi : [Simple]

The blue text indicates releases having their debut play on the show, as you can see, heaps of new music, some really great tracks!

August 21, 2006

decoded_ : Show36 (Repeat) : 21 Aug 2006

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I’ve got a repeat of an older decoded_ show on today/tonight, Monday 21st August 2006.

You can listen in via it’s on now! 8pm-10pm [AEST] Sydney time. Here’s what you’ll be hearing…

Lazy Fat People : Dark Water : [Border Community]
Galoppierende Zuversicht : Kirschmorchel : [Bruchstuecke]
Claude VonStroke : Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? : [Dirty Bird]
Fraktion : Nebokki : [Resopal Red]
Alex Under : D (Multiplicanciones 2) : [Apnea]
Dub Kult : On And On (Guido Schneider Remix) : [Raum…Musik]
Fusiphorm : Am I? : [Foundsound]
Marlow & Delhia : Movin (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) : [Moon Harbour]
Alter Ego : Daktari (Matt John Remix) : [Klang Elektronik]
Vivianne Projects : Strangers With Canada : [Underl_ine]
Matt John : Jokebox : [Perlon]
Troy Pierce : 25 Bitches : [Minus]
Matt John : E Low : [Perlon]
Fraktion : Bukl : [Resopal Red]
Alex Under : C2 (Multiplicanciones 2) : [Apnea]
John Tejada : Asanebo : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Argy : Poke Her Flat : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Gui Borttano : Sozinho : [K2]
Booka Shade : Trespass 06 : [Get Physical Music]
Nutmeg : Oscar’s Shed (Rima Re-Prise) : [Neroli]
Donnacha Costello : OK, That’s Great, Start Over : [Minimise]
Depeche Mode : The Darkest Star (Holden Dub) : [NovaMute]
Frank Martinez : Road Runner : [Sender]
Eyerer & Chopstick : Electric (Williams Remix) : [Gusto Records]
Thomas Andersson : The Other Day : [BPitch Control]
Williams : Picadilly Circuits : [Get Physical Music]
Zoot Woman : Gem (Paper Faces Remix) : [Wall Of Sound]

Yeah, I’m still having some motivational/inspirational issues with getting a new show together. Hope to get that sorted this week, I bought some tasty new stuff on BeatPort last night.

August 7, 2006

decoded_ : Show43 : 07 Aug 2006

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Here’s what’s coming up on my decoded_ show tonight, Monday 7th August 2006, starting at 8pm Sydney [AEST] time. My show on Pulseradio is now done in a pre-recorded/uploaded show format, so that’s why you get to see the play-list before the show has been broadcast. Listen in via

Paul Kalkbrenner : Keule : [BPitch Control]
Tadeo : Tercer Rojo : [Cyclical Tracks]
Green Velvet : Never Satisfied : [Live]
Peter Dildo : Curly Blonde (Experienced Clubber Mix) : [Trackdown]
Fraktion : This Never Works : [Resopal Red]
Argy : Love Dose : [Poker Flat Recordings]
Agaric & Mathias Kaden : We Are – Volume 06 (B) : [We Are]
Fraktion : Disleb : [Resopal Red]
Matt John : The Rising Scope : [Perlon]
San Lebowski : The Reducer (B) : [Nummer]
Peter Dildo : Curly Blonde (Agnes Strange Treatments Reshake) : [Trackdown]
Sebo K : Horizons : [Mobilee]
A.Galluzzi & P.Brtshitsch : Regenschauer (Guido Schneider Remix) : [Taksi]
Wighnomy Brothers : Moppal Kiff : [Freude-Am-Tanzen]
John Tejada : Calibration : [Scape]
False : Bathe : [Minus]
Gui Boratto : The Rising Evil : [Kompakt Extra]
Dominik Eulberg : Der Buchdrucker : [Traum]
Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn : Gamma Fix : [Spinifex]
Petter : Some Polyphony : [Border Community]
Extrawelt : Titelheld (FSK18) : [Cocoon]
Tres Demented : BrainFreeze : [Planet E]
Pascal F.E.O.S : Tanzbombe : [Level Non Zero]
A Guy Called Gerald : Time To Jak : [Sender]
Chris Wood : Seis O Seis : [Level Non Zero]
Night On Earth : Crux : [Kick Boxer]
Matt Star : Von Ton Zu Ton : [Weave]
Andre Crom & Tigerskin : Notaufnahme : [Liebe*Detail]
Surgeon : Floorshow Part.1 (B1) : [CounterBalance]

The blue text in the play-list above indicates the debut play of a release on the show. That’s something that’s important to me, having new music regularly on the show. In saying that, it’s also fun to dust off and re-visit some older releases too. This week I give Green Velvet’s classic ‘Never Satisfied’ a spin, Discogs tells me it was released in 1997. Another blast from the past on the show… A Guy Called Gerald is featured, with a new production, I’m guessing a remake of Chip E’s classic ‘Time To Jak’, it’s new out on the Sender label.

As with most decoded_ shows things start out minimal and then build intensity as they head towards more electro-house territory, I like a bit of variety. There’s some great production work on the new Border Community release by Petter ‘Some Polyphony’, although with the beats dropping in and out so often, I’m not sure how that would work on a dance floor, but it’s a great listen.

Also on the show, this week I feature the other side of Carl Craig’s new Tres Demented release, I don’t think fans of the previous Tres Demented release are going to ‘get’ this one… “You give me brain freeze baby!!” umm yeah? Tony Rohr’s Weave label goes the minimal with a great new release from Matt Star, thanks for the pre-release mp3 Beatport. To finish up the show this week, a track from a producer who has not been played on the show for years… Surgeon, with a really nice deep track from his new ‘Floorshow Part 1 EP’ out on his CounterBalance label, which had been quiet for over a year.

Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the sounds! Comments welcome!

Cheers Dave

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